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  1. 3.14

    So far, so good! I work with a bunch of corny, typical engineers and of course today they bring in apple π , cherry π , pecan π. I am doing OK... had my regular compliant lunch and an apple.
  2. Any Colorado Whole 30'ers that started this week?

    Thanks, Sugar- That makes sense. Tomorrow will be 2 weeks I am noticing differences already! Have made some adjustments based on great comments from the Moderators and others (I like reading the others threads to learn!) Biggest noticeable difference is being able to fit into the jeans that in January did not. This was the sign for me to do something. My goal is weight loss (because I do have excess to shed) as well as all the other benefits that go with it. Thanks, frank.
  3. St. Patricks Day: Let's talk corned beef & cabbage...

    Thanks, Shannon... I might do that when I need to cook some compliant food (and I get tired of grilling (oh, perish the thought...LOL) I was just asking because I have family arriving this weekend and my sister is preparing the store bought stuff and doing the crock pot thing whle we are out on the slopes. I told here to go ahead for the rest of the family and that I will be OK doing something different that fits within the rules.
  4. St. Patricks Day: Let's talk corned beef & cabbage...

    Thank you for clarifying...
  5. So, the Day O' The Green is coming up... I am not worried about the cabbage and potatoes, but what about the meat of it. The brine that it is packaged in contains: 35% solution of water, salt, sodium phosphates, sodium erthyhorbate, sodium nitrite, flavorings... and that is just the meat. Whaddya' think? Is this doable for W30? I am going to check and see if the super market has a listing of the spice pack. I can do the meat without the spices, but if anyone has done CB with spices then do tell! I am hoping to enjoy a somewhat traditional meal... will save the Guinness for a treat down the road.
  6. Any Colorado Whole 30'ers that started this week?

    CJ... just hit the quote "+" symbol (plus sign) below a posters comment and it will be a live preview of that persons comment... you can ~ ...snip...~ if you want to focus on a particular comment and then write below it. My snacks the first week were an increase in fruits, but from some advice here it was mentioned that I was eating too much (I know, sounds weird) but I guess upwards of 10 pieces a day is not within the intentions of the W30 plan. It was said that if I am eating that much fruit then I was not getting enough sustenance from the meals. So I am altering my snacks so that when I feel a pang it is to include more proteins. I just finished roasting a pork tenderloin that I will dice and whenever I need something in between it will be some meat. Last week I grilled a chicken and that was my "snack." Next week I might try another attempt at hard boiled eggs... can never get 'em to turn out right. I end up loosing half the eggs because it does not peel cleanly, I am sure it is the altitude. Thanks for the dream comment. I am taking a closer look at my sleeping situation. I have been on CPAP machine for little over a year and it has helped immensely. I am able to think more clearly which allowed me to take the next steps toward a sensible diet plan. It just seems that since eating better that my dreams are MUCH more intense. Perhaps it is a coincidence. Hoping to get back to good eating basics after the first W30 so that I can enjoy once in a while that wonderful Olathe sweet corn goodness this summer!
  7. Freshly.Com Compliance

    I am 10 days in on the W30 and I bought meals from True Fare. TF offers already cooked meals that are compliant. Because of my work schedule, this was the easiest way for me to step into the program. It is not cheap compared to cooking and preparing on my own, but it gave me the peace of mind that I would not be without compliant food if I get home late. I am cooking compliant meals on weekends and I plan on leftovers to break up the TF routine... but it is convenient and hassle-free.
  8. Any Colorado Whole 30'ers that started this week?

    Congrats on making it past the half-way mark! I am glad to hear you kicked the coke habit (wait, that did not come out right..LOL) That artificial sweetener crap, I have read, is really bad- far worse than the soda with real sugar. I too would enjoy a soda far more than I should, but I was buying the retro throw-backs that are made with real sugar. I find the taste so much better and the flavor reminds me of being a kid when those types were the norm. While it is still soda, I was enjoying them too much... one a day with my lunch. Kicking the soda habit for me is not a big deal. You mention " .Out of all the W30's I've done,.. " -just how many have you done and why the multiples? This is my first one and overall I am not finding it all that difficult. I have readjusted it a little based on some fantastic feedback from the Moderators' advice. I did break one of the rules (I stepped on the scale after the first week.) I am not sure why it is recommended to not weigh one's self, but I was pleasantly surprised and more motivated to continue I hear you about wanting a beer or something. This is one aspect that (while not hard to pass by) I am so used to winding down after work with a splash over my desired glass of spirit. It was especially weird not enjoying a drink while cooking. The cooking for me is pretty easy but basic but I need to prepare some of my own to compliment the True Fare compliant meals that I bought... so far it has been hassle-free and pretty easy. What day over the weekend did you ski? Saturday was absolutely gorgeous up here and Sunday was fair until about 3 in the afternoon. While it has been a low-key winter I am looking forward to spring. Not looking forward to the time change this weekend...uhg! Tell me more about your interrupted sleep. Are you by chance experiencing dreams (or more vivid dreams?) I am having a LOT more recently which primarily deal with my times back in high school and also related to my time in the service. Some are downright horrid nightmares that wake me. My heart is pounding so hard from the ghastly images that it is difficult to return to slumber. I wonder if the diet has anything to do with it. Perhaps I might ask it as a general question in the forums but am curious about your sleeplessness. CQ, CQ ...Angledge- How are faring? Keep us posted of your successes! I will check in over the weekend- Best, frank.
  9. Gum alternative to help with breathing during exercise?

