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    Smrtygirl got a reaction from lwolford in Late Stage of Whole30 - inflammation/bloat?   
    Okay... my hope for reaching out is that maybe SOMEONE ELSE has had these same issues and FOUND RESOLVE and would be able to SHARE it with those of us struggling to find answers...  I felt that was the point of the forum.
    I am eating this homemade chicken stock (with boiled chicken/boiled veggies (spinach/carrots/green beans/green onions/sea salt) 
    3 x day, and DRINKING at least 1/4 cup of evoo with every large bowl.  I have a black coffee with ghee & coconut oil (one cup in the morning).
    So, I don't believe I am lacking any fat. 
    I will give this a full week or so to see if there is improvement.  (The theory here is maybe "resting" the bowel.) 
    I felt this was the best way to get consistent protein, fat & veggies at every meal and keeping it to a minimal ingredient list would be easy on the bowel.
    Starting today (had to order)...
    Adding:  Betaine HCL / Pepsin
                   Oil of oregano
                   Neem Leaf
                   Chinese Coptis
                   Aloe Vera
                   Candida Cleanse (Purely Holistic)
    Day 34.
    Again, just looking for people who may have had similar journeys
    If you only allow me to post on "one" day's forum (this one - 'Day 24') you limit my access to only those who are searching for Day 24 results.
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    Smrtygirl reacted to SugarcubeOD in Day 19 - More Gas/Bloating/Constipation Than Off-W30   
    Please do not copy and paste across threads as per forum rules.  The thread that you first posted this on is being answered and having it in two places makes more work for the volunteer moderators and members who might want to help.  I already combined two of your posts into the thread you first commented in a few days ago.