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  1. It is not strange to feel good! Feeling good is one of the biggest advantages of eating healthy. I was totally compliant for the first 35 days with the exception of perhaps enjoying too much fruit during the time. I am some 5 months or so into my new lifestyle of eating better and with very little exercise I have shed 40 pounds... and quite honestly, it was one of the easiest things I have ever done, but I had the girth to give up. And I have had absolutely no bad side effects. For me, post W30, I have reintroduced alcohol and dairy only in the form of plain yogurt ... the forme
  2. My biggest focus now is being a slave to the "ingredient list." If the food that I am buying is not fresh, non-processed single items then my reading glasses go on and my eyes right to that packaging label! Most of the time the item is returned to the shelf because it has some sort of sugar in it. Since I started a W30 eating plan as my basis for nutrition, I have only reintroduced dairy and alcohol. Thus far, I do not feel the need to reintroduce the other no-no's, but I do long for the day when I can sensibly enjoy a plate of good 'ol spaghetti. I am being careful on the grains be