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  1. I am having a VERY hard time today. I woke up not wanting to eat, I made eggs with a hamburger patty and hated the hamburger. I took chicken and okra to work for lunch and couldn't bear to eat the chicken, so I put the okra on a salad with balsamic. For dinner, I just had carrots with almond butter and a cherry Larabar. I don't want meat or veggies or fruit, I'm sick of them, yet I am so so hungry. I am not going to give up, but I'm totally struggling right now! What did you do if/when you felt this?
  2. Bowel problems Week 2

    Hi!! I find my digestion slows the week before my period because Progesterone is so high. Could it be your menstrual cycle's hormonal changes? I eat a ton of broccoli, fruits, and water a week before my period. Let me know!
  3. Second time - Different

    I def think hormones are imbalanced! Get a full hormone panel done on day 3 of your period and see where they stand. That's usually the reason women cannot lose weight. Let us know!!
  4. I find that I become constipated for two reasons: 1. a week before my period because progesterone is so high and it slows down the digestive process. 2. eating more meat because of Whole30... meat is definitely constipating me, despite the large amt of veggies and water I ingest. What do you all think?
  5. I want to quit or cry or both

    Hi Nicole! I have read all the responses to your post, and it sounds to me like you may have a hormonal imbalance! That's probably why you can't lose those 20lbs. Typically you need to do a hormonal blood panel on day 3 of your cycle- have you ever done this, and if so, when was the last time you had your hormone levels checked?! I'm obsessed with food as medicine and have studied food and hormones for over 10 years.
  6. La Croix Curate

    I find it very strange that La Croix or any flavored seltzer is allowed! Obviously they are all flavored with chemicals aka "natural flavors," and personally they give me an inflammatory reaction worse than dairy, soy, or gluten ever could. How can a chemical flavoring be compliant?
  7. How often can I eat fat/fruit?

    Why is chia pudding frowned upon?! I had some this morning for breakfast with berries and tea... OH NO!