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  1. I didn't lose much weight either, maybe a few pounds but nothing to sing from the rooftops. This was my 3rd w30. The first one I lost about 7 pounds and a bunch of inches. Here's the thing for me, this time around I didn't go into it with any expectations of weight loss. My main objective was to tame the sugar dragon and get a handle on my food again. And I have accomplished that, and feel better in a whole lot of other ways. Last night I was thinking that I feel ready to let the weight go, and that felt huge (no pun intended). I totally understand how disappointed you feel about lack of success in this area since it sounds like that was your primary intention. Maybe continue and add tweaks from the link Physibeth posted? That's what I''m planning. Staying the course!
  2. dukunbayi

    Diva Cup

    Diva cup... love it. I have an IUD and no problems with the strings, so don't let that prevent you from using it (I am also a women's health care provider and place IUDs, and tell my patients Diva cup is not a problem). My 17 yo daughter used a Diva cup when we were in Indonesia and, after figuring it out (ie, compress it before trying to remove it ) she had no problems with it.
  3. dukunbayi

    Older women following Whole30

    Applegirl, you haven't "yammered on to much" at all. I appreciate your musings on the issue, having contemplated it quite a bit myself. Rewiring a brain is hard work and requires persistence and patience. I have been eating according to this template for about 14 months and, really, it's taken that long to feel like it might be starting to be just a little tiny bit intuitive, so that when I go off the rails, it's a little earlier to right myself. But I still forget. And then I have to will myself out of the tendancy for self-flagellating guilt and just make the best next choice to right myself. So you are certainly not alone and I am glad you brought up the topic.
  4. dukunbayi

    Grief and The Whole30

    My heart goes out to you, and to all of you who have had similar experiences. What a horrible, shattering tragedy. I have not had this experience, but I can understand why you would initiate a Whole 30 at this time. When your life is spinning out of control and the rug is pulled out from under you as it was, I can totally see searching for a locus of control. It actually strikes me as a very healthy response... empowering and centering. When people are in crisis it is so important to focus on the most basic needs: sleep, shelter, support, exercise, fresh air, sunlight, breathing, food and water. So I echo others' recommendations to sleep as much as you can and to exercise. And I commend you for reaching out here. I wish you all the best as you move through this process.
  5. Good to hear everyone's experience with this. I have KP too, on my upper arms, upper legs, butt, and upper back and shoulders. A little on my cheeks that that was worse when I was a child. When I was 12 I actually took sandpaper to my upper arms and really did some damage. Have tried the stinky Rx products, but have essentially given up (bigger fish to fry at the moment). It almost disappeared completely when I was on malaria prophylaxis for 2 months in the fall (low dose daily doxycycline) and that was lovely, but of course that's not a long term solution. I was sad to have it return after the meds ended . Maybe now it's back on my radar because of this thread. Sigh.
  6. dukunbayi

    Older women following Whole30

    @Aimless and Pam, I have Hashimoto's, and have chosen not to do the AIP. I tried it once and found it to be very difficult. Pea, I admire your sticktoitiveness! For myself I have found doing strict Paleo or a W30 to be enormously beneficial in and of itself in terms of reducing perceptible symptoms. So, just because you have a diagnosed (or strongly suspected) autoimmune disorder does not mean you MUST do the AIP. Thank goodness! One day I may be in the space, or have the need because of symptoms, to undertake that commitment, but now is not that time for me.
  7. dukunbayi

    Older women following Whole30

    Hi everyone, I'd love to join you. Such good, relevant, topics you all are discussing. I will turn 49 at the end of January (It kind of blows my mind to write that). I live with my partner, who just luuuurves his pbj sandwiches, my 14 yo son and my 17 yo daughter. She's on board, the boys are not but they eat what I give them or they fend for themselves. Either one is fine with me. I started my 3rd W30 yesterday. My first was last January, and then I did another mid year. I have tended toward a paleo template for the past 14 months or so, punctuated with the 2 W30s and some off-the-tracks periods. It's good for me to reboot and reset intermittently, so tat's why I'm doing anther W30.. My issues: hypothyroidism, perimenopause, IBS, depression, environmental allergies, asthma, arthritis, sugar addiction, some maybe mild fibromyalgia type symptoms, high cholesterol but the more I learn on that front the less concerned I am about that particular 'diagnosis.' I'm sure there are a few in there I am forgetting, but you get the picture. I'm really not as much of a basket case as that list makes me out to be (or, maybe I am?!). Most of the symptoms are in the mild to moderate range, and very well managed with diet, exercise, sleep, and stress management (oh yea, that's so easy). I work in health care and am starting my own business, something I have wanted to do for a long time. I was once a RKC and still swing my kettlebells around several times a week, but nowhere near what I once did. Discipline and time management are constant battles. Can anyone relate ? Anyway, I will be logging my food in the W30 log section "DB's third time's a charm," and will also hang out here if that's cool. Happy New Year, everyone!
  8. dukunbayi

    Fermenting Fun

    Thank you thank you Lizzard and Nadia. I will experiment and report!
  9. dukunbayi

    Fermenting Fun

    Fantastic, Nadia, thank you . So, to clarify, boil the beets with the water and salt for 1 hour to make the brine. Do I chop the beets before or after cooking? What about peeling? Let brine and beets cool fully before jarring, right? This seems so easy!! I am excited (that's right, folks, it doesn't take much)!
  10. dukunbayi

    Fermenting Fun

    Great thread! I'm so glad you started it, Liz. My head was starting to spin with everything online, so I appreciate the simplification. Has anyone here fermented beets? And, if so, how do you do it. Cook first?
  11. dukunbayi

    The crazy things people say

    No, believe me, you are not the only one.
  12. dukunbayi

    Bulletproof Coffee

    You have answered your own question, Annette :-) For the purpose of the W30, have your protein and veggies, and then enjoy your bulletproof coffee.
  13. How about a variation of nom nom's green marinade? http://nomnompaleo.com/post/7486821187/my-sisters-phenomenal-grilled-green-chicken
  14. dukunbayi

    Calcium for healing bones

    I actually had what's called a cheilectomy for hallux rigidus, basically bone spurs and arthritis in my left great toe. My right toe, fortunately, is fine. What I had is similar to a bunionectomy (without the bunion), and the scar is in the same place. I had bone spurs cleaned up, the joint widened, and a tissue graft placed. But I am still in chronic pain, so the next step is a fusion, and that's where I'm at. But 4 months in a boot and a 6 month recovery time?.... I am dragging my feet (literally). When is your surgery scheduled? Great idea on the recovery snack, GLC. I find those coconut flakes at some local stores like Barrons and Jimbos. They're good!
  15. dukunbayi

    Calcium for healing bones

    Thanks for posting your bone broth recipe, kb! I have had an ongoing mental block against it, not sure why. You may have given me the nudge I need. Jami, I probably need to go back and get my toe fused as well, because I still have to baby it way too much after 1.5 years. I'm told fusing requires a longer initial healing process than the cheilectomy (ie 4-6 months rather than 3-4 months), but once it's healed there will be NO.MORE.PAIN, because the joint won't move. Actually sounding good to me these days! Keep us posted on your recovery! The surgery scheduler called on Friday and left a message, so I might be following right in your footsteps (pun intended). PS, your arms are awesome!!