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  1. RJTurbot

    4/2/2018 Starting Whole30

    We are still at it! I hope everyone is sticking to the plan. It is definitely getting easier for us. I finally made mayo--thanks lite olive oil! I try to keep meals planned out four days in advance. We make a grocery store run every other day to get lettuce and other produce. I plan on continuing after the 30 days as I see big changes in my clothes. Not sure what hubby will do. He thinks he is gaining-- but his belly is noticably smaller. I think he will be surprised. One more week to go...
  2. How are you doing?
  3. I keep stressing that to hubby! We have to get our protein in, or else! It does feel GREAT to be at the point where I feel comfortable with what we are eating... that our routine is sticking! I even did a lunch out with my Mom and sister! Walmart's Easter candy was not fun though--eek!
  4. Yes, the tea has rescued me several times!! And, I am in bed much earlier than my usual time! The first three days I slept like the dead, I was so tired. Now, I am back to my usual pattern of not sleeping straight thru...
  5. Well Day 11 is in the books and both of these are great suggestions!! But, I didn't see them until just now. The first three days I was so tired, it didn't even enter my mind. The Mayo issue about killed me. I am a good cook, who apparently does not read directions well--room temp, oh and even though you live EVOO, you MUST use light olive oil. Duh! Those days I was also in the kitchen trying to be prepared...so it kind of desensitized me to eating anything else. Those of you doing this and working 40 hours outside the house, you have my never ending admiration.
  6. RJTurbot

    eating Whole30 on a road trip?

    I travel most weekends, so, this is a good topic for me to explore! Thanks to Shannon for those links...I was planning on a container of protein salad in my cooler. Maybe there are some other great ideas in there...
  7. I started yesterday, March 5th, with my husband. Nighttime eating is my Achilles heel--so I would love to hear what you are doing to get through. Last night hubby stayed up late, so, I did ok. But nights when he is in bed at 7pm and its just me, the TV and the frig--are troublesome!