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  1. Great stuff. Amazing what you can learn about your body - and your capacity for a little self-discipline - through this program, isn't it?

    I'm nine nine months removed from my first W30 month (I've done two this year) but I use the lessons daily and the results have been better than I could have hoped (I'll spare the details here, but I've written about it a few times on this forum "Achieving is Believing" thread).

    One specific response to your post: The point you made about exercise is spot-on. I combined a commitment to fitness with my W30 eating habits, which I'm sure has had a huge impact on my weight loss (nearly 60 pounds). Today, I am in the gym or yoga studio about four days a week and exercise is something I schedule into my day and which I look forward to doing  - and never would have thought that possible. 

    Congrats again on the great start - good luck on the rest of your journey. 


    Cheers - 



  2. I'm also a 50-something and I can totally relate to what you are saying in regards to the aches, pains and concentration skills. I was another one of those whose joints creaked in the morning and ached at night, and within two weeks, I felt decade younger.

    More flexibility, less inflammation and joint pain. I also found myself able to concentrate at a higher level for longer periods of time.

    I'm four months out from when I started W30, and my habits, lifestyle and heath have all changed dramatically for the positive. The type of fuel we put in the one engine we have DOES matter. It just took the discipline and structure of W30 to help me realize how much it mattered.

    Continued good luck to you. 


    - ML