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  1. @ slc_melissa: Yes, minimum 3/4 cup - 1 cup evoo every day - straight. @ tiva: Yes, I have searched SIBO, etc. Thanks.
  2. Okay... my hope for reaching out is that maybe SOMEONE ELSE has had these same issues and FOUND RESOLVE and would be able to SHARE it with those of us struggling to find answers... I felt that was the point of the forum. I am eating this homemade chicken stock (with boiled chicken/boiled veggies (spinach/carrots/green beans/green onions/sea salt) 3 x day, and DRINKING at least 1/4 cup of evoo with every large bowl. I have a black coffee with ghee & coconut oil (one cup in the morning). So, I don't believe I am lacking any fat. I will give this a full week or so to see if there is improvement. (The theory here is maybe "resting" the bowel.) I felt this was the best way to get consistent protein, fat & veggies at every meal and keeping it to a minimal ingredient list would be easy on the bowel. Starting today (had to order)... Adding: Betaine HCL / Pepsin Oil of oregano Neem Leaf Chinese Coptis Aloe Vera Candida Cleanse (Purely Holistic) Day 34. Again, just looking for people who may have had similar journeys If you only allow me to post on "one" day's forum (this one - 'Day 24') you limit my access to only those who are searching for Day 24 results. Thanks.
  3. Sugarcube... Is the rule the once you have given advice, I am no longer allowed to ask for any?
  4. Hello. Day 33 here.. No improvements... 5'5", 135.... still 135. In addition to the Whole30 rules, I eliminated: Nightshades / FODMAPS / All fruit / All nuts / Coconut (milk, cream & shredded) / Avocado / Olives / Eggs I added Magnesium Glycinate (good brand) 6 - 12 pills per day. I drink 1 cup of black coffee (with 1 tsp ghee & 1 tsp coconut oil) per day I drink 100 oz water My partner did this with me (without all the eliminations). She also "cheated" (Has a Larabar & banana everyday for breakfast. Snacks on nuts, fruit....and is not even the minimal amount of fat) - and is feeling great, has energy, lost weight, etc. Skin is worse. Fatigue is worse. Sleep is worse. Have had constipation and severe bloating since day one. Yesterday, I started: - Organic free range chicken (whole) boiled, in stock from the chicken (cooked no more than 3 hours), with boiled vegetables (green beans / spinach / carrots / bean sprouts / green onions) with only sea salt for seasoning. 3 x day. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thank you. Smrtygirl
  5. Smrtygirl


    Does anyone have any updates? Did anything actually work?
  6. For me, personally... I ate eggs throughout my life...but not regularly. After starting WHOLE30, I ate them at least once a day, plus I made home made mayo and used that daily. I noticed my eyes were puffy every morning (again, noticed this happened in the past, but never connected it because it seemed so random)... Stopped eating eggs and next morning were no longer puffy...or the next day or the next day... After 8 days without eggs, I decided to try them again (made sure they were pasture raised & local)... Immediately after eating them - I got post nasal drip. more eggs for me... at least for now. Good luck.
  7. I am quite sure it is not C-diff.. Watery diarrhea 10 to 15 times a day Abdominal cramping and pain, which may be severe Rapid heart rate Fever Blood or pus in the stool Nausea Dehydration Loss of appetite Weight loss Swollen abdomen swollen abdomen is the only symptom that matches. It is definitely constipation as the 'Vitamin C Flush' works any time I have needed it to... As far as alcohol is really was not even "moderate"... more like occasionally... anyway.. The 'Vitamin C Flush' was done on Day 26...(took 14 "doses" to get the required result per protocol). Woke up with at least 1/2 the bloat gone. As soon as I ate breakfast....came back. The reality is...ANYTHING I eat causes severe bloat...not "slight" bloat..FULL ON. Die off??? Should die off last this long? I am down to chicken / cooked green beans / baby spinach. Day 28. Feeling pretty defeated.
  8. Thank you Lime LaCroix... I have (obviously) been off sugar & alcohol for 27 days (will continue until I get this resolved!). And definitely will look into Oregano Oil... I have tried probiotics many times in the past with no results. I have also tried digestive enzymes for 3 months straight without results...although I suppose it could have been brands in both of these cases... Thank you.
  9. sorry this is being "reposted".... I can't seem to see it! I just deleted it the best I knew how...
