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    Liesje reacted to DIversity in Starting 2/26/18 - First timer - Can you say determined?   
    @Liesje: CONGRATULATIONS! You are whole30! How are you feeling? Would you like to share with us your most important NSVs? How is reintroduction going?

    @Amy Rose: Thank you so much! I went out dancing last Saturday until 4am, not having a single drink, but instead being the driver for our little party crew. I felt so good, even though it's hard to resist good Belgian beer.
    I am on day 24, wearing a nice dress today and feeling sexy and energetic and healthy. What else to ask for? I cooked my first Bolognese ever yesterday and friends and family loved it (whole30 compliant, of course ). They all had pasta with it and I had simple roasted red beets with it. And you know what? They caramelized in the oven and it tasted like a natural, sugary explosion in my mouth. So sweet that I decided to not have a fruit afterwards. Yum!
    Also, I always thought I was a good sleeper but since two weeks, I need a lot less sleep, I wake up from alone longtime before my alarm goes off and I sleep so deeply. Someone could ring the door at 4am, play a trumpet or drums loudly, kidnap the kids, ring the doorbell again and leave ... I would not realize it. My husband says I've never slept that deeply since we know each other (10.5 years). Also, I do sweat a lot less overnight. This must be all due to a better digestion, I guess.

    How is everyone else feeling? Any major changes?
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    Liesje reacted to EatingSun in Starting 2/26/18 - First timer - Can you say determined?   
    Hi all, I am very late to this group but wanted to say hi. I am on day 2 of my 3rd Whole 30. Yes, I started on a Friday but I did for 2 good reasons, 1) husband is out of town so easy to just do what I need to do to get as solid start as by Sunday when he's home I'll be in full swing and 2) him being gone means I was able to clean out the pantry, fridge/freezer without him here :-) I am sure he'll love that when he gets home. But I did warn him... when you get back, join me and he said OK.  We did our first about 3.5 years ago and I stuck with it for 6 months and felt amazing. My second one, about a year ago didn't go as well. I struggled the entire time (but did it) saw limited NSV's and lost just a few lbs. So I felt cheated and frustrated and well as you can imagine didn't stick with it. Plus, we headed out the day I finished to Amsterdam and well, dutch pancakes... So there you have it.
    My motivation is a bit different this time. Using Whole 30 to kickstart a more true paleo lifestyle which is the optimal way of eating for me. I know it and I am ready to feel better, have more energy and if the truth is in the cards, lose some weight along the way. The more I read about brain and gut health, the more I know this is the way to take control of my health. Look forward to 'meeting' you all as you continue on and finish up before me.
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    Liesje reacted to Wing and a Prayer in Starting 2/26/18 - First timer - Can you say determined?   
    oh.... hahahaha! Nevermind @Liesje!!!!