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    EllieHH reacted to Jihanna in Day 51 - Advice Needed   
    Whole30 in and of itself is an elimination diet, with the purpose of reaching a baseline from which to test foods and/or food groups to see if there are sensitivities which should be considered when making informed food choices going forward. Ideally, one also does an amount of "deep work" to deal with the psychological relationship to food, as well.
    Melissa's note about not experiencing Food Freedom is undoubtedly based on the idea that one does NOT plan to follow a continuing food plan that's quite as restricted as Whole30 is. To make those informed food choices, however, you have to do reintroduction.
    If you're on Day 51 of Whole30, then you're still on round 1  A second round would be when you've done reintroduction and gone forward, hopefully starting to discover what your Food Freedom looks like, and then return to do another reset of some length.
    That said, there's no reason why someone couldn't choose to follow the Whole30 guidelines or something close to them for a longer period of time. Paleo, for instance, is incredibly close to Whole30 but has a bit more flexibility because you're building a lifestyle (not following a diet/elimination program).
    In all honesty, I wouldn't suggest trying to stick to Whole30 forever. Instead, move forward step by step as you build a "WholeMe" type of plan. That's where the Food Freedom is, and "WholeMe" can be no grains, no gluten, no legumes, no dairy, etc. if that's what works best for your body... but leaves room for enjoying those foods occasionally if you deem it "worth it" based on what you know about how your body reacts to those foods. If you find yourself off the rails too far and making what you consider to be poor food decisions too often, then go strict Whole30 again for a while to reset your body and your mindset  
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    EllieHH reacted to Jihanna in Help! I’m regretting my whole30 because now I can’t seem to eat anything!   
    Try to realize that your body's been going without these foods for a month, and springing them back into your diet is bound to have some effect. Sometimes that effect is basically unnoticeable, and other times it's blatant.
    Also realize that our pre-Whole30 bodies were accustomed to living in a state of constant distress. We were used to always feeling some kind of discomfort, of some sort or another, whether we had a "reason" label to slap on the effect or not. Once we've done an elimination diet like Whole30, though, our body is "cleaned" of many things known to cause irritation/distress to many people. This means that if one (or more) food groups removed was causing distress, then you're going to see a much bigger sign of it now that you're reintroducing.
    Think of it like a pool of water. If there's a machine making waves at the far end, and you're feeling them hit against you, then you might not notice (as much) when someone jumps in the water nearby... it's just going to send more or slightly larger waves your way. But if you're in a perfectly calm pool, then someone jumps in, the resulting splash and/or waves will seem much larger and more noticeable. The point of the elimination phase is to make our system like the pool of calm water, and reintroduced foods can definitely cause some very noticeable effects when you're starting from a level baseline and are sensitive to them  
    Remember that the purpose of reintroduction is to eat Whole30-compliant except for the single food you're introducing back in, which should be eaten at all meals for one day (or two if you want to spread it out)... then it's back to compliant for a few days to make sure you've recovered from the testing before you test the next food (or group) by itself.
    My suggestion would be to take good notes, get through the rest of your reintroduction. If you want to go back to the troublesome foods you already tested to have another go and see if continued consumption allows you to become accustomed to them again, then that's definitely an option.
    However, a little tough love and hopefully a bit of a light-bulb moment...
    If you had frequent brain fog with constantly low energy, bouts of anxiety and depression, and general overall ickyness... all of which vanished during Whole30... doesn't it make sense that there might be something there that you might want to continue avoiding, even if it's one of your favorite foods?
