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    BermudaLongTail got a reaction from AndrewsLynn9 in Freedom at Last!   
    Congrats to you!  Your post is inspiring.  I've just finished my first Whole 30.  I have started the reintroduction process of foods I like but I definitely have learned my sugar dragon is alive and well...Still!  But, I also have seen how it impacts my mood and about a deep crash.  So, I will limit my access to pastries/chocolate and other sweets.  I couldn't wait to buy my flavored coffee creamer with sweetener but now I will even ration that and only use it sometimes.  I love eating clean and how I feel when I'm watching my food intake but I also love knowing that if I want a macaroon...or 4, I can have it, if I feel like dealing with the energy loss and moodiness
     It's all about the food freedom! Enjoy
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    BermudaLongTail reacted to ladyshanny in Does your body stop burning its fat for fuel with reintroduction?   
    On Whole30 we aim for fat adaptation which is the ability for the body to easily switch between burning fat for fuel and burning carbs for fuel. If you load your day with carb-heavy foods and eat treats and drink sweet beverages on a regular basis, you will likely fall out of fat adaptation because the body knows that carbs/sugar is coming regularly.
    In order to maintain fat adaptation you would want to stick with a primarily Whole30 template way of eating and have the grains/sugars only occasionally.
    Note that fat adaptation is not the same as ketosis and is not so easily "fallen out of" but yes, eventually you would no longer be fat adapted if you start to rely on carbs.
    Edited to add: we don't give out ratios, macros, percentages etc. No one here knows that. But YOU will know if you fall out of fat adaptation because your need to eat more frequently and the intensity of that need would become obvious. "Hanger" (hungry + anger) and needing to eat every 2-3 hours are good signs of a person who is reliant on carbohydrates for fuel.
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    BermudaLongTail reacted to ShannonM816 in Day 14 and ready to be done   
    Why did you want to do whole30 in the first place? If there were particular reasons you wanted to do this, maybe write those down and refer back to them when you start wondering why you're doing this.
    You are an adult, so if you want to quit, that is up to you. Whole30 is not for everyone, and if it's adding more stress to your life, you have to decide if it's worth it.
    One thing that often helps, especially if you have really strong reasons for trying this, is to remind yourself that it isn't that you *can't* have particular foods -- you can have anything you want to -- it's that for 30 days, you're choosing not to have those items. So, you might tell yourself,  I could have cheese if I wanted to, but I'm choosing not to because I want to learn how cheese affects how I'm feeling. 
    As far as portion sizes, remember that the meal template lists ranges, and it's a minimum. As long as you're eating at least 1 palm of protein, 1 thumb of fat, and some veggies, and you're going 4-5 hours between meals easily don't stress about it. For your boyfriend, if he's hungry, he should eat, and you don't worry about him eating too much. Adding more fat and extra starchy vegetables to his meals may help him feel full and keep him satisfied longer.
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    BermudaLongTail reacted to whydidIdothistomyself in Forgive Me Forum, For I Have Sinned.   
    Forgive me Forum, for I have sinned. In the name of the hard-boiled eggs, and of the broccoli, and of the seltzer. My last confession was . . . ok, this is my first confession.
    This is my first Whole30 and I am 6 days in. I don’t know how to bring this up tactfully, but I am fraught with sinful thoughts. There’s this – there’s this thing.
    I am weak. I am jealous. I am lustful.
    I knew a day, not so long ago, where I could turn to a special somebody in times of celebration, in times of sorrow, and in the minutia of everyday life, but I had to turn him away. Some relationships are too passionate to ever be tamed. Even though I don’t come home to him saying hi to me from our dining room table, I feel like I can still hear him calling my name.
    It’s not that I don’t love him anymore. Our lives, our love is inextricably bound.
    While I haven’t called him since starting Whole30, I think about him when I pull the covers up over my shoulders when I first wake up. I think about him when I’m furiously writing down last-minute notes before my Contracts class. I think about him when I’m pressing the lock button on my car keys when I can’t remember which floor of the parking garage I parked on.
    I made a resolute promise to myself and to my friends that I wouldn’t even look him in the eye during this whole process, much less touch him. With each passing minute, I can see the embers getting closer to catching the wind and starting a wildfire, a fire beyond anyone’s control. The closer the sun gets to the horizon, the closer I can feel myself lunging to him.
    How can I not think of him?
    He is smooth.
    He is robust.
    He is creamy.
    He is in the deli counter at Kroger.
    He’s goat cheese.
    I love you, goat cheese. I can’t be with you now, but in 24 days, we’ll be together again! I love our love, I don’t care what anyone says!
    These are my impure thoughts.
    I am sorry for these and all the sins of my past life
    We give thanks to the Forum for She is good. For Her mercy endures forever.