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  1. tuzmusic

    Sugar during reintroduction?

    Thanks. Does this hold even for the compliant days in between reintro days?
  2. I’ve read the reintroduction section Of the book, where it talks about not having a schedule for added sugar. Does that mean that I don’t need to worry about sugar during my introduction, including my compliant days? Can I have cold cuts that are mostly compliant except for dextrose, for example? Sugar in my coffee? Obviously in moderation and small amounts. And I can also worry less about, for instance, things cooked in noncompliant oil during reintroduction?
  3. Given what the Hartwigs say about certain foods being "antinutrients," does this possibly mean that, say, X amount of tuna in a lettuce wrap might actually be more filling than the same amount of tuna between two slices of bread?
  4. tuzmusic

    Coconut cream - how thick should it be?

    Thanks! I'm just using it for all the various recipes in the book that call for it
  5. I've tried the technique with leaving coconut cream in my fridge for a few hours. The stuff that maybe rises to the top...it's not all that thick. The book describes it as solid, so I'm expecting something more gelatinous. But is the creamy stuff I'm getting, with a paint-like consistency, the coconut cream I'm looking for? PS. the book mentions saving money by making your own cream, but it's used in enough recipes that it seems like it would be better to buy a whole can than to "waste" a can of coconut milk for the few tablespoons of cream you skim off yourself, no?