    For me, it's dairy, specifically cheese. I grew up with an allergy that I started ignoring as soon as I could, despite the fact that I dealt with eczema as a result. I didn't care, I had my cheese so I was totally okay with the rashes, the itching, etc. Fast forward to my first Whole30 reintro, when I decided to test dairy just because I wanted to see what would happen... and I learned that it not only set off my eczema, it was also the primary cause of my life-long issues with indigestion (including heartburn and reflux). From that, I can say without any trouble at all that dairy is simply not worth it for me about 95% of the time... occasionally, I'll decide to have "real cheese" on chili or a burger, but generally only if I'm eating away from home. I've learned to make some truly delicious non-dairy substitutes that I can always turn to if I feel like I'd like to have something cheese-like (though I don't do that during Whole30 or any other time when it's about habits as well as the food itself).
    You've gotten some amazing results, doing away with symptoms that I know (from experience) had to have been irritating and miserable... so take a deep breath and remind yourself that this is ultimately about your continued health and well-being, and that you're strong enough to make informed decisions based on what you learn about your body's unique sensitivities and needs.
    Obviously, you're an adult and can make your own dietary decisions, but making informed dietary decisions is really what Whole30 is all about. We obtain information through our reintroduction testing so that we can use that information to decide what our ongoing food freedom should look like... to be able to say something is or isn't worth it, based on how we know it affects us.
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    EllieHH reacted to ladyshanny in Whole30 Approved at Walmart!   
    Have you seen the Whole30 Approved meals at your local Walmart yet? Eight delicious varieties of Great Value frozen meals have been rolling out to Walmart stores nationwide all month long. Keep an eye out … if they’re not in your local store, they should be soon!⠀

    These meals feature American Humane Certified protein, lots of veggies, and delicious herbs, spices, and sauces perfect for between-meeting bites, fast weeknight dinners, and travel meals. In addition, Walmart's commitment to move towards GAP-certified animal protein in Whole30 meals by 2019 is a huge step towards changing our food system and making ethically-sourced animal protein more affordable than ever.⠀

    A big part of our ongoing diversity and inclusion efforts involves making the Whole30 easier and more accessible for our entire community. Over the last few years, many Whole30 convenience products (like meat sticks, condiments, and sauces) have entered the market, but because of their price point, they are often seen as luxuries for those shopping on a budget. Partnering with Walmart to create Whole30 offerings under their Great Value brand will help make the Whole30 easier and more accessible for everyone.
    Some frequently asked questions:
    Are these available in Canada: We wish we could send ALL the Whole30 Approved things across the border to you! Alas, things are complicated when it comes to shipping, distribution and international borders. We are hopeful these might be available to you in Canada someday, and in general we are trying to partner with Canada based brands.
    What about additives? The meals have some common additives in them (like potato starch or citric acid), as many other compliant shelf stable or frozen options do. (Please note, any mention of “sulfites” are naturally occurring in the vinegar, NOT added.) These are additives that have always been compliant with the program. Check out our common additives cheat sheet resource for more information about which additives are okay for your Whole30.
    Will it be at MY Walmart? It's rolling out to about 4,000 Walmart stores nationwide; if the Walmart near you carries better for you frozen brands, it's likely you'll find these Whole30 Approved meals there too.
    But can we trust Walmart? We assure you, this is of top priority for us as well. We have an audit clause written into our contract, and the right to inspect their facilities and production at any time during the partnership to confirm compliance. They are also mandated to provide us with detailed quarterly reporting as to their efforts to move towards GAP certified protein. Finally, we have been working on this partnership for more than a year. They were all 100% on board with a Whole30 approach, many having done the program themselves, and the entire team recognized and respected our rules and standards. We know their entire team respects our mission and community, but we also have the right (and will exercise this right) to verify through an independent audit.
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    EllieHH got a reaction from Tasha30 in Last day tomorrow and no real change.   