  10. Hello, I am actually on day 27, but this is the most recent forum I can find on bloating/constipation. Background: I am 58 yr (F), fairly fit, 135 lbs (at start) with ongoing digestive issues. I actually had a sigmoid resection (which did not help), but discovered food as a source of some improvement. I did Paleo 4 years ago and had fairly good results. Unfortunately, naming things GF became my problem and "decided" I could eat things as long as they were GF....well, we all know how that goes...rice, sugar, more sugar, blah blah blah. I do not do formal exercise, (never have in my life), but I move...all day..i cook, clean, laundry, clean some more and play with my dogs, lol. I think it would be said that I am energetic and do not look my age. I have several arthritic diseases, but have (seriously) found substantial relief with a high dose vitamin c regimin...changed my life. I started this with the intention of permanently healing my gut..once & for all. The bloating has been constant since day ONE. (From pubic bone to breastbone, very large). Day 1 - 9: I believed I was compliant...then realized that I wasn't eating breakfast and was snacking on lots of fruits & nuts. So, I did fix that. Day 13: Eliminated nightshades Day 16: Eliminated FODMAPS, all fruit, all nuts, shredded coconut & coconut milk. Day 19: Eliminated eggs (including home made mayo) Day 21: Added magnesium glycinate (Pure Encapsulations 120mg ingredients: magnesium (as magnesium glycinat 120mg/other: ascorbyl palmitate/cellulose/water.) By the way - making all these changes due to...constipated / severe bloating / headaches / extreme fatigue / skin breakouts (which I have not had since my twenties) / disrupted sleep.. (bloating everyday, ALL day, as in - never went down or fluctuated). Day 24: Eliminated bone broth & green olives (histamines?) Day 26: I could not take the bloating and constipation, so I did a "Vitamin C Flush" I have done this several times in the past - which is why I chose it. It took 14 doses (30g) to finally get the required result....THANKFULLY... Day 27: Woke up with 1/2 bloating gone. (Flush did that if you get my drift.) Decided to RE-INTRODUCE eggs today... Breakfast: 2 pasture raised (local) eggs, sauteed spinach (3 cups) fried in EVOO. Black coffee with coconut oil & ghee. Big 'gulp' of evoo for fat. Lunch: pan fried steak in evoo / 3 cups spiralized zucchini steamed / big gulp of evoo for fat. Bloating has begun already.... sigh.... I am not giving up... I will continue this until I can figure it out... but I am literally down to the following foods: Protein: chicken / beef / turkey Veggies: (COOKED) spinach / zucchini / carrots / green beans / green onions (green part only) / sweet potato (sparingly). Fats: evoo / coconut oil / ghee / black olives. (I am literally DRINKING the evoo because there doesn't seem to be anything that doesn't fall under, foodmaps, histamine, etc). Water: 70 - 100 ounces per day, room temperature. One cup of black coffee (with coconut oil & ghee). Any ideas, suggestions, recommendations, etc.... I am open to. Thank you all for listening. I appreciate any thoughts. Smrty
  11. Hello... I am actually on day 27...but this is the most recent blog I can find on bloating...(in addition to the bloating/constipation.. I have experience excruciating lethargy, headaches, distrupted sleep, etc.). I expected some stuff - but certainly not this late into it. I have had serious bloat (LARGE, from pubic bone to breastbone), every day ... I started this program with no problem emotionally - had no issue giving up any foods, very rarely hungry, no cravings...which I just attributed to my being "ready" to do this. My meals were good.. except in the first week, guess I misunderstood about breakfast being mandatory & not eating fruit alone.. so I rectified that as soon as I re-read the book. NO results...serious bloat, headaches, debilitating fatigue, foggy brain, waking up in the night) On day 11: Eliminated nightshades, On day 13: Eliminated fodmaps, all nuts, shredded coconut, coconut milk & all fruit. On day 16: Eliminated eggs (including home made mayo) On day 18: Added magnesium glycinate Pure Encapsulations: Supplement Facts 1 capsule contains: Magnesium (as magnesium glycinate) 120mg Other Ingredients: ascorbyl palmitate, vegetarian capsule (cellulose, water). Contains NO: artificial additives, allergens, GMOs, environmental contaminants or added excipients. Recommended Use: Adults: As a dietary supplement, take 1 to 4 capsules per day, in divided doses, with meals. (I am taking 2-6 per day) On day 24: Eliminated bone broth & green olives (histamines??) On day 26: I couldn't take it anymore.... I am literally down to: Proteins: chicken/turkey/beef Vegetables: spinach/kale/carrots/green onions (only green part), occasional sweet potato Fats: Evoo/coconut oil/ghee/black olives... even DRINKING the olive oil to get plenty of fat. Plenty-of-water: 70-100 ounces per day (room temperature) .. I weigh 135. So, I did a Vit C flush ( (which I have done in the past)... it took 14 doses (just over 2000mg per dose)...before I was at the required result...SUCH relief...if you get my drift... Day 27: due to the 'flush', my abdomen is 1/2 the size.. (FINALLY & Thankfully). This is the FIRST day I don't feel lethargic / moody / hugely bloated (since the flush obviously). So, today I started with: REINTRODUCED (after 8 days) 2 pasture raised (local) eggs fried in evoo, sauteed spinach (3 cups), black coffee infused with ghee & coconut oil *immediately after eating - had post nasal drip. (I actually removed eggs last week because I was waking up every morning with puffy eyes and thought...maybe...eggs?) Lunch: pan fried steak / steamed spiralized zucchini / drank olive oil It is only 1:30 pm, so only breakfast & lunch so far. BLOATING is back....sigh... CLEARLY....being "constipated" is the issue, as the Vitamin C FLush worked... but why the bloating ALREADY today? Like I stated earlier... I have done this in the past... But my hope was - that eating this way (Whole30), would eliiminate (no pun intended) the NEED to do the Flush. Would be nice to just eat and not have to wear a mumu... I mean... feeling good and being able to wear something other than a maternity top & leggings (I am 58 mind you) , is the goal... I don't feel "good" as of yet. I ate pretty healthy previous Whole30, but would be in trouble occasionally with sugars...cakes, cookies & such, foods with rice, etc. (all GF, but still way too much), and would even say addiction, because if it's in the house...I eat it...and can't seem to stop. So for the most part - not in the house. Any ideas going forward? Thank you to anyone that can give suggestions... Smrty
  12. Thank you Ladyshanny for a response... Well, I am not eating huggggge portions...but I would say I am a pretty solid eater... I have never been accused of eating too Before Whole30, I never ate breakfast...would start my first meal about 1pm (was just never hungry)...would eat probably cold chicken, or soup, veggies, maybe fruit. I would eat "junk" if it was in the house - most times, I just don't buy it because my sugar dragon could be insane. Ps. - I have had ZERO problem giving up sugar, fruit, nuts, ...really not even on day one...I didn't have any cravings - I just attributed that to my "being ready" to do this. Dinner would typically be beef, chicken, occasionally pizza made with zucchini or cauliflower crust... Drink once or twice per week...never too much. Usually straight tequila or vodka..or red wine. I drink a green juice that I make (kale or spinach, cucumber, celery, ginger and lemon)...which USUALLY makes a real difference in my mental clarity, energy, etc... Sometimes (which I have been "good" for about 4 years), I will over eat sweets... gluten free cookies, cakes, etc (all home made by me) I have been gluten free for about 4 years (except when it's been an unknown)...due to bloating issues... or so I thought. Now I'm wondering, what the heck? Still have the bloating! That's why this is so odd to me... I surely thought it was either sugar (I would say I could be an "addict" over it), or all the rice flour & sugar (from the gluten free products). Even fruit I suspected. But to be this strict (again "weird" thing - I have had absolutely zero problem giving up any of these foods), I am really down to very few ingredients, and not see any results - is quite strange... Oh, I had done Paleo several years back and remember the bloating going down within days...and I ate cheese, eggs, etc...which is why I had such high hopes doing this. Thanks for listening.. I will definitely try eating larger portions... but honestly, 3 cups of spinach, or an entire zucchini, or 3 cups of soup (homemade bone broth, spinach, ground turkey,etc)... I wouldn't suspect it to be "under" eating. Another thing...I convinced my partner to do this with me, and her results are great...and she is eating Larabars for breakfast, SNACKING (lol), eating fruit by itself, eating a ton of nuts, etc...all things I am not even touching! I do all the cooking - and I even do mine separate, so as not to add any nightshades, fodmaps, nuts, coconut, etc... Anything else you notice - please feel free to say... I am open to any suggestions. I am determined to get this figured out once and for all! Smrty
  13. Hello, Hoping someone can help! Am on day 24 ...with zero results, so very confused...even AFTER making more adjustments (trying to figure out what the issue is!) 1) Severe (not like the "ads" for bloating, I mean literally should-have-given-birth-two-months-ago) bloating - from my pubic bone to my rib cage. 2) Skin is broken out as if I were 13 again. (I am 58, and haven't had skin problems since being in my twenties) 3) Not sleeping well at all (waking up in the middle of the night - can't get back to sleep), which is odd, considering I have been taking Ambien (severe insomnia my entire life) for more than 15 years without issue. 4) Fatigued & "weak" .... even walking up and down the stairs to do laundry (or carrying laundry) makes me breathe hard. 5) I "look" horrible, bad skin, bloat, am certain I am gaining weight (haven't looked, though.) 6) I am constipated. (I don' like this one, especially since I had a sigmoid resection in 2004) On Day 11, I removed all NIGHTSHADES and ALL NUTS On Day 14, I removed all FODMAPS, ALL FRUIT and AVOCADO On Day 17, I removed EGGS & COCONUT On Day 20, I started taking magnesium glycinate 120 mg (Pure Encapsulations), TWO with each meal & before bed (8 per day). I drink 70-100 ounces of water per day (I weigh 135 lbs). Typical meals... Breakfast: Black coffee (ONE cup per day) / bone broth with spinach & chicken / black olives Lunch: Chicken (baked, stir fried, ground) / chicken stock / zucchini / green beans / half sweet potato with ghee (once per few days) / green olives Dinner: Chuck-eye Steak (grilled), a couple times per week - usually chicken or turkey / stir fried kale / steamed carrots / black olives This is exactly the same everyday...just changing the veggies & protein around from lunch to dinner to breakfast... My food list is down to: chicken or beef, bone broth or chicken stock, green beans, kale, spinach, zucchini, carrots, cucumbers (sparingly), sweet potato (sparingly), green olives, black olives. I drink one cup of black coffee per day and only water the rest of the day. "Seasonings" are down to: sea salt, ground pepper, oregano and parsley. I use EVOO, coconut oil or ghee only. Seriously... I don't know what more I can do... Any suggestions? Thank you so much.