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  1. @jmcbn That's a GREAT list, thank you! I looked at that app, but it didn't have good reviews and it's $11... I especially don't want to spend the $$ if it's crappy. I'll use the lists and go from there Thanks!
  2. I have fibromyalgia and IBS so I'll need to modify the basic Whole30. question about the low fodmaps... I've found a couple of lists, but they seem to say that eggs, red pepper and tomatoes are ok... but I thought those were no-nos... feedback please?
  3. LaughingSun

    Maple Syrup Hands.... what?

    Interesting , would like to see the source as well!
  4. I have IBS, fibromyalgia and a bunch of other things. I’ve been gluten/dairy/corn and soy for a couple years, although I often cheat I’m going to start my first W30 round after Easter... but I was thinking I should probably do the low FODMAP version. I think tho, that I’ll be on my own, I don’t know anybody who does (or would try) W30 ☹️. I’m really hoping that I can find the support I need here to stay strong for the whole 30 days. Suggestions?