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    LizaQ got a reaction from -Kara in New to Program today and struggling already   
    I've also made really simple meals. Scrambled eggs with a side of asparagus with melted ghee. Burgers dipped in mayo/mustard with a side of roasted sweet potatoes and carrots. Chili with guacamole and a big salad full of veggies. Cold leftover chicken breasts with a side of cold string beans with salad dressing. Sausages sauteed with Brussels sprouts with some extra oil drizzled on top. And I eat full plates so I won't be hungry!
    I modified a few recipes I already had, like leaving the beans out of the chili and the breadcrumbs out of the burgers. I made the sausages in the book and they were super simple - like making little pork burgers. The only "fancy" recipe I tried was Melissa's Chicken Hash which I really liked.
    I did buy a few special things. Chicken apple sausage - tasty but too pricey for me so I doubt that I'll be buying it again. Ditto the paleo bacon - I don't need bacon that much! Ghee, mostly to make eggs. I did buy prepared mayo and salad dressings because I don't have a stick blender - or any blender. I also don't have an instant pot or food processor or spiralizer so I don't do anything that I can't do with a knife and cutting board, oven and stove.
    It has been very simple. The only complicated thing has been feeding the rest of my family at the same time!
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    LizaQ reacted to laura_juggles in CANADA- compliant beef/turkey/chicken meats   
    It takes maybe 30 seconds more to cook a tray of chicken thighs or breasts in the oven than it does a package of sausages, package, season (that's the step sausages don't have), put on tray, roast. And then you can have a whole bunch of protein cooked and ready to go.
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    LizaQ reacted to BoyMom2018 in Starting soon!!   
    My husband and I are starting May 29th are super pumped!! 
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    LizaQ reacted to ShannonM816 in Whole30 Birthday "Cake"   
    The rules are really, really clear. For 30 days, no recreating baked goods. If it is important to you to have cake for an event, don't do whole30 over a period when that event is going to happen. Once your whole30 is over, you can have paleofied cake or regular cake or whatever works for you, whenever you feel like it is worth it to you. If you do have something coming up during a whole30 that you want to celebrate, find new ways to do that that don't compromise the healthy choices you are making for yourself for a month, or delay the celebration until after your whole30 and reintroductions are done.
    This explains why the no recreating baked goods rule is in place: 
    Learn more about food freedom, life after Whole30, and how you might think about having treats in the future in these posts:
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    LizaQ reacted to Homesoil in Pretty terrified but determined, 23rd April, changing my life   
    Last Day....think I am going to make it!
    How did everyone do?
    Lost over a stone so far,
    More energy
    less painful joints
    less anxiety
    more confidence
    Pretty awesome
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    LizaQ reacted to laura_juggles in Too much Eggs and Red Meat   
    Breakfast is no different than any other meal. If you don't want eggs, have chicken. Or pork, or turkey, or whatever else floats your boat. That you have to have eggs and something sweet is a social construct. 
    I don't particularly like eggs, so most days during my Whole30 I'll have vegetable soup and chicken tenders or a pork chop and sauteed haricot vert for breakfast. 
    Take out so much of the almonds and get mini meals in the form of chicken/turkey meatballs and some mayo wrapped up in a lettuce leaf or something that isn't a ton of nuts. You need to get enough food since you're still nursing, but a lot of nuts aren't going to do you any favors. 
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    LizaQ reacted to kirbz in Too much Eggs and Red Meat   
    Honestly, the sooner you can leave traditional notions of breakfast behind, the easier this becomes! Truly, try to think of breakfast as just another meal. And then go for it. Eat what you can, save what you can't eat for later, and slowly, you'll probably find that you like it!
    My personal favorite is BBQ chicken, steamed carrots, and guacamole for breakfast. 
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    LizaQ got a reaction from bkruse in LizaQ's Log   
    I hope it's ok to put some planning stuff here? I want to have this to refer to as the month goes on.
    Today- a shopping list.
    My goal is to have some kind of veg at every meal, even breakfast.   vegetables I like - Cooked: Asparagus Peppers Broccoli Br Sprouts Carrots Cauliflower Green Beans Mushrooms Onions Garlic Potatoes Spinach Snow Peas Tomatoes Zucchini Broc Rabe Arugula Leeks Shallots  Raw: Peppers Broccoli Carrots Cauliflower Spinach Tomatoes Arugula Celery Cucumber Lettuces  plenty of choices!
    I like lots of fruits but won't be prioritizing them. I like most meats. I do like fish but my family will react badly if I cook it at home - the smell is a real issue. So I'll only have canned tuna. I intend to try canned salmon - I like salmon so I hope I'll like it canned! I love bacon so I'll be looking for compliant bacon. I'm planning to make my own sausage patties - they look super simple.
    Fats. I will be shopping for compliant mayo and ghee so I'll have something to start with. I expect that I will make my own as well and then I can compare the flavors/costs. I'll be looking at avocado oil - I already have olive and sesame oils. Also shopping for coconut milk and butter - I have coconut oil. I'll be checking out salad dressings as well, though I expect I can make these easily enough. Nuts/nut butters...I feel like I need to approach these like fruits. I like them but I won't be prioritizing them.
    Other stuff - I'll be looking at compliant ketchup and sauces and thinking about buying vs making. But I won't need those right away.
