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  1. Newsland33

    Round 1 Done! Results for a Mid 30's guy

    Great stuff. Amazing what you can learn about your body - and your capacity for a little self-discipline - through this program, isn't it? I'm nine nine months removed from my first W30 month (I've done two this year) but I use the lessons daily and the results have been better than I could have hoped (I'll spare the details here, but I've written about it a few times on this forum "Achieving is Believing" thread). One specific response to your post: The point you made about exercise is spot-on. I combined a commitment to fitness with my W30 eating habits, which I'm sure has had a huge impact on my weight loss (nearly 60 pounds). Today, I am in the gym or yoga studio about four days a week and exercise is something I schedule into my day and which I look forward to doing - and never would have thought that possible. Congrats again on the great start - good luck on the rest of your journey. Cheers - ML
  2. Newsland33

    Whole 30 Victories

    We could be writing the same book. Good for you! Congrats. - ML
  3. Newsland33

    Down 50 pounds!!

    Sorry - I somehow missed this before. I'm a 55-year-old man who has struggled with weight in some way since I was a kid.
  4. Newsland33

    Achieving is believing

    Sorry for the delayed response; life's been hectic the last couple of weeks. Thanks so much for the nice words - and congrats on your success! It means a lot to know that folks are reading and find something useful in my words. Best of luck with your own journey. Cheers - ML
  5. Newsland33

    Sticking With It!

    This is terrific! Admittedly, my primary motivation was (and remains) weight loss, but I've also been transformed in so many other ways. Congrats on the success - and kudos for making it NOT about the weight loss. Good luck! - ML
  6. Newsland33

    Achieving is believing

    In late January, I set an ambitious weight-loss goal for myself. It was the same one I had set the previous January, and at which I had failed miserably (which pretty much describes almost every weight-loss effort I have made over the past three decades). The goal: lose 55 pounds in a year, which would bring me under 200 pounds for the first time since shortly after I graduated from college in the mid-1980s. Eight months later, I've reset my goals - but for all the right reasons. Last week, I officially hit the 55-pound mark. I still don't believe it, to be honest. I carry an irrational fear that a couple of days off the food "wagon" or away from the gym or yoga studio will result in 20 pounds reappearing around my mid-section overnight. At this point, the mental hurdles are much greater than the physical ones (probably always were), but that fear is dissipating the longer I stick to the plan and the more evidence I compile that this isn't a just happy phase in my life, but a new way of eating and living. The last eight months have included two strict W30 months (February and August) and a half-year of living by the principles to the greatest extent possible. For me that means, as little added sugar as possible, significant limits on grains (and alcohol) and moderation in all other food types on the W30 "no" list. It also means fully embracing an active lifestyle that includes 4-5 formal workout days a week, and more movement in general. When people ask me "what have you done?" here's the short answer: Move more and eat less stuff that my body doesn't need or want. Simple, right? We all know it's a lot more complicated than that, but some days it has helped me to keep it that simple. Focus on what makes me feel better, physically and emotionally, enjoy the success I have had and try not to beat myself up when I'm not "perfect." My next goal is more modest in some ways, but still a challenge given how far I have come: Lose 10 more pounds by the end of this year. After that, another five by late January 2019. That would make 70 pounds in a year and put me at a point where maintenance is a worthy long-term goal. Honestly, I never thought I would be writing this type of post given my history, my age (55) and the fact that I've never taken to forming lifestyle habits (good or bad) much throughout my life. To the extent that any part of my journey is helpful to someone else, I hope it's this: I'm the last guy who expected to be able to take control of his weight, health and relationship with food as I have over the past eight months. If I can do this, there is no reason others who have struggled mightily can't do the same. Thanks, as always, for the continued support from those on this thread, and from the inspirational successes of others in the Whole 30 community. With appreciation, ML
  7. Newsland33

    Achieving is believing

    That’s great to hear. It’s hard to overstate the difference this has made for me. Keep up the great work!!
  8. Newsland33

