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    Seattle Whole 30 places

    Thanks for combining! I just started posting on here and didn't know that was a problem. Also, yes, of course, it's a good idea to do your own research and ask questions any time you eat out during Whole30 because recipes change!
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    Seattle Whole 30 places

    I realize this thread was started a few years ago, but I wanted to jump in with my suggestions for anyone else searching the forums for Seattle Whole30 compliant restaurants. SPROUT: Sprout is my go-to Whole30 lunch whenever I forget to bring a homemade lunch with me to work. When I first participated in Whole30 last year, I e-mailed the restaurant to ask questions about which items were non-compliant. Unfortunately none of the dressings are compliant, BUT Sprout offers EVOO + lemon juice which for me, in addition to a dash of salt & pepper, is more than sufficient. The turkey is NOT compliant (there's sugar) but Sprout has chicken breast & hard-boiled eggs that are!! I usually build my own salad with a base of spinach & romaine, plus chicken, avocado, bell pepper, cilantro, shredded carrots, cucumber, and purple cabbage dressed with lemon + EVOO + salt and pepper. Yum! WHOLE FOODS WESTLAKE: Earlier this week I discovered the Paleo HOT FOOD BAR at Whole Foods in South Lake Union (on Westlake). These Paleo options also happened to be totally Whole30 compliant. I filled up my plate with pineapple pork shoulder, cumin-cilantro-lime cauliflower rice, and squash with romesco sauce. Added fresh pineapple & lime LaCroix - all for under $15. JUICY CAFE: I sent Juicy Cafe a Facebook message earlier this week to ask about their dressings & meat seasonings. This is the response I received: "We make our dressings with fresh juice. Our chicken is poached, with nothing added. We don't use dairy. Cheese can be added or subtracted from anything. We don't use sugar. Only fruit and maple syrup to sweeten. You could have our tzayziki, or curry lemon dill. I have autoimmune and do AIP which is more strict than Whole30. Only places I eat are at home and at Juicy. You will be able to eat with us" . It's unclear where the maple syrup is used but I doubt it's in the dressings or on the meat based on this message. Looking at the menu, you could probably create a bowl with zoodles & massaged kale, chicken (or salmon), mixed veggies, nuts, avocado mash, lemon dill dressing. CARL'S CUTTING BOARD: Not a restaurant, but a local purveyor of bacon + sausage. Carl does a wonderful sugar/nitrite-free bacon, available at local farmers' markets around town (I found Carl's at the year-round Ballard Farmers Market last spring).