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  1. One thing to remember, you have eaten cleanly for a month. The first time that my husband and I had spaghetti (sauce and everything else compliant) after W30, he was on the pot for 2 days and I just felt bloated, gassy, and yucky. I would be super careful what you ate while you were with your girlfriend. If you are miserable, you aren't going to have or be much fun anyway. For me, in my area, I can normally find something to eat that's compliant except for added sugar (and/or MSG) Those are the two toughest things for me to avoid when I'm out. Good luck!
  2. Proud that you held out!
  3. So it says Salad (served with dressing). If you subbed the dressing for something compliant, I think you are fine.
  4. Prosciutto, zucchini sticks, carrot sticks, sweet potato sticks (I can eat them raw), Lara bars (watch for which ones are compliant), Epic bars, fruit (apples or other things to bite and chew for the whole stimulate by eating/chewing thing), Cuties/tangerines/halos for something easy to carry, compliant smoked sausage if you can find it. Kudos for trying to make it a good experience for both of you!
  5. I recently took a food sensitivity test that showed I may have reactions to chicken and eggs (white and yolk), so this round was whole 30 plus no chicken or eggs. Any suggestions to how I should do the reintroduction?
  6. Following. I also had the food sensitivity test that showed problems with eggs. This was the toughest part of this round. Im on R2D29. Eggs are so convenient and easy! @Libberittacheck for vegan options, although most that I've seen have soy.