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  1. I was testing out some off-plan items until a few days ago when I realized the headache wasn't going away and I decided to go back on Whole30 and try to redo the reintroduction phase. Since then, its been 3-4 days (regular meals, salt, lots of water) and I still have the headache! I'm going to the doctor tomorrow.
  2. Hello, I had a greatly successful Whole30, ending on 2/13/18 (my second). On Valentine's Day and the days following, I ruined the reintroduction phase by not spacing out the reintroduction of different food groups. By the end of the week (2/16 and 2/17) I needed a mid-day nap and felt like I had no energy to get through the day. I decided to go back on Whole30 to fix what I did, but I've had a nonstop headache (pretty much ever since 2/14.. almost two weeks now) that is not responding to medication. Will this go away? I'm considering going to the doctor. I did not experience any of these symptoms on my previous Whole30. Thanks!!