    ScooterSndwch- I will be curious of the results of your experience with the mint leaves. One of the biggest items I had to give up is chewing gum... I kept several different flavours at my desk and would casually grab up to a half dozen throughout the day... I literally had to move them away because it was such a non-conscious-habit. I am glad I read this to learn of a gum alternative and will try mint leaves... I have never looked for this in a grocery store. Is it a generally stocked item or am I looking at a Whole Foods to buy? Thanks for the great conversation on this sub-forum from which to learn. frank
  10. …”some” fruit

    Good information! thanks for the feedback. I am learning so much this first week and appreciate the Forums for the comments so that I can make necessary adjustments.
  11. …”some” fruit

    GORP The word gorp, a term for trail mix often used by hikers, is typically said to be an acronym for "good old raisins and peanuts"[8] or its common ingredients "granola, oats, raisins, peanuts." The Oxford English Dictionary cites a 1913 reference to the verb gorp, meaning "to eat greedily."
  12. …”some” fruit

    Thanks, ...the " meals are not large enough" part makes sense, Prior to starting the W30 my normal daily fruit intake was perhaps 4 or 5 pieces for the maybe same reason ....and due to the new regime I am reverting to fruit whereas it would have been a couple of cookies or a muffin or cupcake (there are always a bunch in the office that we share.) Instead of unconsciously going to those I was deliberately grabbing a compliant alternative. Perhaps I do need to increase my calorie intake. I am 6'-3", 255+ lbs and am now consuming roughly around 1800-2000 calories which does not include the fruit. I think I will make up a trail mix GORP with compliant ingredients to help offset any cravings.
  13. …”some” fruit

    Have read and reread The Rules many times and while it says “…plenty of vegetables and some fruit…” how much is too much fruit (if that is possible?) I am only in my first week and perhaps it is easier to grab another banana, apple or orange clementine cutie at the office to offset any pangs… but I am upwards of 10 pieces or so a day which might also include a couple of prunes before retiring. I am not noticing any extra, (ahem), digestive issues as that is still normal although occurring at different times compared to my regular constitutionals. I can see more of a balance of foods next week as I will buy some raw snack veggies… carrots, celery, mushrooms, cherry tomatoes, etc. to add to my normal meal veggies consisting primarily asparagus and Brussel sprouts. Should I be concerned about too much fruit when W30 Rules clearly state “some” fruit?
  14. Any Colorado Whole 30'ers that started this week?

    How are my Colorado cuisine colleagues doing? I am on day 4 and it is interesting… not difficult, but moreover different. I find myself catching old habits and then correcting them. I had to move the chewing gum from my desk because it was a convenient go-to. I am reading every food label like a sleuth. Baked goods and treats in the office are the norm and was, in the past, grabbing a muffin or cookie as a non-thought snack. Am eating MUCH better… more fruit and drinking perhaps twice as much water than I normally would. Will be rolling into my first weekend and I will need to be more careful. Am usually grilling some sort of BBQ’ing meat while sipping a whiskey or beer and enjoying the dinner with wine… I will need to identify any drink cravings and offset it with an alternative. I am used to relaxing and unwinding on weekends so this will perhaps be my most drastic change… even though it is now legal in the state, I do not partake so that is not an alternative.
  15. Any Colorado Whole 30'ers that started this week?

    Yep, starting tomorrow (after tonight's Avs game at Pepsi Center.) An engineering firm, with whom I have worked, has a corporate box (too decadent to pass up)... I was going to start over the past weekend but pushed it off another day since it was so close. It was actually one of my engineers who turned me on to W30! He has done it for about 2 years taking and keeping 40 pounds off! Have been sorta' prepping in little ways for the diet regime. I have been looking closer at and reading ingredients on foods more now than I have ever done. Stopped soda 2 weeks ago and and have switched to black coffee and tea in lieu of half n' half in the java. It was (still is) cold and windy at ski areas over the weekend... folks who skied it told of cutting the days short due to conditions. Kudos to those who were up there! Living so close, I wait until more ideal conditions on weekdays if possible to avoid crowds... heard Copper was rather crowded. I am between Frisco and Breck back towards the Divide. To make my W30 easier, I went with True Fare to make weekdays and shopping easier. Will fill in weekends with my own stuff from the grill as time will allow for that... will keep y'all posted on how it goes and look forward to hearing progress from both StackGrl and Angledge.