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  1. peak

    Hungry in Middle of the Night?

    One of the more difficult task of the W30 for me is taking in enough water. My starting weight indicated a daily intake of 130 ounces... I was nowhere close to that. I was waking up at night with pangs. My mind was telling me I was hungry when my body was actually thirsty. I regular keep a couple of liters of coconut water in the fridge and take couple of large swigs if nighttime cravings come up. Coconut water instead of plain water is a little treat in the wee hours to feed the mind and body to sidetrack the interpreted hunger for me.
  2. Succeeded, stumbled and fell, getting right with myself again... A few months have passed since dropping by the forums. In following up directly to my posted topic here, I did not do another W30 over the holidays. Not exclusively because of the ever-present sugary treats and everything associated with it but moreover the stress of work heading towards year’s end and the winter season in general. Yes, It might have been tough to do. And the advice of doing it righteously within The Rules would need to be the requirement for the full intent of what I was setting for myself- I took that advice seriously. It has been just a little over a year since first attempt of the Whole 30. I feel that I experienced dramatic and positive results as noted in previous posts. Since that success, I have stumbled and fell, but am getting back up on that “Whole" horse saddle again. In terms of work, winter months are some of the most demanding. Projects that are on-the-boards need to be mostly completed before winter’s end in time for spring ground-breakings. It makes for long-hour, six-day weeks. Add to this the extended winter season in my region, the short days and cold temperatures tend to keep me indoors more than normal. Even though we are half-way into April there are minimal signs of spring in my location, I still see temperatures at or below zero over night. Technically I guess it is still winter here as I have not seen any bears waking from hibernation yet- too much snow to allow for foraging; there still are several feet in my yard. In spite of all that I am feeling "spring" inside me and I think that is due to longer and earlier sunshine days. I indulged and enjoyed the verboten vices. I chose to dabble in the delectable deliciousness of decadent deserts in the Holiday duration. I did not notice much ill effects of consciously consuming contraband confections. But the indulgences did ad to my waistline. I managed to return 20 of the almost 45 pounds that I dropped last year. But I was OK with that because it was a real wake-up call of how letting go too much can have an impact- I especially felt it when cinching the belt. I will take the over-enjoyment as a learning experience. I do not want to yo-yo the weight and nutrition as a rule or habit, but experiencing what stepping-out can do is acknowledged! I need to be more sensible with my caloric intake. About 6 weeks ago I began again to consciously be selective. While not strictly doing W30, sugars are no longer considered. Grains and breads are reduced down to 1 or 2 time a week. Alcohol is down to weekend moderation in lieu of regular enjoyment. Without any extreme extraneous deprivation, the minimal “semi-better” choices has shed 10 pounds. Even though this is encouraging, it is not an excuse to not eat better. The up/ down cycle of the past year was a great self-learning experience with perhaps the best take-away being the need for being more aware of approaching winters in conjunction a respectable diet. I know I have willpower to say no to treats. I chose not to exercise that option and experienced the effects. I can and need to be better so as to live up to my self-imposed username
  3. Completed my first W30 earlier this year with great results which actually stretched into a W45-ish period. Have only reintroduced a few no-no's since then with little side effects. Am staying away from sugar and limiting my grains as the new regular eating plan. Have shed 45 pounds and several inches from just diet alone in a little over 6 months. I know that weight loss is not the primary goal of the Plan, but I still have a bit of a gut that really needs to go. Whole 30 is one of the easiest things I have ever done. If eating good food is all it takes, then it really is no effort at all. Right now I do dabble in good wines and whiskeys (no more beer.) Any bread that I eat is gluten-free and I have had pizza only once and now consider it a treat. I do miss my pasta dishes, but it is easy to get over it with a rib eye. I have cut out all deserts and processed sugar and do not miss those calories. I do tend to eat more fruit than what is recommended but my diet now maintains my weight fairly consistent. If (and when I do my next W30) it will be for weight loss reasons. Holidays bring on all the various parties and gatherings. Saying no to alcohol is easy, but I do not want to impose on any hosts by requesting special dishes, so I think the most difficult part would be the selective eating of what might be available. I am thinking that going into a W30 program during the holidays on purpose would be a good test of will-power and good choices. Has anyone done anything similar or should I adjust my thinking and schedule? -frank.
  4. peak

    Justin's Classic Almond Butter

    Ditto that! My local supermarket has a grind-your-own dispenser and fresh ground almond butter is among the choices... it is only almonds being smashed as dispensed. If you like almond butter and have not tried this method then do yourself a favor and try it! It is fantastic!
  5. peak

    Stomach Bug-What do I eat?

