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    PamPlano reacted to slc_melissa in Cashew Cream Veggie Lasaga?   
    Part of the difference, to me, is how the ingredients are applied. Say I make a tomato and veggie sauce mixture to eat with meat. I’d regularly put zucchini in it anyway. Eating zucchini chopped or noodled makes no difference to the dish. 
    But I would never make a tomato and veggie sauce and add whole cashews.  (Other people might, I suppose.) 
    I know some people don’t see the difference. But, like previous posters have said, there is no whole 30 police, so *shrug.* 
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    PamPlano reacted to Hadley F in Cashew Cream Veggie Lasaga?   
    Hi PamPlano,
    I agree with you that cashew cream can be a tasty addition to your diet however it sounds like it needs to be post Whole30 in order to be compliant. I make a lovely cashew cheese (I can't tolerate dairy) and it is MAGIC! I just use it as a topping on chili, tacos, etc and it does NOT trick me into thinking it is cheese. It just tastes good and is healthy so why not! ?
    This lasagne sounds perfectly compliant to me just as cauliflower rice and almond milk creamer is, but alas, that doesn't mean much. 
    If someone thinks that adding cashew cream to a recipe is going to trick your brian into SWOPO they clearly have never eaten cashew cream! LOL!
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    PamPlano got a reaction from Hadley F in Cashew Cream Veggie Lasaga?   
    So... I made this lasagna and loved it. I had no idea it was SWYPO. Fortunately I am not on a round... I recently completed a Whole60... still eating Whole30 style by choice. Here’s what I believe is the important difference between this dish and real lasagna. After eating this, I feel GOOD. Not too full, no bloating, no regrets. It does NOT make me want traditional lasagna with cheese that would make me feel bad. I see this recipe as a win ... not a risk. It reinforces my GOOD choices. Similarly, I’m currently in love with a recently discovered recipe for dirty rice made with cauliflower. I genuinely don’t understand this stance against the lasagna, yet the dirty rice is ok. It makes me extra happy my strict 30 days is over, lol! And I plan to keep making and eating both!