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    Nut Struggles

    Hi there, I am on day 9 of Whole30. I have to say, I have basically not been hungry at all on this plan, so I think I am mostly doing it right? How can you be hungry when there is so much meat and fat? I know there are so many other benefits to Whole30 besides losing fat off the body, but for me, this is still my main problem, and I am curious to see if this will actually work for that. I am pretty healthy otherwise and athletic, and just don't have many other issues that need correcting. Maybe the other biggest one is inflammation (waking up with sore muscles?) I have a question about nuts, however. I definitely understand that you shouldn't eat them very often, more like an emergency food, or maybe it's OK if I eat them every other day (a small handful), because I work out A LOT? However, I am wondering if I am actually going way over my nut allowance because I put Almond Milk in my coffee every morning. I know my brand is compliant and there is no sugar, however, to get a creamy effect in the coffee, I have to add a lot, because almond milk is so thin. I tried a bit of coconut milk from the can one morning, and it was way too intense.... not sure if all the almond milk is having the same effect as too many nuts. The almond milk I use has almost no fat, so maybe it's more like nut flavored water, and is more or less neutral? I just started using a half almond milk - half coconut milk blend from a carton, and that is pretty good too. But it's so thin, I am still using a lot. Canned coconut milk is too much for me. And black coffee makes me sick to my stomach (not figuratively, literally). Maybe some day I'll just quit coffee, but I am working on quitting all the other things banned during W30 first... Basically just asking if I should stop eating nuts all together, since I have a substantial amount of almond milk every morning. Thanks!
  2. MeatEaterYogi

    Wine cravings.