    Hi, Tasha.  I did my W30 almost 18 months ago and I never had any tiger blood either  - but I did notice lots of little things that were pretty nice (as you have) - and the good things (and the weight loss) continued for MONTHS after my reintroduction period until I kind of leveled out into a good place maybe 6 months later and have stayed there all this time.   We are all different - so if you aren't seeing any negative effects, I'd encourage you to stick it out through the end (yay day 31!) and then listen really closely to what your reintroduction tells you.  Gluten makes my joints hurt.  Soy makes me a little itchy.  Other grains (corn, rice) slow down my digestive system for days.  Dairy doesn't seem to be a thing for me.  But I only know all of this and can make choices accordingly because I went through the reintroduction phase.  So hang in there and enjoy the science experiment part of it, and maybe the benefits will continue to build for you.
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    EllieHH reacted to bethanywhole30 in constipation   
    Thank you for this!  I'm going to drink more water.  And try the warm water before breakfast trick.  
    Update for today is that things are moving again!  
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    EllieHH reacted to Twixt in Keto to Whole30 and hungry ALL THE TIME   
    If this was my experience, it would make sense - the stomach can take a while to understand that it's full. But my experience is backwards to this. Immediately after I eat, I feel full/sated. But an hour or so later, my stomach feels hollow again. I've done the same as you did and have told myself it's not hunger, and found ways to distract myself. But it doesn't go away for me. It's always there, and somehow worse than real hunger. I've caught myself avoiding food because I know it'll make me hungrier.
    I'm glad you mentioned Kombucha, though. I've had sauerkraut with my lunch the last few days and it seems to be helping. Coffee helps too, but I can't drink coffee all day. I'll look into adding a 'booch digestif.  
    Awesome suggestion, thanks. I share the same Keto-based instinct to avoid high-carb foods, but I'm working on it.  It might be that I'm just not getting enough of the right things with my meals.
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    EllieHH reacted to Angelia in Keto to Whole30 and hungry ALL THE TIME   
    I felt and sometimes still feel the very same!  My day 30 was on 9/10, but I'm reintroducing slowly and still doing full W30 on the in between days.  I've had such an inconsistent relationship with food for so long that I'm still learning what is hungry and what is satisfied.  I eat a LARGE amount of meat, a LARGE amount of veggies and an appropriate amount of fats when it's mealtime regardless of how hungry or not I was when I sat down.  And when my plate is empty, sometimes I still feel something that I identify as hungry.  How can this be when I've just consumed SO MUCH?  I've been telling myself that whatever that sensation is, it's NOT hunger.  I busy myself with cleaning up, talking to someone, slowly drinking a cup of tea or glass of Kombucha and then reassess.  Usually after 15-20 minutes that sensation formerly known as hunger is gone and sometimes I'm downright full.  I'm trying to aim for satisfied instead of full, so I make a mental note to have slightly smaller portions next time. 
    I'll agree, that's it's... weird, that funny feeling after eating.  But for me, I have to remind myself that just because my stomach (or whatever it is) has a sensation, it does not mean it's hunger.   Maybe it's full and I just can't completely identify it yet?  So basically, I have nothing helpful to add whatsoever  other than to say, Me too!!
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    EllieHH reacted to scoakley13 in I'm thinking about quitting... Advice?   
    Your dizziness may be from not having enough salt. If you were eating a lot of processed foods before you started your Whole30, your sodium intake has been greatly reduced and that can make you dizzy. When it happens to me I lick my finger, dip it in table salt and then lick it again. I usually do it a few times and it always helps me.
    Whole30 will get your hormones aligned if you stick with it but it takes a little bit. Right now your hormones are all wonky and that may be why your period is early even though you’re on the pill. That’s probably also the reason you’re not hungry in the morning. If you stick with it you’ll start waking up really hungry (happened around day ten for me) and that’s one way you know your hormones are starting to align. 
    Lastly, there is no failing a Whole30. You decide to start it and you decide whether you finish. It doesn’t make you a failure if you don’t finish. It makes you human. I started my first Whole30 in July 2017 and ate ice cream on day five. I started again the next day and again lasted five days. Third time was the charm for me and I was able to go all 30 days. I wasn’t a failure the first two times - just a human who really liked ice cream.
