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  1. Day 3 for me. We got this!
  2. Thanks for the supportive words. Feel better already! Might try that mustard as well.
  3. Sounds good! Just reviewing the guidelines- just found out most Dijon mustard is out- no big deal- so it's week 2 for you guys.. I'm worried that I forgot I have 2 weddings in 2 weeks! If it doesn't work out.- I'll just start over!
  4. Has anyone done Intermittent Fasting with Whole 30? Is it possible? I have gotten used to going 12 - 16 hours before first meal-- but still getting n enough food.. Can I continue this when I start my second Whole 30 next Monday, June 17? I find I think more clearly , have more energy, and am no longer hungry in the morning since doing IF.
  5. Back again and starting June 17! Anyone want to join me? Need to rein in the snacking of unhealthy foods and refocus!
  6. What's the deal on the semi cooked purple potatoes? better for you? Is overcooking to the point of soft.. higher in sugars?