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    rusrach got a reaction from Jorfdan in Help with easy to prep meal ideas   
    I follow a bunch of W30 and paleo accounts on Instagram and have found a bunch of recipes that way. Here's a few easy recipes I've found...
    Enchilada stuffed sweet potatoes
    Sloppy Joe bowls
    If you like spicy stuff, Yai's Thai curry sauces are really good. Just cook up some chicken or shrimp, toss in some veggies, add the sauce, and serve over cauliflower rice. Simple and pretty quick.
    30 minute Tuscan chicken skillet - this one is easy to make compliant
    Easy tuna cakes
    Fried plantains are easy and quick.
    Cauliflower rice is super easy and quick and can be spiced up a million ways. I just grab some from the frozen section at the grocery store.
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    rusrach reacted to Vanessa_ in Anyone else starting 4/21??   
    Day 31!! I reintroduced legumes today. I’d say I was a little more gassy than normal this afternoon but nothing crazy. I’m taking my boys to the beach for a long weekend and we’ll be there for the dairy reintroduction.  Woo! Beach ice cream!
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    rusrach reacted to Vanessa_ in Anyone else starting 4/21??   
    Marj- congrats! You made it! Have fun at the reunion. Sounds like a big weekend. 
    Im on day 28 and still going strong. I’m planning to go to the beach for a long weekend next weekend so that may be tricky. I’ll need to do some planning. I managed to avoid outback bread and dessert last night!
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    rusrach reacted to Marj K in Anyone else starting 4/21??   
    Thanks, Vanessa and hi Rachel! You guyzzzzz! DAY 30! I feel so clear, energized and focused. This is the coolest weekend, because not only is it day 30, but it is my 30 year HS reunion tonight!! AND I'm in the middle of a weekend meditation retreat that started last night. So I meditate all day and then go to the reunion  
    All that said, I am sticking with this longer, b/c I still have a lot of bloating and possible IBS stuff, so I'll try to work with a doc. I've been off eggs for 3 days, but I don't think that makes a diff. The latest idea is to go off Nightshades, since my intuition has always told me something was up with those (acid reflux, joint pain, bloating, etc.) We will see. I'm not jumping into it immediately without more thought, cuz we see how that went with FODMAPS, but it's a tinier list that is so much easier and feels right. I also want to finish the red peppers and tomatoes in my fridge
    How are you guys doing!? Probably back on Monday. BIG HUGS!!! M
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    @Marj K - I just followed your W30 Pinterest board. :)
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    How's everyone doing? Day 23 on my end! Feeling good. Starting with lower FODMAP food choices today. A bit nervous, but we'll day at a time. Not sure how it effects reintro, b/c I may need more time or to do it differently. How's it going with you all?
    Hugs, Marj
    p.s. My W30 recipes are on Pinterest if you want to follow. Not everything is there, but it's got a bunch. Are you guys on there?
    p.p.s. Sending you guys a direct email...
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    rusrach reacted to ladyshanny in Anyone else starting 4/21??   
    Hi @rusrach - so for the potatoes/starches, both answers are correct. You should eat them for "energy" because often folks will go too low carb and that's not the intent or the format of this program. Our recommendation is to make sure that you are having at least one fist sized serving per day for overall improved energy. That said, potatoes and some other starchy veggies can have a sedating effect which is why we would say that you could put them towards the end of your day to help with sleep.
    Does that make sense?
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    Marj - getting the proportions of protein to fat to carbs can be surprisingly challenging. And frustrating. I still seem to struggle eat enough. 
    Yeah, trying to remind myself that comparison is the thief of joy.
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    rusrach reacted to Vanessa_ in Anyone else starting 4/21??   