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    EllieHH got a reaction from starnovi in I accidentally Chewed Gum Yesterday!   
    I agree with LadyShanny's suggestion - consider just to keep going and note the date and add it on the back end vs. calling it day one again - it's way easier by day 30 to add on 6 more days because you are in a totally different place by then than you are at day 6.  I think.
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    EllieHH reacted to slc_melissa in Everything is worth it today   
    I'm assuming you're post-Whole 30 based on the section you posted this in.....in which case, there are no rules for what you're eating and no such thing as cheat days.  Whole30 is about finding out what how foods affect you and your relationship with food, and guilt has no part in it.  If you're doing re-intros and are mixing "types" of food, you may not get as clear a picture about what foods affect you and how.
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    EllieHH reacted to RandiW in What has been your most lasting food habit after Whole30?   
    Me too! I thought I'd never adjust to black coffee and I haven't had sweetener in my coffee now since Dec 30th 2016!
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    EllieHH reacted to Lorna from Canada in Why I do the Whole 30. Okay?   
    Welcome @Coffee girl. I love Shannon's reply - the Mods here are great! I'm an aging athlete and had surgery on my foot last May - ended up with some compensatory issues during recovery - completely stopped working out October - January because I was angry and seemingly unable to do anything without hurting myself. I returned to the gym at the end of my W30 and  that has been great! The W30 is amazing 
    I don't listen to what other people say I can or can't maintain in my life. I feel utterly fantastic when I'm 100% compliant and staying that way is attractive to me. Now, I do need some wiggle room because life requires I be flexible and health requires flexibility too - rigidity isn't good. So, I did the proper reintroductions over 3 or 4 weeks. I discovered a bunch of interesting things and am currently working on my ideas around what would make something "Worth It" to eat? There are some food categories that are going on my permanent off limits list and I feel committed to eating mostly W30 compliant forever. So - screw those...
    Do it for as long as you like! I'm going to. Right now I am heading into the final 2 weeks of my annual trip to Australia - the day I get home I am starting my second W30 to reset and get ready for summer in Canada. Bring it on!!
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    EllieHH reacted to Lorna from Canada in Hungry in Middle of the Night?   
    It's so hard to get used to eating giant meals in the beginning! I'm still eating a huge plate of veggie hash, some kind of meat and eggs every morning. I love being able to eat so much - in my previous dieting world I was only allowed to eat huge portions of salad and steamed vegetables - ugh. One of my favorites for breakfast is my leftover homemade potato salad - what a great start to my day! It does take awhile to allow yourself to eat a full plate of W30 compliant food (and seconds if you're still hungry!) but, once you do, your body really starts listening. 
    I'm still losing weight (I haven't weighed myself since my almost 11lb loss after my W30 but my clothes are getting looser and looser) and I am loving food again. 
    Hang in there @123Sisters Trust the process - follow the rules and EAT!!
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    EllieHH reacted to SugarcubeOD in Hungry in Middle of the Night?   
    You're  not eating enough.  Eggs when they are your sole source of protein in a meal should be as many as you can hold in one hand without dropping...for majority of people that starts at 3-4.  Or you can add other protein to the two eggs. Where are the veggies in your breakfast?
    Your dinner didn't have any fat and it looks like you're probably short on veggies too unless you had 2 or 3 cups of roasted peppers which i doubt.  The fact that you're needing to snack between meals is a clear indication that you're not eating enough.  Fruit is recommended to be eaten with a meal, not on it's own as a snack and until you get your meals adjusted, if you need to snack, pick a mini meal of protein and fat instead of fruit and nuts/nut products (which are a fat but are not the best choice).
    Also, nutrition is cummulative so if you've under eaten Sunday and also on Monday and then yesterday matched this, you're going to end up in a situation with cravings, waking hungry at night and really not feeling well.  Make sure you eat three meals a day matched to the template (linked in my signature below).
