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  1. bart

    What is an InstantPot

    I have one that I bought after reading about it on the nomnom paleo site. I too live by myself, and while it's not a necessity in the kitchen, it is kind of nice to be able toss some of my veggies in there, power it up, and let it go, knowing it'll be cooked done fairly quickly. I've done some meals in there too, but it's been a while. I plan on using it more often on those items. I have a different one than is listed in the recall notice.
  2. bart

    Cookware Recommendations?

    I have a Scanpan skillet I use for nonstick that I picked up on sale. I love it and use it for most things. I do have an All Clad pan with the tall sides (and a couple pots/small fry pan - got a set 20 years ago), which is very useful for some dishes, and a cast iron pan for the rest.
  3. bart

    Starting Whole30 2/25

    I started my first one yesterday too. I planned a “trial”week, but need to sit down today and plan out this next week. Good luck to you!