    Achieving is believing

    On Monday, I completed my second round of Whole 30, this time with my wife right there next to me. (She did a great job finishing W30 for the first time.) Collectively, we lost 22.5 pounds (she beat me by .5 pounds for the month:)). As exciting as that is, even more fun was working on our health together. We cooked together, shopped together - did dishes by the piles together. It was fun tho watch my wife warm to the idea of W30 over the course of the month and become even better educated about her food choices. She also brought some much-needed creativity to our selections, which meant fewer grilled chicken salads for me this time around. Most of all, I've enjoyed the interesting conversations that this journey sparked, and not just about food. We've discussed exercise, travel, health and much more in conversations that somehow got their start in a chat about our W30 journey. Her support has been invaluable to me and I think she would say that I've helped her stay on the straight-and-narrow. And the experience was good enough that neither of us has really jumped off the wagon, so technically we're on Whole 32 and counting. The reintroductions will start soon enough, but the fact that we didn't feel the desire to leave the program the minute our 30 days were up says a lot. Those who have read this entire thread (thanks, by the way), know how the past seven months has changed my life for the better. I'm currently 52 pounds lighter than I was when I started and my health stats are immeasurably better. What started as a huge "stretch" goal - to lose 55 pounds in a year - is hopefully no more than a couple of weeks away from being a reality. Eating better isn't the only reason for the change, but it all started with refocusing my relationship with food. For that, I am grateful to the entire W30 community. With appreciation, ML
  9. Newsland33

    Achieving is believing

    Today is a good day. A very good day. Today, I stepped on the scale and learned that I am 50 pounds lighter than I was on New Year's Day, 2018. Thanks to the framework and tools Whole 30 have provided - and a lot of work - I have done something over the past 7 1/2 months that I have been telling myself I was going to do for a long time. I am two-thirds of the way through my second W30 month, spaced about six months apart, and am feeling better than I have in decades. From a weight perspective, I'd still like to lose another 15 pounds or so. From a regaining-control-of-my-life perspective, I've already won. Big. I'm a professional communicator, my stock in trade is words. So, when I finally got so fed up with myself at the beginning of the year that I vowed (again) to make this the year I was going to lose the weight, I wrote about it. Here's a snippet: Jan. 1: Down three pounds from the same date a year ago and down three pounds from my last weigh-in, 49 weeks ago. The very definition of treading water. Problem is, no one has ever tread water indefinitely. It never ends well for the swimmer. So, it’s time to swim to shore, which happens to be about 50 pounds away. Will spend this week working on a game plan – no more hope as a strategy. Tick tock, tick tock, tick tock. ** About four weeks later, at the suggestion of a friend, I started Whole 30, without much expectation, as you can see: Jan. 27: Old (bad) habits die hard, it seems. More than three weeks since I last sat in front of this keyboard. Funny how the individual days can drag on at times, while the weeks fly by. Determined, though, to keep at it as best I can. Determined to prove that new habits can be built, even when the architect is an old guy. Speaking of old, feeling every bit my age – plus about a decade - these last few weeks. Back and hip have been really cranky, limiting what I have the energy to do at the gym. In all the years I had back trouble before, I never really had the nerve pain that I’m experiencing now. Painful to sit for more than a few minutes and hard to get completely comfortable no matter what position I’m in. Experience tells me where this ultimately may be heading, but before I got down another path littered with tests, specialists, surgeons and large medical bills I’m going to make sure I’ve driven down every non-invasive avenue I can find. Next exit: Diet. Not just to lose weight, but to see if what I am putting into my body is contributing to the pain and inflammation I’m experiencing. I’m not convinced, but it can’t hurt to get a better idea of how different foods affect my body – and certainly couldn’t hurt to start dropping pounds. So, tomorrow I officially join the cult of “Whole 30” - paleo-type cleanse and exercise in extreme discipline. No dairy, grains, sugar, legumes, alcohol or artificial crap (goodbye Diet Coke). Basically meats, fish, veggies, fruits, nuts and water. The method, especially the strict no-cheating rule, seems a bit extreme but the premise makes sense. Reset your body chemistry by eliminating everything but the types of basic whole foods that we are historically programmed to consume and see how your body reacts. From there, so the theory goes, you can start to add back substances to see what, if any, cause adverse effects such as weight gain or inflammation. How hard can it be? I like everything on the good list and I can do anything for 30 days. Right? ** As it turns out, I can do anything for 30 days. And in that first month, I lost 18 pounds. Most of the back pain and joint inflammation I had been feeling was gone. More importantly, I redefined my relationship with food and built a foundation for exercise upon which I have continued to build. Armed with knowledge, I settled into a mostly whole lifestyle over the next five months. For me, that means virtually no added sugar, very limited grains (but good ones), modest amounts of dairy - and no Diet Coke (204 days and counting). I also limited my alcohol mostly to the occasional glass of red wine and a nice sipping bourbon. Here's the thing: I don't feel deprived, because I'm not depriving myself of things. I'm just being mindful of my choices and trying to make them count. In my world, that means no unnecessary fast food stops because I'm having a temporary late-afternoon hunger pang; grabbing a banana or handful of pistachios instead of a bag of chips when I need a quick snack; saving pizza (which I love) for the occasional treat at the end of a good week. In late June, my weight loss started to level off as my body adjusted to the new me, so at the end of July I waded back into the W30 waters for a jumpstart, this time with my wife for company. Today is day 21 and we're both doing well. She's experiencing what I have been talking about for months and I'm in high gear. As I said, I'm a professional communicator. So it pains me a little to admit that I don't really have the words to properly express how grateful I am to the Whole 30 team for creating such a life-changing program, and to my family and friends who have cheered me on every step of the way. This trip isn't over, but I love where it is headed. With appreciation, ML
  10. Newsland33