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    EllieHH reacted to ShannonM816 in I accidentally Chewed Gum Yesterday!   
    Here's  the official guidance about starting over: https://whole30.com/2014/06/really-start-whole30/.  You can always keep going for now, and decide on day 30 whether to add days to make the full 30 days, sometimes that is less overwhelming than trying to decide this early on to restart. Many people find by week three or four the thought of just going on for a bit longer doesn't seem so bad, because by then you'll be more used to meal prep and hopefully you'll be noticing some benefits.
    I would double check the label of that gum though, it would be very unusual for it not to have some sort of sweetener in it, possibly xylitol, sucralose, or aspartame. There is at least one brand I've heard of with no sweetener, so it's possible, but it would definitely be unusual for someone to have unless they'd purposely sought out gum with no sugar or sweeteners. 
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    EllieHH got a reaction from hollysmokes in Life Post Whole 30 - Struggling with Weight Gain and Normalcy   
    This IS what you have to learn for yourself - and reprogram what "indulgence" looks/feels like.  
    As far as dealing with your social life, I have found it totally acceptable to my friends for me to say "yeah, I'm not willing to risk this (dramatic hands sliding down the new bod) for that".  It gets a laugh because of the dramatic hands slide  and is a good reminder to yourself - and moves past the topic.  Your friends have seen that you look and feel better and they will get it and move on.  I also found new things to drink socially - sparkling water with lime and a splash of your chosen poison may be better because it's so close to sparkling water that you can have one and then go back to just plain sparkling water with citrus without feeling self-sacrificing or looking like you are "switching" to your friends and causing a stir (if this bothers you).  
    Every day is a new day to make better choices - don't let yesterday's bad ones define today's (sort of like the rest of life, huh?)
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    EllieHH got a reaction from hollysmokes in Life Post Whole 30 - Struggling with Weight Gain and Normalcy   
    This IS what you have to learn for yourself - and reprogram what "indulgence" looks/feels like.  
    As far as dealing with your social life, I have found it totally acceptable to my friends for me to say "yeah, I'm not willing to risk this (dramatic hands sliding down the new bod) for that".  It gets a laugh because of the dramatic hands slide  and is a good reminder to yourself - and moves past the topic.  Your friends have seen that you look and feel better and they will get it and move on.  I also found new things to drink socially - sparkling water with lime and a splash of your chosen poison may be better because it's so close to sparkling water that you can have one and then go back to just plain sparkling water with citrus without feeling self-sacrificing or looking like you are "switching" to your friends and causing a stir (if this bothers you).  
    Every day is a new day to make better choices - don't let yesterday's bad ones define today's (sort of like the rest of life, huh?)
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    EllieHH reacted to Seafarer in What has been your most lasting food habit after Whole30?   
    As I prepped for my next W30, I was (as is my habit) beating myself up for “falling off the rails”. I was reading through literature that I had previously gathered, and I realized I hadn’t “fallen”… just leaned a little! A lot of ingrained habits have stuck. And just like the bad habits that crept in over many years, so too will the good habits (but faster!). I (we all) should stop being so hard on myself. For now: Always breakfast. Always protein & veg for meals. Not afraid of fat, but fussy about which ones. Seldom smoothies & when do, always add a “chewable”. Usually staying hydrated. Still avoiding dairy. If I am feeling lethargic, I can turn that around in a couple of days. Not a bad place from which to begin again, and discover some more soon-to-be-ingrained habits, methinks.
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    EllieHH got a reaction from Azul Marino in Eating after dinner - intense cravings   
    After dinner used to get me too.  This is silly, but worked for me, and that was to make some tea.  I don't even really like herbal tea, but the process of messing with it was enough to make me feel like something had happened.  And I'm talking old school (not keurig) - teapot, boil the water, get out the teabag and cup (pretty cup :)), then steep the tea, etc.  I even recommend getting some sort of assortment of tea because it takes a little bit of brainpower to choose which one you "want".
