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  1. lwolford

    Day 31- First meals?!

    I decided on oatmeal with maca, cacao nibs, and a tiny amount of honey, it was SOOO good! What I didn't plan for was being at lunch with my girlfriends- I had some bread and dessert and OMG I was on an energetic rollercoaster for the entire day. I was up and speedy, then down and irritable. This morning, I couldn't get out of bed, had a splitting headache! Horrible horrible side effects of flour and sugar. Today's plan is to go back to W30 100000%, and already I'm feeling better. I never noticed how good I felt until I felt badly eating even the smallest amounts of sugar and flour. Did you do the reintro based on the W30 guide, or did you do your own thing?
  2. Hello all! I'm on my last night of Day 30 and am really looking forward to eating breakfast tomorrow! I can't decide between oatmeal, lentil soup, or chili. I've decided I am not going to add dairy, soy, or alcohol back into my diet- I have no desire for them, and don't feel they would do me any good. What I AM looking forward to is brown rice, beans, and less meat! What was your first meal on Day 31?? Would love to hear!
  3. lwolford

    Best way to mess up

    You were successful because you completed 30 days! Please start reintroducing foods, a long period of elimination and restriction makes W30 go from fun to painful. Give yourself a break! Eat more meals and add more foods. And if you're gunna add grains, do the highly nutritional ones, not the low nutritional. Be easy with yourself and stop the W30 ASAP! Time to reintroduce your foods- also, I am never adding sugar or dairy again too, but you better believe I am going back to my oats, beans, etc when I'm done! Good luck
  4. lwolford

    Let's talk about poop (on the Whole 30)

    Here are my 2 cents- My body MISSES oats and beans SOOOOOO much, mainly because of the way they keep me going to the bathroom regularly. I have to say that personally, my BMs have been wacky because of all the meat I've eaten on W30 vs my usual diet of plant proteins aka oats and beans. It doesn't matter how much broccoli, greens, fibrous foods and water I eat and drink, my BMs are never 100% normal or satisfying while on W30. I love what I've learned on W30 and will continue many of the things I've learned, but I will not miss eliminating oats or beans from my diet! Do you think it could be the amt of meat you and your bf are eating?
  5. Hi! I've experienced constipation, too, and it's because I'm eating sooo much more meat than I did before W30! Make sure you eat a ton of cooked veggies, brocc and cauliflower are my best friends, and chug water like your life depends on it Also, Magnesium supplement is a god send.
  6. lwolford

    I don't get it. Baffled.

    Eating a lot of nuts will make me gain weight SO quickly. Also, are you eating organic meat? If you're eating a lot of conventional meat, be mindful of all the hormones the animals are pumped with to make them grow... we eat it, and it makes us grow, too.
  7. What's worse- eating a Larabar everyday, or quitting the program? Also, I absolutely cannot even fathom eating another vegetable. This is starting to feel very, very difficult- HELP!
  8. Hi! I totallllllly understand how you feel, I had the same worries. GOOD NEWS- Your body starts to regulate it's hunger signals within the first few days, which means you will eat the perfect amount that your body wants and then you will stop. No over eating, you actually may under eat if your experience was similar to mine. And to ease your mind even more, take it from me as a binge eater and a woman who has had a ton of disordered eating throughout her life. My favorite thing about W30 is that my hunger signals are loud and clear and worrying about portions isn't even a thought in my mind anymore. Let me know how it goes, I am on Day 16!
  9. lwolford

    Day 12 Struggles

    I am having a hard time the past 5 days- days 1, 2, 4, 5 I have had diarrhea, and day 3 constipation. Last night, my entire digestive system was so pissed that I only had coconut water, a cup of kombucha, and probiotics for dinner. Haven't been able to eat much because I am nauseated and also worried that whatever I eat will irritate my stomach. I first thought that I didn't cook shrimp and some other foods correctly, but my boyfriend has been eating everything with me and he hasn't had any diarrhea or constipation, so that doesn't seem to be the problem. I am bloated, in pain, and not hungry AT ALL. I'm not going to quit the program, but I would really love to know if anyone has experienced this before and what to do when your appetite disappears. Thank you!
  10. lwolford

    Day 12 Struggles

    OMG I posted the wrong response LOL. That was meant for another question I posted... Thank you so much for the ideas- I am on day 14 now and things are getting better. I realized days 12 & 13 were hard because I was missing all the normal comfort foods I would normally eat when I'm feeling down and I was PISSED that I couldn't eat most things at the restaurants I went to Friday and Saturday. It was my first time going out to restaurants while on W30 and I wasn't even hungry because I had eaten beforehand, but I wanted to eat socially and it gave me a good opportunity to reflect on why I eat and when. Just these past 2 days I've realized that I eat WAY more food off of W30 than I do on W30. I am typically satiated with my W30 meals and it's shocking to me how much I used to eat because of social plans, holidays, and bad feelings.
  11. lwolford

    Day 12 Struggles

    Thank you for the response! I had a crazy work week and didn't have a chance to come check out the reply. I think I found out the culprit- I had shrimp 2 days in a row and I think I undercooked it. I also added a ton of garlic and red pepper flakes and it infuriated my stomach. What was interesting to find is that I'm not sure if it was the shrimp or the garlic (first time I ate both during W30,) so I am going to eat shrimp separately and garlic separately and see if it affects my stomach the way it did when they were combined.
  12. I am having a VERY hard time today. I woke up not wanting to eat, I made eggs with a hamburger patty and hated the hamburger. I took chicken and okra to work for lunch and couldn't bear to eat the chicken, so I put the okra on a salad with balsamic. For dinner, I just had carrots with almond butter and a cherry Larabar. I don't want meat or veggies or fruit, I'm sick of them, yet I am so so hungry. I am not going to give up, but I'm totally struggling right now! What did you do if/when you felt this?
  13. lwolford

    Bowel problems Week 2

    Hi!! I find my digestion slows the week before my period because Progesterone is so high. Could it be your menstrual cycle's hormonal changes? I eat a ton of broccoli, fruits, and water a week before my period. Let me know!
  14. lwolford

    Second time - Different

    I def think hormones are imbalanced! Get a full hormone panel done on day 3 of your period and see where they stand. That's usually the reason women cannot lose weight. Let us know!!
  15. I find that I become constipated for two reasons: 1. a week before my period because progesterone is so high and it slows down the digestive process. 2. eating more meat because of Whole30... meat is definitely constipating me, despite the large amt of veggies and water I ingest. What do you all think?