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  1. arrowbirth127

    Realized I'm Histamine Intolerant

    Thank you, @ShannonM816! This is super helpful. Much appreciated.
  2. Hi all! I've got a good Whole30 story, I believe. I'm on Day 26 of my second Whole30. I felt great at about Day 11 and then starting feeling worse and worse. Headaches came back and bloating/constipation and itching and slight hives, nausea, insomnia, all not so fun stuff. Anyhow, the headache got so awful this week that I wound up in the ER yesterday. They gave me a drug cocktail of Benadryl, Tordal (for pain), and Phenergan (for nausea). I felt weird at first and slightly anxious and then it made me really out of it and I got discharged and sent home and slept last night for 13 hours, which I really needed after the insomnia nights recently. On one of those insomnia nights, I did some research online and suspected (now confirmed because my headache is gone) that I am one of the 1% that is histamine intolerant. I had been eating copious amounts of spinach, avocado, leftovers with meat, tomato, among bananas and coconut. I believe the extreme headache (a migraine - which I've never had before this), was caused by eating all these foods and a stressful lifestyle as I have four young children and am on call 24/7 as a birth doula and am starting an online business. I am now going to change my Whole30 to the low histamine version and stay on it for awhile longer to feel better. I am a bit perplexed as to what to eat, but I will continue to look for recipes that are low histamine Whole30 compliant. This histamine intolerance explains SO much about past issues I've had such as allergies, constipation, upset stomach, itching, hives, insomnia, anxiety, etc. I hope this post helps someone out there! Here is the article that helped me.
  3. arrowbirth127

    Ibs issues and perks

    Thank you! I'm actually feeling much better now on Day 22 except for this stinkin' headache today. I realized I was taking a calcium/magnesium supplement instead of just a mag supplement, so once I figured that out things started moving, lol! I think the calcium was really binding me up big time. My hubby is losing all kinds of weight and I don't feel like I am but it may be because I'm eating a lot more than I usually do non-Whole 30? Either way, I hope I'm close to tiger blood soon and definitely feeling better, thank you for your reply!
  4. arrowbirth127

    Ibs issues and perks

    I'm on day 16 and still feeling the bloating/constipation. Going to keep chugging on of course but it's pretty miserable. Feeling pretty weepy/kill all the things today and yesterday, too. Hoping that's a good sign that things are moving in the right direction?
  5. I am in the same boat and sending healing vibes to you. It's awful, the bloating and constipation. The only difference between your post and what I'm experiencing is my skin feels super soft, still splotchy though. I'm on day 15 of my second W30 and just miserable. I'm doing lots of research and I'm wondering if I (we?) have a FODMAP sensitivity? I am going to keep a food diary to try and pinpoint what makes me feel the worst. I am taking Smooth Move tea tonight because I can't go on like this. I've also been having bumps and itchiness pop up all over me. Ughhhhhh
  6. arrowbirth127

    Starting March 12th, 2018. Looking for buddies!

    I just wanted to say "Hi", and introduce myself. I'm Tara, live near DC, and hubby and I are on our second W30, we started on the 12th as well! So day 11 (I think?! lol.) here. Definitely been up and down for both of us. Lots of dull headaches, mood swings, exhaustion, breakouts (wth?!), and cooking...and eating, lol. I eat pretty paleo non-W30 but do indulge in wine and adult beverages on the weekends. We have four young kiddos, I blame the drinking on that, haha! I feel like things are shifting. I'm feeling optimistic and clear-headed and enjoying the food (although it is wayyyy more than I'm used to eating). Also having thoughts of never drinking again because of starting to feel so good, is that normal?! Also, my skin is starting to look glowy, which is a nice added bonus. We're doing mostly home cooked foods but supplement with a delivery service called Territory, which has really helped with cooking and cleaning and getting hungry and nothing around being prepared - or compliant, which was really hard on our first W30 a year ago. Lastly, I've had awful digestion stuff this time around but I think it's *finally* starting to work itself out. I've increased lots of cooked leafy greens with each meal and more fat, too. How are you all doing today? Keep up the great work out there friends! Happy to find a group that's on the same timeframe as us.
  7. arrowbirth127

    Day 10, second W30

    Hi all, I'm a new forum-er but not completely new to W30. I'm on Day 10 of my second W30. I'll cut to the chase...I know this is particularly common, but I'm looking for some relief here from some symptoms I'm having. Non-W30, I eat pretty paleo-ish + wine on the weekends. We have four young kids, I mean, come on. But I am SO bloated and constipated on day 10. I've only had one decent (complete) BM since starting this W30. Even my three year old said, "Mommy, you have a big tummy", and I'm a ladies size 4! Also had lots of dull headaches, body aches, feeling arthritis in my hands and sometimes knees. I took an epsom salt hot bath last night after a good run yesterday and today seems even worse, maybe more detox from the bath? I'm staying completely on plan, drinking lots of water (some of it sparkling), and coffee in the am. I do eat more Rx bars than I'd like to admit but as of today I'll do my best to cut those too. My job is on call and sometimes I do need to swing into somewhere quickly and pick up a Rx bar. (I help women have babies for a living- crazy schedule.) We eat eggs in ghee and sauerkraut for breakfast, a W30 slow cooker chicken meal for lunch, and a Territory Whole 30 meal we order for dinner. I have kombucha sometimes too. Anyways, any thoughts? I'm also taking a probiotic and went to take a digestive enzyme today but realized it had Xylitol in it so I'll have to go get a new brand... Am I allowed to do an enema? Not sure that would even work...
  8. arrowbirth127

    I only want to reintroduce wine! Is this ok?

    I think this thread is a bit older but I just came across it....I'm on Day 10 of my second W30 and already thinking about my first W30 reintro. I did a *horrible* job at reintro last time and went out for my BFF's bday on day 35 and drank wayyy too many spikey seltzer waters (sparkling water with alcohol in them), and had a MASSIVE anxiety attack the next day, vomiting and all, and the anxiety lasted on and off for days. It was so bad I had to pull over (I was driving on 95) and get a hotel overnight instead of driving 90 minutes home. Awful all around. Anyhow...I'm toying with the idea of not drinking permanently after this W30, but I'm wondering if this (or something similar) happened to anyone else? I plan on doing a slow roll reintro this time around and (if I do choose to) add alcohol - do it at the very end of reintro and see how I do, (and not have 6+ drinks), yikes. As others have mentioned, a night like that pre W30 would not have been out of the norm for me but after W30 I was shocked to see how badly the alcohol consumption affected me. TIA! ps...I am a pretty clean paleo eater all of the time and my "Sugar Dragon" is really a "wine/spiked seltzer/vodka dragon", on the weekends. Once I have a drink, I crave more and generally lose my appetite. I blame it on having four young kiddos and a stressful job but have realized there's obviously way more to it than that.