    More than once the tea sat on the counter and got cold because I'd forgotten about it entirely after getting re-involved with tv or whatever.  Just going into the kitchen and doing something that took 10 minutes or so was enough for my brain to feel like "okay, we went into the kitchen and got something" and/or to get past the reflexive feeling that that was supposed to happen.  If you actually drink it then that takes even longer.  Sometimes I still wanted something but it was easier to say no to after that.  It took that a long time to go away for me (and may never fully go away).
    Hope this helps!
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    EllieHH got a reaction from chichi in What has been your most lasting food habit after Whole30?   
    Let me tell you - the spaghetti isn't worth it (have attempted this maybe twice in the last 6 months).  The yum is in the sauce anyway and for me the gluten in the noodles messes me up for DAYS and I think "why did I do that?"  Just do the zoodles and be happy for the rest of your life .  
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    EllieHH reacted to Crastney in The crazy things people say   
    I know it's bad form to quote yourself, but... in October/November time I asked the wife if she'd do Whole30 'properly' in January.  I thought I'd give her lots of advance warning. She initially said she would if I prepared all of the meals (!?!).  nearer the time I had to remind her to read the books as preparation (like ISWF, which i got her as a birthday present in April which she still hasn't read) - she skim read the Whole30 cookbook.  I'm not sure but I still dont' think she has read ISWF, as some of the things she says make me think she hasn't...  She cooked a stir fry, and as I sat down, I said 'ooh, make sure you don't eat the sweet corn' - she'd bought a pack of mixed stir fry veg with baby sweetcorn in it thinking that they would be ok as a Veg.  when I pointed out that they were 'corn' she didn't know that that was not ok.  I couldn't persuade her, as 'I've not read the book yet, because I can't read it till she's read it, as it's her present' ! (I have really - but don't tell her).  Anyway, she only had half a baby sweetcorn, and spat out the rest, and was all like 'I've not failed!  I'm not starting over!  I'm on day 27 FFS!' ...
    the boy and I are going to my mothers at the weekend.  She asked if there was anything I wanted them to buy for my meals (especially breakfast).  I said not to bother buying anything special in (they don't have much spare money), and that I'd eat what they have, as I'll have finished the 30 days.  She said, but you can eat toast right?  I said no as it's made from flour, ie wheat/grain/gluten.  She said 'but people have eaten bread for thousands of years!' - I had to point out that there's a difference in eating the only thing you've got available so that you don't starve, and having everything possible available and chosing the most healthiest options.  I think she realised she'd lost that argument as she changed the subject.
    She also says I shouldn't lose any more weight, and that this healthy eating isn't good for me, and that I need to eat more!  Three large meals a day, and I need to eat more!  my F-I-L the other day had a good one - he was asking the wife (his daughter) if she'd noticed any differences, and after a short conversation about it he said 'it is something that one could become obsessed with though.'  I think he was making a point that maybe I am obsessed with it, and am losing too much weight, to an unhealthy level.
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    EllieHH reacted to SugarcubeOD in The crazy things people say   
    That whole 'when you're fun again' thing really irks me... I'm accused of not being 'fun' all the time... I, actually, am a blast. the 'fun' that is being referred to is that the other person wants to indulge in whatever (cake, booze) and they don't want to feel judged for it (not that you're judging... that's all on them for how they feel).
    Also, LOL at the 'main part for the most part'. Uh, booze is one of the MAIN PARTS! LOL!
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    EllieHH reacted to SugarcubeOD in The crazy things people say   
    There, fixed that...
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    EllieHH reacted to Derval in The crazy things people say   
    "Oh , I couldn't give up x, y, z"
    Well, d'uh you could, you just don't want to.
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    EllieHH reacted to Jessica in The crazy things people say   
    After I finish explaining briefly what paleo/Whole30 is: "So you're doing Atkins?"