    I do think there is something ritualistic, maybe bordering on a habit/addiction, to holding a glass of something to sip. This goes rather I'm home alone watching a movie, or at a friend's house/dinner party talking to people. I like wine and beer. And for me, drinking Kombucha is a great replacement for beer. I am not sure if it's a good replacement for wine. I make my own Kombucha, it's super cheap compared to store bought and so so easy. And I end up letting mine sit and ferment for so long, because I am busy, that I'm pretty sure there is like NO sugar left by the time I drink it. I always bring a bottle or two to parties, to drink and share, and it's worked out great! I don't know that it would work at a bar, though.... Also, my Soda Stream has been my best friend during W30. Making your own fizzy water guarantees there's no sugar, plus it's cheaper, and there's no disposable bottle waste. I get that the idea with W30 is to let go of habits/cravings/addictions, but having Kombucha at parties with beer, is so much easier than trying to drink plain water or something. I read Melissa's post about the danger of replacing wine every night in your glass, after work, with a non-alcoholic drink. This continues to reinforce the habit and after your 30 days, you could go right back to drinking wine. However, before and during W30, I have been working on replacing alcohol with Kombucha as a permanent ritual, not just for 30 days.
  3. Hello everyone, Just checking in! I am also still going strong on W30 on day 8. I work on the computer all day right now for my PhD work, and have been trying to avoid online distractions, that's why I haven't been checking in. I really don't feel much different honestly. I haven't been hungry, which is great, and also makes me skeptical still about the weight loss portion of all the different benefits that come from this program. I looked at the typical phases in the book, and the only one I've had so far is angry "Kill all the things", lol. I accidentally bought some pork chops with Dextrose in them, dammit. I'm contemplating eating them though, I don't have a ton of money..... How much sugar is dextrose? I almost also thought I could eat the bag of green peas in my freezer, and cooked them all up, and then realized, only snap and sugar peas in the pod are allowed. Darn. I've been mixing the peas in with my dog's food instead though. I also have a ton of dill pickled peas in the pod from my garden last year canned, so I'm glad I can still eat those. And I still think I am probably eating too many nuts and not enough fresh veggies? Definitely eating plenty of cooked starchy veggies (maybe too many). I have been preparing a lot of food ahead of time, which helps. And I love salad, and would eat it at every meal if I didn't have to prepare it. If you prepare that ahead of time, it really doesn't last very long, which is a bummer. Especially since fresh greens in Alaska in the middle of winter are already kinda old by the time they get to us. @kirbz I've been wanting to try those vegan twice baked potatoes, thanks for the link! They look amazing! I might try them soon. I thought about salmon cakes, but the Alaskan salmon I have I caught myself and it's so delicious (frozen from last summer), I think it would be a crime to turn it into a cake. I just bake mine with lemon and spices. @Liesje I'm glad you are still going strong, as well! Keep up the good work! @LisaBaff, welcome to our little group! I bought canned sardines and herring, and don't know how to dress them up. I've been eating them straight from the can if I am in a hurry, and honestly, I do like them just like that. But, does anyone know a way to make them more fancy? Thanks ladies!
  4. I finally went to the grocery store and could not find a single pork product without sugar. So fail there. Got some other good stuff though. Spent a small fortune. Hopefully I'll have time this weekend to make sauces and not have to search for them. I'll make some W30 mayo, salsa, ketchup, BBQ sauce. And more ghee! Looking forward to it! Have a great weekend, ladies!
  5. @Liesje, as a replacement for greasy vegetables, have you tried steaming them? If you like your veggies just a bit on the crunchy side, its actually a lot faster than frying. I have a Chinese bamboo steamer for this. You can also use a metal strainer. Last night I steamed carrots, broccoli, and bell peppers in about 10 mins, and made a dipping sauce from tahini, balsamic vinegar, olive oil, and a bunch of spices. It was great and super fast. It's like a compromise between cold salad and greasy veggies. I think soups and stews would be good too, just haven't had the time to make them yet.
  6. Depending on the price, I'd be interested in buying some whole 30 compliant condiments, etc. on Amazon Prime, if that's an option. Up here in Alaska, there is no way the grocery store would have any thing like that except by accident. But Amazon is an Alaskan's best friend and has kinda tamed the last frontier in terms of shopping. I realized my favorite hot sauce is compliant, Tapatio. Yay!
  7. Hi everyone, Nice to hear you check in! I did ask a moderator in another thread about the list/guide I wrote yesterday, and she said I was right for the most part, and yes, like @kirbz said, fruit is actually optional. Since I don't have a huge sweet tooth, I'm going to try to limit to one piece of fruit a day, and @Liesje, if you can manage it, I guess it helps, psychologically, with urges to snack, if that fruit is part of your meal, not on it's own. Trying to up protein and green veggies has really helped curb my appetite and I feel full on smaller portions, which is great! I also don't feel like I need a separate post-workout meal, because its usually time for breakfast after yoga in the morning, and dinner after skiing in the evening. I really haven't been hungry at all during this, or had any headaches, so....maybe it's coming? Or it might be that I normally eat healthy anyway, but giving up rice and beans is hard, as is no cream in my coffee. My biggest problem is just portion control on those foods with no brakes like grains and bread (and alcohol, probably). I am so busy, I still haven't had time to even go shopping, I just generally have most of the things on the W30 list already, lots of meat, fish, eggs, veggies, fruit, etc., coconut oil. At some point I will need to go to the grocery store. I ran out of ghee, and almond milk for my coffee. I don't have any coconut milk right now and choking down black coffee is pretty difficult, but I'm trying. Do any of you ladies struggle with, or are worried about, eating too close to bed time? I teach yoga until 7:30 pm a few nights a week, which means by the time I get home and cook, I'm eating at 8:30 pm and go to bed at 10pm. I'm concerned this will also impede some of the good things that can come from this diet (weight loss, but other NSV's too). @kirbz, it sounds like we are pretty close to the same size. I am just under 6 foot tall and I have a large bone structure on top of that, so 165 - 162 lbs is my ideal weight, especially with all my muscle, anything down in the 150's is getting to be too skinny for me, but you are a few inches shorter, so 155 might be good for you. I was 165 for a long time and it felt fabulous. Then I was 180 lbs for about 1.5 years, and kept fantasizing about losing 15 lbs. My life has been really emotional and stressful the last 6 months or so, and I ballooned up to 192 - 195 lbs from stress eating, ugh. If I could lose 10 - 13 lbs on this round of Whole30, that would be awesome, half way to my goal weight. Then I'd be pretty motivated to do it a few more times, and keep those changes in my diet for the rest of my life. Eating all this meat has actually made me too full to stress eat, so maybe that is a NSV? Also, I hope I can keep up with the plan without doing the log/diary that you linked us to. It looks like that really works for you, but I don't have time for it...I am not recording my food, and I hope that's OK, I am just sticking to a lot of protein and veggies and a bit of fat formula for each meal. Even though it is hard to avoid so so many convenience foods, being stronger, slender (but not too skinny), and full of energy without counting calories would be amazing! And pretty much eating a bunch of yuuuuumy fat (except cheese, sad face), would be amazing! Like I said, I haven't been hungry at all (yet). Hope you ladies all have a great day!
  8. MeatEaterYogi