    Getting sick sucks whether or not you are in the midst of your first W30. I started my first during late winter when I have been prone to getting sick and I contemplated what I would do if it happened to me... luckily it did not. My opinion is this (and what I considered if I had come down with the bug)... Eat sensible food even if it is not fully compliant. A can of Campbell's chicken noodle soup is 'prolly better that a Hagen Daz binge. Some crackers with ginger ale to help get you over it might be what is needed...BUT ... get back on the W30 as soon as soon I feel better as a restart. I was not going to look on it failure but rather a pre-game scrimmage to the real thing. 10 days of understanding the concept to get a feel for it is still learned behavior... treat yourself well (sensibly) to get through the illness as long as I commit to it as soon as able. This is just my opinion of what I would have done if I had gotten sick.
  6. peak

    Mustard Powder...?

    This post that I made early in my W30 learning was a significant understanding to me of what the difference in food labels mean and how it differentiates "ingredients" from "nutritional information" Mustard powder is a wonderful spice and I use it whenever I need to jazz up something. But be sure to read the label of your specific brand if it is different from the Coleman's that I referenced- there might be the possibility that others could sneak some sugars into it as an ingredient (I am a slave to the ingredients list on everything I purchase and some stuff I am surprised to see that sugar sneaks in to the most mundane of spices! ) Happy eating
  7. It is not strange to feel good! Feeling good is one of the biggest advantages of eating healthy. I was totally compliant for the first 35 days with the exception of perhaps enjoying too much fruit during the time. I am some 5 months or so into my new lifestyle of eating better and with very little exercise I have shed 40 pounds... and quite honestly, it was one of the easiest things I have ever done, but I had the girth to give up. And I have had absolutely no bad side effects. For me, post W30, I have reintroduced alcohol and dairy only in the form of plain yogurt ... the former I have been enjoying perhaps a little but too much. But, my attitude towards food is so much better and I am avoiding any added sugar (as an ingredient) at all costs. I am, however, enjoying too much fruit especially with all the fresh farm stuff that is rolling in at this time of year. I realize that I am overdoing it, but for now I am OK with as long as it is me who is understanding how I react to it. As long as whether one needs "longer or more sever detox" my opinion would be to not go too harsh on one's self. For me, I have learned so much from following the W30 concept. After the 30 I let myself enjoy wine, spirits and fresh fruit to a bit of excess which is not following The Rules. But, I know how easy that eating is for me and I am within the early days on a new Mini 30 where I will try to reduce the fruit intake but eliminate alcohol. I do have another 20 pounds that I could drop... but my attitude is to treat myself well. And what I mean by that is: enjoy the compliments from folks who have noticed my weight loss, enjoy the better attitude and well being, enjoy fitting into clothes that were at the limits of the thread stitching. I indulged on some items and now it is time to step back into a regime again. Baby steps, baby. Only the individual can make the best judgments for themselves. For me it was following The Rules for 30 days and then assess. For me it meant enjoying the Whole process of the initial strictness, enjoying and being proud, reassessment and then adjusting my reintroduction and how to implement it for my next phases... I did not want to burn out and lose momentum and attitude. By someone asking if longer or more severe detox might be a positive mental thought but the implementation might cause one to burn out. JMOO... congrats on your success thus far frank.
  8. peak

    I need energy!

    Good and awesome positive words! Keep that great attitude... and also keep in mind: not only do they deserve the best wife and mom, but you deserve it for yourself too! Keep it up!
  9. JodiLou... Don't beat yourself too bad... your writings are evident that you "get it." Because you have dabbled in the eating concept you at least have an idea of what it is like. Life can throw the best of us curve balls... the key is to keep striving until you get that sweet one right down the middle of the plate ...(note to self, 'prolly not the best baseball allusion when it relates to sweets and plates) Emotions will get so much better when you get on the routing of a healthier eating lifestyle. Last night I came home from work and when I entered the house there was a funky smell. More humid acridity than I am used to in my dry climate. I searched it out and found that I had a pretty major water. After shutting down the whole-house water, diagnosing the problem and shop vacuuming for several hours the soak that permeated the carpet I finally went to bed... without even the luxury of a cold shower... talk about a clammy feeling...Uhg! When I was finally able to relax and start to nod, I self reflected as to how I handled my immediate situation: years ago I would have most likely reacted in a different way. It would have involved swearing in such a way that would have made a sailor blush. It might have included rash choices that would have needed more repair work than necessary on the next day. I looked back last night as to how I methodically took care of the immediate circumstances and how I put those in action. I left a message for my office letting them know I would be late and took care of the plumbing repairs this morning. Interesting as to how I slept no differently than as if nothing happened! Moreover, I woke up this morning and still followed my morning routine of PT stretching and grinding the beans for coffee, all the same except for the ritual shower. In the past I would have been so worried about how to get repairs finished as soon as possible and would have slept poorly. There is a time for repairs and a time for me. Sometime the "me" part still needs to come first in order to get other requirements done in good order. Emotions (good or bad) are so much better for me since I am more at peace with how I treat my body and subsequently how my body is treating me. Keep focused on how the next emotional challenge that is thrown at you and how it will seem so much less significant when your person is in better shape because there might be many more situations that what you describe still down the road. Commit to being your at your best so that when others come along they will be nothing more than an annoyance in terms of how you handle it. Keep your chine up. You get the concept and you can do it! -frank.
  10. peak

    Day 4, It's Getting Harder!