    Day 12!  I think today is the first day that I woke up and didn't immediately think of food and stress about what I was going to eat for breakfast.  I also felt fulfilled by my breakfast, which is a nice change.  I usually eat and then still feel like I'd like a nice big bowl of cheerios.  I also feel a little less bloated.  Oh, so I had to go into my office yesterday for work.  We have a wellness program where you do certain activities (like walking challenges) and a yearly biometric screening to get reduced healthcare costs.  My biometric screening was yesterday so I had to fast until my appointment.  I got my results back and everything they tested (sugar level, cholesterol (good/ bad), BMI, etc.) was better than my screening from October.  Whole30 related?!  Maybe exercise too since I started my exercise program right after that last screening.  I was also weighed (not my fault!  It was for work!) and with clothes on (don't they add a pound or two?) I was down 4 pounds from pre-whole30.  I'm not planning to weight myself again since it's against the rules but it was definitely a motivating thing to know that even though my pants don't feel looser something must be happening somewhere.
    You all are so modern with your IG accounts!  I consider my occasional use of Facebook as a win for me. 
    Rachel- I hear you on the meals.  Trying all these new recipes is great (when they turn out great) and disappointing (when you've been waiting hours thinking of nothing else but food and then you finally get to eat and it is a let down).
    Louise- Why were you asking about your meals?  Are you still feeling hungry or just curious?  I know you mentioned that you had a half avocado with one of your meals - are you eating a portion of healthy fat with all the meals?  I sort of assumed my husband explained why I didn't come up to visit but that is a big assumption.  My in-laws are coming to stay with us this weekend.  My MIL texted me yesterday saying that she would make dinner on Friday.  We had a long text discussion of whether I should just cook because of all of the restrictions but she really wants to make scallops and is sure she can make a compliant meal.  I have to say I'm kind of excited about not having to cook for a night!
    I've also been thinking about reintroduction a little bit.  I think adding back legumes would be really helpful.  I think I'd like to try grains and dairy but I have a feeling neither agree with me, and the learning will be I probably should eat them (which is pretty sad).
    Marj- Your AirBnB looks amazing! Also, are you eating fresh fruit?  That might help - peaches or pears are the best I think to help move tings along.
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    rusrach reacted to Marj K in Anyone else starting 4/21??   
    Hi, Louise! Thanks--you guys are also making this better for me. Really. My friends certainly don't want to hear about this anymore. Haha. No, that's not true--they're supportive, to a point...but they love to hear about the recipes. 
    p.s. Hold onto your hat, Louise--if you liked that...I used to WORK at Sesame Workshop (where they make Sesame Street). 
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    rusrach reacted to luluqld in Anyone else starting 4/21??   
    wow Marj, your AirBnB is amazing, love the sesame street reference ( I grew up on that), and your cat does look like mine. lol.  Only one person from Australia.
    you guys are making this whole30 journey so much better - thank you
    my handle ha ha is somerset. farm. my name is Louise
    yeah for prunes.
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    rusrach reacted to Marj K in Anyone else starting 4/21??   
    FYI. I edited my note above. I'm just letting you know that I have a tendency to do that, b/c I remember things to add and rather than do separate notes (like I have here), I just keep going with the one. BUT then I realized you guys might read the notes in your email program and not here. Haha. I might be losing it a bit. 
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    rusrach reacted to Marj K in Anyone else starting 4/21??   
    Sorry for not responding in a while. I'm tired and very bloated, but OK. Could be the snacking. Not sure. I have definitely gone more starching (potatoes/plaintains) and fat vs. protein and veg in the past 4 days, but I'm trying to rebound. It's mostly when I'm tired that I make less nutritious choices. I really feel our collective struggling. Kinda feeling impatient. Wanting to see results. So yeah, as usual, it's emotional for me. Though I finally bought prunes to help w/you know what.
    Rachel: I may pick up the day to day book--looks helpful. Worth it? I've spent so much $ already, but it seems worth it. I'm getting nervous about the reintroduction. Anyone else? I feel like that's where it gets really tough. At least for me. 
    luluqld: Thanks for visiting our IG's. What's your handle again? (and your real name again?)  
