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  1. My cholesterol has gone up almost 20 points, just got the numbers now. I stopped Whole30 today 5 days earlier b/c I was not feeling good. I have always been skinny and with this maybe lost 3 pounds and quite frankly don't want to lose weight , that was not my primary goal. I had read that for many people their cholesterol had decreased and even anxiety & panic attacks. Mine both got worse. I feel defeated. Did yours go down eventually? Did you monitor it? @szunshine
  2. Heriona

    Heavy flow of period

    Hello friends, I am on day 16 of Whole30. Two days ago I got my period earlier (3-4 days) than anticipated. My flow has been so much heavier than usual. I even have some thick blood clumps that I usually don't get. There is definitely a change in hormones, that's obvious , but is this normal as this does not feel normal to me. Also my hunger has been crazy. Yesterday i ate breakfast at 8:30 and then again in two hours and again at noon feeling empty and hungry every time. My sleep has not been good either. I fall asleep but then I wake up , however in the morning I wake up fine with more energy than before Whole30. Could it be b/c of my heavy period? Any body knows what's going on? These past two days have been very trying for me. I am almost pulling the plug. A couple of my friends that have done Whole30 say that Whole30 actually regulated their periods .