    Keep focused... and keep a sense of perspective of how good it will be in only a short time from now. It may seem like a marathon in front of you but in reality it is only 30 days. The perspective of time can vary depending on the challenge in front of you. I remember what I thought was an ominous challenge for me on the first day of boot camp some 3 decades ago (and due to an injury I spent more than twice the normal time before I left Parris Island.) Looking back now I can see that it was not that difficult ....with the right attitude. I approach the first thirty days of my W30 eating plan with much of the same learned wisdom. Imagine to yourself the most difficult task in your life thus far of which you needed to deal. Put into perspective that W30 will be much easier because all you have to do is eat really good food. Right now the new routine is so out of whack from which your physical being is used to doing. The opening theory of the Whole 30 concept is not hard and it lists items for people who ARE in difficult situations. There are men and women who are fighting disease. There are people worldwide who are struggling against oppression. There are parents who are trying to comprehend the unreasonable death of a child. Those are just a few comparisons of folks who are dealing with real tough stuff. And those are very difficult things... Whole 30 is just an eating plan that is "boot camp" for a better, future eating lifestyle. I am still only a Private in the W30 regime, having only been a few months since starting sometime earlier this year (in fact, the starting and finishing dates are irrelevant now because of my food attitude change.) Keep focused on the long term results. There are many members here who will attest to all the positives that you will realize once you get there. A motivator for me of eating good food is remembrances of oatmeal, powdered eggs and SOS at 0530... When I was 18 I was only concerned about the taste of burgers, fries and Mary Lou's lipstick on a Friday night... the contrast of mess hall chow was bad tasting food! I do not ever want to experience that again if at all possible. I now have that freedom of choice and I am striving to get back to the shape I was in when in service... you can do it too! Keep your chin up. In the bigger picture, it is only 30 days ...and not really too difficult because all you are doing is eating good nutritious food. -frank.
  11. My new attitude with eating better by using W30 as the precedent includes adopting the concept of "quality over quantity." I used to drink some 6-8 cups of coffee a day with half n' half. I never thought I would like the taste of black coffee, but now I do and would not think of reaching for the creamer. Black coffee with a good breakfast seems to enhance the flavor of the food because there is no moo to disguise the meal. I am enhancing this by purchasing better brand of beans (and am even grinding it in the morning.) A better quality bean is allowing me to drink less of it and I am enjoying the flavours more than i could imagine. Perhaps try a step-up quality from your normal brew and embrace it black.
  12. peak

    Summertime = corn on the cob?!

    Have been post W30 for several weeks now and have not really reintroduced any grains. Family is visiting this weekend and they are bringing the first pick of Sweet Olethe corn-on-the-cob up to the High Country from the Western Slopes! That corn is so good it doesn't need any butta' nor salt... but I might try it with a little of each if I am only having one ear!
  13. peak

    Hotel breakfast?

    SoCalDebbie- how did your travel go with the hotel food? I am most likely going to need to travel out of town in about 10 weeks for work and want to stay as close possible to sensible eating. I am post W30 on my eating plan and only on occasion but regular consume dairy and alcohol. Did you have any issues packing food on flights?
  14. My biggest focus now is being a slave to the "ingredient list." If the food that I am buying is not fresh, non-processed single items then my reading glasses go on and my eyes right to that packaging label! Most of the time the item is returned to the shelf because it has some sort of sugar in it. Since I started a W30 eating plan as my basis for nutrition, I have only reintroduced dairy and alcohol. Thus far, I do not feel the need to reintroduce the other no-no's, but I do long for the day when I can sensibly enjoy a plate of good 'ol spaghetti. I am being careful on the grains because I did notice some discomfort after having wheat toast with breakfast a few weeks ago... I hope gluten is nit an issue. ..BUT I do not plan on ingesting sugar if I can help it! Because of my self-moto of "no sugar" it forces me to spend more time in the produce section of the supermarket... and, I do not need my reading glasses there in order to know if I am selecting compliant foods.
  15. peak

    Down 50 pounds!!

    Congrats on achieving a "half-C"... and yes, it is more than just the number. In just over 3 months I have shed some 40 pounds and my doctor says that with correct attitude, exercise and eating right that another 20 is possible. I have it to lose but I am not going to make it my goal. A friend complimented me on my success and suggested that I go out into the woods and find a large rock that weighs the same amount that I dropped and that I should put it on my kitchen counter as a positive perspective-reminder of my success. I just might do that