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  1. @ladyshanny, thanks so much for your response. This is what Is needed to better understand. Thanks!
  2. So I'm a few days into my reintroduction and I'm thinking how successful my Whole 30 was, 4 lbs, 1 inch off my waist and an overall happy gut! I'm really only reintroducing a few things like oatmeal, sweetened creamer in my coffee and the occasional sweet treat (macaroons, yum!) so I'm wondering if by bringing these things back, am I making my body stop using its fat as fuel? Will it burn those cards instead thereby reducing my weight loss? I read that is what happens on Whole30, your body changes how it runs, so I'm worried that by reintroducing certain foods, it will stop burning fat in that way. Does anyone know the science around this? Is there a certain sugar/carb ratio to stay under to keep your body burning its fat for fuel?
  3. BermudaLongTail

    Freedom at Last!

    Congrats to you! Your post is inspiring. I've just finished my first Whole 30. I have started the reintroduction process of foods I like but I definitely have learned my sugar dragon is alive and well...Still! But, I also have seen how it impacts my mood and about a deep crash. So, I will limit my access to pastries/chocolate and other sweets. I couldn't wait to buy my flavored coffee creamer with sweetener but now I will even ration that and only use it sometimes. I love eating clean and how I feel when I'm watching my food intake but I also love knowing that if I want a macaroon...or 4, I can have it, if I feel like dealing with the energy loss and moodiness It's all about the food freedom! Enjoy
  4. BermudaLongTail

    Reintroduction to protein powders... HELP!

    Thanks for all of this info! I had this exact question about reintroducing my Isagenix shakes! Now I will make sure I reintroduce the components as separately as possible before having a shake. This forum is awesome!
  5. BermudaLongTail


    I'm wondering if anyone in this forum suffers from hypothyroidism and has had success with Whole30. I'm on day 16, yay! I haven't gotten my "tiger blood" yet and I haven't seen any real weight changes or changes to my body composition. What I have gotten is constipation! I was really weak for a while but now at least I'm able to make it through a fairly normal workout in the morning. I know a big part of this program is getting your body to rely on its fat stores for fuel instead of sugar and simple carbs but I'm wondering if my thyroid condition is slowing down my progress and rewards! I take synthroid everyday and I was wondering if there are any success stories out there from others with thyroid disease. It's seems so hard to move the needle...yes, I've gotten on the scale so done shame me I've started to be more mindful of calories too because it seems like maybe I'm eating too much. Today's food as an example: Breakfast Smoothie (post workout) Spinach and Kale, 1 banana and 2 strawberries, plus almond milk Lunch (mid-morning because I was hungry) leftover turkey chili, fried egg and half avocado, tea with almond milk Snack: apple with almond butter plus a handful of mixed nuts Dinner: 1 pepper stuffed with leftover turkey chili and chicken, 1/2 avocado drizzled with some Habanero Ranch dressing I haven't been able to drop the afternoon snacking...that is still a problem for me. Anyway, today I seriously considered quitting but I will not. I owe it to myself to finish the 30 days but I guess I'm writing on this forum to hear some success stories from women with thyroid issues because nothing seems to work for me...except Isagenix shakes, which worked for a while but who the heck wants to drink their food everyday forever? Not this lady!! And by "worked" I do mean weight loss...yes, I want a healthy gut but I also want to drop some inches. Right now my gut doesn't feel super healthy since I can't seem to go number 2 in a good way! Sorry for the TMI but it's like I don't have much there...I'm assuming because my body is using mostly everything I'm eating??? Would love some advice and success stories
  6. BermudaLongTail


    So, shame on me for not noticing this sugar, but it's not listed on the "sneaky sugars" list! It's in a seasoning salt that I use, sometimes when cooking. I've been using mostly Mrs. Dash or other cleaner seasonings but today, on day 11, I was looking at the ingredients and decided to google everything...these ingredients have now made me mad, maltodextrin, silicon dioxide and calcium silicate. Again, shame on me for not noticing sooner, because I've not really been using this seasoning but out of my 11 days, I've probably used it 4 or 5 meals. Do you think this will really hinder my progress on Whole30? I'm not starting over but I will stop using it and in fact, I won't buy it anymore. Just wondering what you all think. Should I just add another week to my Whole 30 to be safe?!! Ugh. BTW, the culprit is Morton's Season All.
  7. BermudaLongTail

    Day 11- nausea, bloated, no appetite

    I'm on day 6 and I've been feeling so tired and today I have nausea. I'm sick of eggs, avocado and nuts so I'm taking a break from all three hoping to make my stomach feel better. So when does the "tiger blood" kick in?!
  8. BermudaLongTail

    RX Bars are dangerous!

    I'm a newbie, 4 days in, and I was so excited to see that RX Bars are technically compliant based on their ingredients but after eating one, my Sugar Dragon was totally satisfied, which is NOT a good thing! They are chewy and delicious and now I see why in the Whole 30 book it says that your brain can't distinguish between a compliant bar and a candy bar. My husband is doing Whole 30 with me and he's eaten 3 of those bars...suffice it to say I may not buy them again. They are DANGEROUS! What do you guys use for quick, out the door bars? I haven't tried the Epic...the idea of beef and apple makes me want to hurl!! I have Larabars but I fear those will also feed my dragon. I have some dates, nuts and raisins the I use to make my own trail mix...isn't that the same though for feeding the sugar habit? Tips and suggestions please when you just have to have something sweet!!
  9. BermudaLongTail

    Almond milk

    is Silk soy free? I thought that was a soy milk. I need to check the labels! Thanks
  10. What is Silicon Dioxide and Calcium Silicate? Both are anti-caking agents but are they compliant? It also contains Annatto (color). Bottom line, can I keep using this season salt?! Thanks
  11. BermudaLongTail

    Compliant Spice

    I have a similar question because I have a garlic powder that says it "may contain traces of milk, soy or eggs"...should I care about this? May contain may also mean it doesn't contain?! Advice?
  12. BermudaLongTail

    Vitamins! Help!

    Hi, I'm starting my journey on April 1st and I'm trying to line up my pantry with Whole 30 approved items and I was reading my multivitamin that has corn starch listed in the "extra" ingredients. Does this mean that I should take a pass on these Nature's Own vitamins for 30 days or since they are gluten and preservative free, they'd be okay to take? I also need a good pasta and alfredo sauce alternative! I'm looking at the nut pods and olive oil mayo as alternatives to use for my creamy chicken dishes...thoughts? I'm still working my way through the Whole 30 book so sorry if this is all covered in there! Thanks
  13. BermudaLongTail

    Family of 5 starting March 17

    Congrats to you for getting the entire family on board!!