    Committing to a Whole 90!

    Dayna: Your persistence is inspiring, and your honesty is really helpful. This isn't easy and even though I am two-thirds of the way through my second W30 month, spaced six months apart, and feeling great it is work. Every. Single. Day. I've been fortunate. Weight was my only real issue and even though I had been way too heavy for way too long, I don't have any serious health problems aside from some bad joints. I entered into W30 in late January for the first time almost solely because I wanted to lose the weight before it became too late (I was 54 when I started). My results have been positive beyond my wildest expectations. Today, in fact, I hit the 50-pounds lost milestone, and I'm now at a weight I haven't been at in three decades. Beyond that, every the major health data point is better than it was seven months ago. I'm also sleeping better, my previously near-constant joint pain is gone, I have tons more energy and I'm focused at work like I haven't been in recent memory. In other words, it works. But you know that already because you've done an amazing thing and are well are you way to more rewards. Congrats and keep it up! Thanks for sharing With appreciation, ML
  11. Newsland33

    Whole 30 Victories

    Congrats! I could pretty much have cut-and-pasted your NSV and weight loss total and made them my own for my first W30 experience (except my caffeine fix was Diet Coke, not Coke Zero). I’m in the middle of my second round, after completing my first at the end of February, and my wife has joined the fun this time. It’s been a complete life-changer for me. Hope you continue to see the great results. Keep up the hard work. With appreciation, ML PS - Closing in on 200 days without a Diet Coke. Pretty sure Coca-Cola’s stock has taken a hit the past six months
  12. Newsland33

    Down 50 pounds!!

    Good luck! I started round two at the beginning of the month and this time my wife joined me. I was surprised to see that the weight loss picked right back up and it’s been fun to have a partner in W30 this time around. We’re shopping together, cooking together and eating more fruit than we thought possible. I’ve crossed the 50 pounds lost mark from my heaviest recorded weight and have taken up yoga, of all things, in the past two weeks. Hard to put into words how much better I feel. Hope round two goes well for you - keep crushing it! - ML
  13. Newsland33

    July Whole30!

    Congrats!! I just started round two - five months after finishing my first W30. Eating mostly 'whole' has become the norm for me and the transformation has been beyond what I would have expected. Good luck with your reintroductions and on your continuing journey. - ML
  14. Newsland33

    Back Again and Successful!

    Great work to regain control! Fortunately, sugar has never been quite the demon for me that it is for many others but I've also just jumped in for round two in an attempt to kick-start my weight loss, which has stalled a bit in the last month after five months of steady progress and to help my wife who is trying W30 for the first time. Today is Day One, Part Two, for me in fact - so reading your post couldn't have come at a better time. Thanks for the inspiration and keep fighting the good fight! Cheers - ML