    Question about basic portioning / content of meals

    Thanks!! Perfect! I may have been over doing it with the starchy veggies and nuts.... Luckily not much of a sweet tooth here, don't even crave fruit really, so I probably won't everyday, but I'll make sure I eat it as part of a meal if I do. And good to know about just a few bites before and after a workout. That might be enough for me, I have been feeling totally full the first 2 days. I'll experiment with the extra fat serving at some meals, till I hit the 4 to 5 hour goal you've mentioned. Sounds like you could add a solid fat, if needed, especially if you are using a liquid fat to cook your protein in. So now we'll see when my cheese-tooth, rice-tooth, and bread-tooth catch up with me..... Thanks again!
  9. Hi there, I just started Whole30 a few days ago. I love to cook and I am excited to try some Whole30 recipes, but generally, I cook with basic ingredients and off-script. I think I'm getting the hang of what not to eat, which is basically everything that comes in a package, lol. However, I am wondering about breaking down serving/portion sizes and meal content so I can cook without recipes. I am a tall, muscular, athletic woman in her 30's, who probably needs to eat a little more than other ladies due to my large bone frame and activity level. I do get less exercise than I used to due to my desk job and I am gaining weight and getting soft. Even though I usually get in an hour of power yoga, and an hour of cardio outside (run/bike/cross country ski), 6 days a week, I think this still only brings me up to average with someone who exercises like 3 days a week, because I have had some level of hypothyroidism my whole life. I am mentioning this in context for what would be best for my portions. So this list below is the basic ideas for Whole30 meals that I have surmised from research and chatting with others on the forum. I was hoping to get a "yay" or "nay" on this. At every meal: 1 to 2 palm sized proteins, AND 2 or 3 cups colorful/green veggies (with the possibility to replace one serving per day with starchy veggies - fist sized, if wanted) AND ONE FAT: 1 or 2 thumb sized oils OR ghee; OR 1 to 2 handfuls of olives OR coconut flakes; OR 1/2 to 1 avocado; OR 1/4 to 1/2 can coconut milk; OR 1 closed handful of nuts (and the nuts should be once every few days, at only one meal) Add ONE or TWO pieces of fruit per day. Eat a 1/2 portion of protein before a workout, and full portion of protein plus starchy veggie after a workout, both in addition to 3 daily meals. And I assume nut butters count as your nut allowance for the few days (no peanuts!). I think if this is accurate, it will be better for me than relying entirely on the recipes. Even though they do look great and I want to try them soon. Thanks!!
  10. I might run this by a moderator too, to see what they think...
  11. @kirbz Thanks, yes this actually helps a lot!! I have been wanting to lose this extra 25 lbs since I gained it, which was like 2 years ago. So yes, it did cross my mind that another month won't matter that much. I sometimes run into people who haven't seen me in a few years, and always feel bad. If I lost the weight before I see another old friend.... You said you have been wanting to lose weight for years, as well. Is this in addition to the amount you lost on your first Whole30? Or when you went off of it, you gained it back and need to lose it again? I might need to do a Whole90 to lose the full 25 lbs, because I know slower is better, which might be hard, but yes, just seeing how the first 30 days go. I saw a chart they had on portions that relate to the size of your hand for various categories of food, but that was per meal, not per day. And I do have a big fist (lol), since I'm a tall lady, but it sounds like I should be eating two potatoes, not three, and that's per day. And I'll need to eat them at dinner and not breakfast. And less potato if I want winter squash. I think, using the advice that you are relaying from your experience chatting with the moderators, combined with the little meal planning chart, the basic idea is: At every meal: 1 to 2 palm sized proteins, AND 2 or 3 cups colorful/green veggies (with one serving per day of starchy veggies instead/replacing - fist sized, if wanted) AND ONE FAT: 1 or 2 thumb sized oils OR ghee; OR 1 to 2 handfuls of olives OR coconut flakes; OR 1/2 to 1 avocado; OR 1/4 to 1/2 can coconut milk; OR 1 closed handful of nuts (and the nuts should be once every few days, at only one meal) Add ONE or TWO pieces of fruit per day I assume nut butters count as your nut allowance for the few days. I think this guide, if accurate, will be better for me than relying entirely on the recipes. Even though they do look great and I want to try them soon. And I think I'm getting the hang of what not to eat, which is basically everything that comes in a package, lol.
  12. Hi Ladies, welcome @Kayla514! So, today is day 2 and I am a bit worried about portion control because I do want to lose weight. I think I have the opposite problem as Kendall (I can definately eat their recommended portions, but should I??). I have been trying to eat until I feel full and not over eat, but I am a big lady (mostly muscle, but about 25 lbs overweight/fat), so I can eat ALOT. I don't know how I could lose weight this way because I feel full most of the day. I think I may have been eating too many potatoes these first two days? I love potatoes and have ton of them left from my garden last summer in dry storage. Three medium/smallish sized baked potatoes for breakfast and three eggs (I am usually hungriest in the morning) with 2 thumbs of ghee, 2 days in a row now. A good salad for lunch with nuts, avacado, olives, and fibery veggies like tomatoes, (but maybe too much olive oil dressing?). Last night I had a reasonable size amount of brussel sprouts, but two chicken thighs with alot of coconut oil. This may have been too much food. I haven't felt hungry except right after l workout, which worries me. I think I am eating too much @KendallBW I actually haven't done any of the recipes yet, just baking or boiling meat and veggies and eggs and using coconut oil, ghee, olive oil, and spices. But I am also worried I am eating too much, because I eat until I feel full (that has never helped me lose weight in the past). Maybe I really need to try the recipes so I can monitor portions. @kirbz I have the Whole30 guide (I think its the main/first book), and haven't gotten to any sections on portion control. Can you recommend a spot in the book or online? I am tall and workout a lot, but I have not felt hungry for more than an hour or so and eat when I do feel hungry. I can't even imagine the calories I'm taking in right now, ugh!
  13. MeatEaterYogi