    You guys are always welcomed in NY! I am an AirBnB superhost and I so enjoy it. (not sure why this will only paste yellow)
    Hugs, Marj
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    rusrach reacted to luluqld in Anyone else starting 4/21??   
    hi all, I was busy at work yesterday and although I read all your posts, I just didnt have time to respond. 
    Im still struggling with not being able to have any alcohol which has really made it clear to me that I have a problem there. I have started listening to The Naked Mind on audio book. I feel like Im trying two challenges at once. 
    I put on some jeans this morning that I wasnt able to fit into last winter (we are in autumn atm) so Im pleased with that and yes Marj K I am tempted to hop on the scales. Sorry Rachel and Vanessa that you arent feeling any weight loss, Im sure you will. 
    last night for dinner I made beef and vegetable kababs ( beef on skewers) with rice for my partner and half an avocado for me. the night before was rump steak with baked veg and steamed carrot and broc. I think my meals may be missing elements - let me know.
    I work at a TAFE (technical and further education) or as we like to call it  TAFE ( try and fu*king enrol) in an admin role and its very boring and I hope to finish up next year as we become more self sufficient. My hobbies include, working towards becoming self sufficient, macrame, gardening and more recently yoga. plus I go to the gym 3 or 4 times a week. We live on 12 acres so there is always animals to care for and work to be done. my children are grown up and have moved out of home so its only me and my partner at home now.
    ok so today Im going to google Creamer - I dont know what this is. lol
    I spent way too much time looking at your instragram accounts Marj and Rachel. Love your cat Rachel, it has the cutest little face. and Marj, you have some wonderful pics - I would love to visit NY one day.
    Vanessa, did your mother in law realise why you didnt visit? its a hard situation to be in but Im sure she is well meaning.
    hang in there guys we are almost half way
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    rusrach got a reaction from luluqld in Anyone else starting 4/21??   
    Day 10. I'm reading my Day by Day for today. I wasn't tracking that much with the "symptoms" up until yesterday, so I was a little caught off guard by The Hardest Days...which was exacerbated by my lack of sleep Sunday night. Oh boy. I was sorely tempted to cheat or thrown in the whole towel yesterday.
    I wasn't sure if my lunch was going to be any good and I was scared (and I had 2 more servings of it at home). But I remembered the if/then exercise, so I made a plan. If it totally sucked, I would come back and eat some of my emergency snacks - epic bar, larabar, Rx bar, nuts. NSV right there! Lunch wasn't awesome, but it wasn't bad. When I eat it again tomorrow, I'll bring a few sauce options to try with it. I felt a tiny bit hungry around 4pm. Even though I probably shouldn't have, I grabbed the larabar and ate it. I probably wasn't hungry enough to eat hard boiled eggs. What I was, was freaking tired. Then I realized that I was missing the compliant liquid smoke for my dinner recipe and thought about just using the non-compliant stuff, but I decided to use smoked paprika instead of plain paprika. Unfortunately, dinner wasn't great. The pork chops were surprisingly bland, the mashed sweet potatoes weren't amazing like the last time I made them (think I got the proportions wrong), and the green beans weren't as good as usual (the beef bouillon paste I usually use packs a lot more beefy flavor...and sugar). So disappointing. What I learned: don't buy a large pack of pork chops when trying a new recipe cuz it might suck and you will be stuck with bland pork chop leftovers. Today I am over this. It's dumb and stupid and why did I think this was a good idea? Oh right. I remember.
    How are you all doing today?
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    Vanessa - I've been trying to drink black coffee. I used to drink my coffee black eons ago, but I can't quite seem to get used to it. I've tried the nut pods, but I can't get used to that either. Oh wells! I'm sorry you are in one of The Suck days like I am. We're going to get through this! That is frustrating about your MIL. She's trying to be loving but making things more complicated/worse. Ugh. I'm trying to get back into the gym. I was working out 3 times per week last year. I got sick a couple times this winter and lost all my momentum. When I tried to go back, my energy level was so low. Hoping I can hit my stride again.
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    rusrach got a reaction from luluqld in Anyone else starting 4/21??   
