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  1. @Cjcheck it may have something to do with the way you used to eat yogurt? For me, yogurt is also kind of a slippery slope because eating one triggers old memories of eating yogurt + sugary granola + fruit or nut butter I used to eat all the time - it is really much more a craving/habit thing for me and not a sensitivity. If I have a sugary breakfast, it often turns the whole day upside down. Our brains are hardwired for habits to take over whenever they can so our brains don't have to work as hard 24/7. If your brain gets a cue (eating a yogurt) for a previous habit (hello, sugar dragon!), it might trigger cravings! But like I said, this is just my experience... if this is not your scenario, maybe it really did just have to do with you not eating enough or your insulin response. Hope you can figure it out
  2. LuluBee28

    After Whole30 I'm Going on Vacation...Help!

    @Whole30BabeDMM Hi! The good news is, you are planning ahead already! So rather than going into a trip AND wedding without a plan, you can now figure it all out ahead of time. Many would argue that the reintroduction is even more important than the 30 days you are completing right now... That is the time you truly learn and find out what works for you. So if you can, do the reintroduction to whatever capacity you have. Even if this means that you only pick 1 or 2 food groups. I would stick to the groups that you suspect are the least impactful for you (e.g. non-gluten grains, or legumes) so you don't end up feeling miserable on your entire trip! And you definitely CAN reintroduce alcohol, but maybe go for gluten-free varieties if you want to test gluten independently. But if you go to breweries, and gluten-free is not an option, either limit your intake or make sure that the drink is the only off plan food/drink you have that day so you can at least test its effect on you and learn from that. Another option would be to JUST introduce alcohol and keep the rest of the trip compliant and do the formal reintroduction after you get back?! Or, if you do decide to reintroduce on your trip, leave at least one day in between each food group so your body can reset. Make a plan for this and bring some 'test' items with you - this will help stick to your plan and schedule. For example, bring some gluten-free oats for breakfast on non-gluten grain intro day etc... Also, a few on the road foods that are easy to pack and/or easy to come by: pack some compliant meat sticks/meat bars such as epic bars or other jerky type snacks, dried fruit (good carbs for hikes!), and nuts. Hard-boiled eggs and single serve guacamole are my absolute GO TO snack on the road, and you can buy them already boiled at most grocery stores, and even some gas stations! Also, if you have a fridge or cooler where you are going, bring your own compliant salad dressing or if you have no fridge bring some oil and vinegar! This gives you so many more options when eating out since you can order most salads (just without the dressing) this way. Lastly, if you introduce, don't forget to track your symptoms consciously... when you are out of your element and away from home you might not notice things as clearly as you might at home, or you might be too distracted with everything going on. I always journal my re-intros so I can learn the most from them. And remember, your trip is not about the food/drinks you are having but the company and the experiences on your trip! Mindset is everything I hope this was helpful! Good luck!!!
  3. @Tkassner35 @hotwheels Thanks for sharing your stories...You guys are definitely NOT alone! I just finished my 3rd round and had a hard time after round 2 - when the rules are black or white, it is much easier but when you're on your own it can be ridiculously hard. I love the 'make your own rules' advice above... I do this too! If you are anything like me, I also love a good challenge - I challenge myself/set a goal for myself to not order takeout all month, or drink 1/2 gallon of water a day for a specific amount of time, similarly to the Whole30. Why not challenge yourself to a month of no sweets? Or whatever else you are struggling with... this helps you practice your food freedom in all the other areas and takes the challenging part out of the equation. I also find that it really helps to visualize my progress in some way - I track every NSV. Drank water? Check! Walked the dog? Check! Meal-planned and stuck to it? Check! When you see it visualized in front of you, it is much easier to see if you are REALLY in need of a reset, or if you are just being hard on yourself. I totally get your being 'good/bad' conundrum! Visualization really helps me. Lastly, for this round, I purposefully added 15 days to my program to essentially do a Whole45, but in the last 15 days, I loosened the rules just ever so slightly (any food with compliant ingredients is OK, even foods from the SWYPO list such as pancakes etc.) because I wanted to test my food freedom while still having the whole30 rules safety net. Sweets are 100% my biggest weakness and being able to kind of sort of test myself in this area, with training wheels on, really made a difference this time. I hope this helps somehow!
  4. LuluBee28

    AM Workouts

    @_keli If you work out first thing in the morning (I do too!), you might just want to grab a handful of nuts, or a hardboiled egg before you head out the door. I can't stomach a full meal within 30min-1hr of a hard workout, and getting up at 3:45 am just to eat a full pre-workout just isn't going to happen, so see how much/little you can get away with while still being able to perform during your workout. This could go both ways for you, maybe you feel better on an empty stomach, maybe you need to eat a little more... experiment a little and you will find a sweet spot eventually. Then, have your meal 1 (aka breakfast) within an hour of finishing your workout! Hope this helps!
  5. LuluBee28

    Meal times pre and post workout

    @rockystamper - I find that it really depends on your specific situation and what kinds of workouts you do. For me, I do pretty intense CrossFit sessions and if I were to eat right before, it would not be pretty. So I tend to have a smaller 'meal' about 1 hour before my workouts and eat my 3rd meal within 1 hour of finishing. This keeps my hunger at bay later in the day and gives me the energy I need to work out without feeling too full, and after the workout, I get to have my full recovery meal. A few ideas for pre-workout ideas are: eggs and guacamole/avocado, chicken sausage and some nuts, turkey meatballs with whole30 mayo ( = I usually combine some protein with a healthy fat) After your workout, you can then fuel up with some protein and carbohydrates. But this is just what works for me... hopefully, this helps a little.