    Ingrid Woodbridge

    Thanks Mary!
  14. Hi kirbz, Liesje, and KendallBW! Thanks for posting! It's funny how people with similar hobbies find each other. I do a lot of hiking, biking, nordic skiing, snowboarding, and canoeing (in the summer) up here in Alaska. I used to live near you, kirbz; I worked in Sequoia and Kings Canyon NP in 2003 & 2004. And KendallBW, I also lived in Crested Butte in 2008 - 2010. Small world. I never had to worry at all about what I ate during those years, because exercising was my job (Park Ranger, Snowboard Instructor). I do field work for my research in Alaska, but I spend more time on the computer than in the field....and it shows.... So far, I had poached eggs and baked potatoes with ghee for breakfast after my morning yoga, and a salad with home made vinaigrette for lunch. Now I'm taking a ski break, and then back to work. I'm a few hours behind Cali and CO here, so not time for dinner yet. So far I feel fine. I think it's way too early to tell yet. First disappointment, though, soy in my canned tuna, so lame...I didn't eat, just saw it on my shelf. Feel free to keep checking in ladies! (my real name is Molly, btw, 37, and very newly unattached).
  15. MeatEaterYogi

    Ingrid Woodbridge

    Hi Ingrid, today is also my first day on Whole30! My friends don't want to hear about my food or diet choices, so I am doing Whole30 a bit closeted, and looking for online friends. We should touch base occasionally this month, since we are both on the same schedule! Good luck!