    Thanks. At this point, just being able to vent and have people commiserate with me is know I'm not crazy or anything.
    I support a bunch of IT nerds - helping with projects, tracking schedules, etc. When I'm not at work...doing W30 stuff, house stuff, read, watch tv/movies, and spend time with my husband and kitty. Now that it's FINALLY getting warmer, I'll spend time outside with flowers and herbs.
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    rusrach got a reaction from luluqld in Anyone else starting 4/21??   
    For sure!
    Me --->  Sad?  Eat! Happy? Eat! Bored?  Eat! Tired?  Eat! Mad? Eat!
    I think one of my big problems this last year is that I haven't had enough to do at work to stay busy and I get pretty bored a lot. I think I've coped with that boredom by snacking a lot more.
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    WARNING! This post is a bit whine fest! Haha.
    Today is Day 9. I slept horribly last night. No idea why. I took a nap yesterday and wasn't surprised when I went to bed and found myself wide awake. I got up and read a bit and then went to bed when my eyes started getting that tired feeling...but couldn't sleep. I tossed and turned all night...barely dozing off just to wake up again. I came into work late because I finally started getting better sleep after 4am. I probably got 2.5-3 hrs of good sleep. Adding insult to exhausted work computer is barely functioning  and I just want to cry. I can't handle this today. I'm just so tired and want to go home.
    Most of the food I've made has been great...until yesterday. The compliant hot dogs I grilled yesterday were awful. I can't even describe the terrible taste. Ew.  The Tessemae's ketchup was terrible. The Tessemae's BBQ sauce was also yucky. I would rather go without than use those again. In the trash they went. Money not well spent. Guess I'll try making those things myself. This weekend I prepped some breakfast sausage - chicken with mango and jalapeno. Sounded awesome. Smelled awesome. I ate one this morning and it basically had no flavor.
    On top of all of that, I don't feel a bit different physically. My clothes fit the same. I still need my allergy pill. I don't fall asleep any easier. I don't wake up any easier (so NOT a morning person). Ugh.
    Okay. Rant done. Thanks for letting me get that out. Now to try and find something positive. Here goes: I can actually think of one positive physical change - my energy levels were pretty good on Saturday & Sunday.
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    also, Im noticing me pants are feeling a bit roomy !!!
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    rusrach reacted to Marj K in Anyone else starting 4/21??   
    Hello, everyone. I have noticed more roominess too, luluqld. I'm trying not to make this about weight loss, but of course it's part of it. I'm having a tough time resisting weighing myself. Anyone else? 
    I'm on day 11! I seem to be doing well. Still cooking a lot and enjoying it and it feels like less work. But I'm wondering about this whole "no snacking btwn meals" thing that they encourage. It's a bit tricky, but it's helping me to notice what causes me to want to snack. It's usually that I'm tired and want to rest (snacking in front of TV) or just bored and want fun (snacking in front of TV) What about you guys?
    I got very sad yesterday about an ex and instead of turning to food, I sat and meditated. Wow. That surprised me. and I was physically hungry at the time. 
    Have a great day, everyone! 
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    Congrats on sticking with it! You can do this! Do you have the Whole30 Day by Day? I've been reading and doing some journaling every day and I really think it helps.
    My IG user name is portraitrachel (mostly pics of my cat lol) - I think I found you on there. I'm following paleorunningmomma, therealfoodrds, livinglovingpaleo, Melissa (of course), whole30approved, whole30recipies, whole30, and thewholesmiths.
    Are your chickens behaving today?
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    I just went to Six Flags without eating anything! I’m pretty sure that’s never happened in my life.
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    rusrach reacted to lauralees84 in Gearing up to start May 1st!   
    Haha I've just realised that I've tried to reply to individual posts but haven't managed to add the quotes in the last few so I look like I'm talking to myself! Oh technology! **facepalm**
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    I'm on Day 2. I don't have anyone IRL doing this with me so I got the Day by Day book, hoping it would help me stay on track and encouraged. Good to know it helped you!