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  1. Hi Ladyshanny, Thanks for the note. Yes, I've heard there are certain foods that can cause bloating/gas. But, I haven't watched that too closely. I guess I was hoping eliminating the grains and gluten would take care of the bloating/gas :-) Here's what my typical meals looks like: Breakfast: eggs with onion, jalapeno, mushroom, // turkey bacon // sweet potato or white potatoes. This has been my breakfast 98% of the time I've been on Whole30. I've definitely never eaten this meany eggs in life!! Lunch/Dinner: chicken or ground turkey patties // salad (kale, brussels sprouts, broccoli, cabbage), pistachios, orange-lemon vinegarette // sweet potatoes. I'd guess I'm eating raw veggies (salads) at least every other day. ** If I need a snack, it's typically a small apple with almond butter. Tomorrow is my last day on the Whole30. I'm just wondering if I should go a few days (or another week) and eliminate some of the potentially gassy foods BEFORE starting my reintroduction. I also read on another forum that eggs can cause bloating. I know for a fact I'm eating those every single day. So, I wonder how I'd feel w/out although I can't think about what I'd replace them with. My go-to breakfast was a plant based protein shake w/ greens. I will most likely add that back in or reintroduce it and see if there are any issues. Thanks! RAB
  2. I'm coming to the end of Whole30. Overall, I feel lighter and I know I'm slimmed down by the way my clothes are feeling. Unfortunately, I'm still very bloated, which was one of the main issues I was targeting with this program. I've always been active and ate pretty clean. But, I have Hashimotos and these past few years I've been feeling worse and have put on some weight. My bloating has also gotten pretty bad. So, I was hoping to see some positive changes related to that with the Whole30. Do most people with bloating issues see success in these first 30 days? And during my reintroduction period, what other symptoms should I look for besides bloating and gas? I don't really have issues with headaches or ache. Thank you!