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  1. HaleyK

    Starting January 14th

    Is anyone else starting January 14th? I plan on starting my second round then and would love some accountability buddies!
  2. HaleyK

    FIRST TIMER - Starting 4/9/18

    Day 30! How is everyone feeling? What type of re-introduction is everyone planning to do? I'm a little nervous about what happens next, tbh! Anyone else?
  3. HaleyK

    FIRST TIMER - Starting 4/9/18

    I feel the exact same way! I love how I feel while eating this way but really miss the ease of eating out and not worrying what the chicken on my salad was cooked in or if there's sugar in the salad dressing (and, not going to lie I miss wine ;-)). I want to try to do the re-introduction for the information side of it but am planning to keep eating Whole30 as much as I can in general. I am mostly worried that I'll slide back into old habits without the structure though. Anyone else?
  4. HaleyK

    FIRST TIMER - Starting 4/9/18

    Its going okay. I've been feeling a little crappy in the morning, then fine during the day and then the cravings/headache/fatigue hit me in the evening. Hoping this phase passes soon!
  5. HaleyK

    FIRST TIMER - Starting 4/9/18

    They were so good! I found the recipe on Pinterest: https://physicalkitchness.com/whole30-sloppy-joe-bowls/ I omitted the dates though because I didn’t feel like buying them lol. A little more tangy without but still good! I’m going to have to try the chili from the book, that sounds yummy!
  6. HaleyK

    FIRST TIMER - Starting 4/9/18

    It's day 2! Who's feeling "the hangover"?! ME! Overall though, day 1 went well. I made sloppy joe baked potatoes for dinner and YUM! Did not feel like I was missing anything. My plan is to have it for lunch today, too so now I can't wait 'till noon! I'm realizing that sometimes my urge to eat something sweet or to have a glass of wine in the evening is more out of habit than really still being hungry... at least that's how it felt on day 1 (ask me again later this week, haha!) How is everyone else feeling?
  7. HaleyK

    FIRST TIMER - Starting 4/9/18

    A bit hungry, but other than that good! I have tried two of the recipes from The Whole30 book and both were great. Spinach Frittata and No-Fuss Salmon Cakes (although next time I would grease the pan a bit more... they aren't pretty!) I know the cravings will start after dinner when I would normally reach for something sweet...
  8. HaleyK

    FIRST TIMER - Starting 4/9/18

    Happy Day 1! Had my first "oops I drank wine" dream last night and I hadn't even started. Hah!
  9. Anyone else starting 4/9/18? It's my first Whole 30 so I'd love the support from other folks starting around the same time as me. Don't have an in-person buddy to go through it with.