    Dinners are tricky so I'm planning them first. My daughter (19yo, college, working, busy, living at home) has Celiac and EE and multiple food allergies and I am committed to serving something for dinner that she can eat...even if she is not crazy about it.  Of things that are allowed on Whole30, she can't eat eggs, coconut, or beef.  Because of her allergies, I already cook without dairy, gluten, soy, tree nuts, seafood, probably a few other things I am not thinking of right now. So I'll be saving eggs, coconut, and beef for meals when she's not home or we won't be eating together. She always makes her own breakfast and lunches when she is home but dinner is a communal meal.
    OK - I'm ready to make my list.
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    LizaQ reacted to SugarcubeOD in Banana almond butter cookies   
    Having balanced hormones and eating satisfying meals every 4-5 hours is going to keep your blood sugar stable... when you're not eating simple carbs and processed food that gives you highs and lows with your blood sugar but instead eating a combination of protein, veggies and fat, all of which work together to digest and provide steady energy for around 4-5 hours, you're going to have stable blood sugar (barring any medical condition).  All vegetables and fruits have naturally occurring sugars in them... again, with a varied diet of veggies and occassional fruit with your meals, you'll be getting an appropriate amount of sugar.
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    LizaQ reacted to racheleats in Starting today!!! Gotta lose weight-I don't want health issues   
    Good luck!! Remember, try not to tweak the whole30 to get more weight loss (skipping meals, not eating enough fat, undereating, etc.). In the long run that will not help you, and can often have the opposite effect of what you want since your hormones will still be stressed out!
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    LizaQ reacted to Alura in Starting today!!! Gotta lose weight-I don't want health issues   
    Hi everyone.  I'm Alura.  I'm 55 and from VT.  I'm hoping to drop some weight and keep it off.  I need to lose 60 lbs but for starters, 15 would make me happy.   I'm tired of the yoyo effect.  I'm ready to go full on Paleo. 
    I don't want health issues and lingering possibilities are diabetes 2, hbp and high cholestrol.  Although I generally watch what I eat, I'm obviously not watching it closely enough.
    I wish everyone good luck with their goals.  :)
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    LizaQ reacted to momma2girlies in Down 50 pounds!!   
    I know that Whole 30 isn't about losing weight, but I hit the 50 pounds of weight loss this morning!!!! About 20 of that has been with 2 rounds of Whole 30.  I feel like I have my life back after struggling my whole life with weight.  I was having a lot of trouble with my eating habits after my second baby about a year ago.  But now I am pre-wedding weight (6years ago) and still going strong! I'm just really excited and so thankful for Whole 30. I have been able to learn healthy food choices and re-train my brain on the foods that I should eat.  And that its ok to spend a little more money on food that is better for me because it will be better for my family in the long run.  I have about 15 more pounds until I meet my goal but I know that is possible with my new lifestyle.  
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    LizaQ reacted to Marj K in Planning my reintroduction   
    @LizaQfound this about flavor:
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    LizaQ reacted to Marj K in Planning my reintroduction   
    Hi, @LizaQ Wow. That is ambitious! The AIP plan has no salt, huh? Well, I agree with you on the trends, but pink and/or grey salt sounds pretty and it will help with flavor. I hear you, though...I've spent so much $ on special ingredients at this point, some of which I won't be able to use now that I'm shifting a bit. The laughing at yourself is so GREAT! Me too...
    I'm being really easy with myself, but focused. I am noticing how much I want to much occasionally and since I'm off nuts now, that is even more of a challenge. I'm just breathing...I haven't felt deprived at all until starting this FODMAP thing. Part of it is that there's so much to remember, whereas W30 is really straightforward. I keep referring to the list...focusing on the green side, but a little yellow for a few days. 
    My biggest fear is that I get to the end of all this and still have bloating...but we'll see...Good luck!
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    LizaQ got a reaction from Brewer5 in FODMAPS Questions   
    @Brewer5 This has been so helpful. Thanks!!
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    LizaQ reacted to Brewer5 in FODMAPS Questions   
    No problem, @Marj K ~ happy to help.
    I have been "aware" of that chart for many years, and it has affected my choices in that time.  It was a HUGE wake-up call when I realized on my first Whole 30 that my digestion was taking a serious turn for the worse, instead of better.  So many of the things that are supposed to be "good" for us did not agree with me.  I had to start customizing.
    When I need my digestion to calm down completely, I find all it takes is a couple/fews days on that green list.  Yes, I stick to it completely during those times. And it works.  
    Cumulative effect:  I think it's easier to understand if you realize what these FODMAPs are doing:  They are feeding an overgrowth of bacteria.  So I wasn't giving you a specific example of one of my days, I was just giving an example of how things "could" play out.  Just an imaginary scenario.  
    So picture it like this:  You eat *some* FODMAPs, you feed *some* bacteria.  You eat *a lot* of FODMAPs ~ your bacteria are having a party in there.  They've invited all of their friends, they're reproducing like crazy, they're having a feast... which is what is creating all of the gas and bloating (and even if you don't have gas -- that's what bloating is -- trapped gas).
    My personal opinion, based on my own experience, would be to follow that green list until you feel like you have a considerable, noticeable, comfortable, difference in how your gut feels.  Then, when you care to re-introduce things, I would recommend picking your favorite polyols, for example ~ and just eat them freely.  Add some in each day and see what happens.
    If you do that for several days and you still feel like things are A-ok in the digestion department, try adding in another group.  Etc etc.
    You may be able to find better details of the groups somewhere else online.  I know some of those items don't specify.
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    LizaQ reacted to Marj K in FODMAPS Questions   
    Hi, all. Picking up an old thread for some FODMAP assistance. I have 10 days to go and I want to cut FODMAPS. I have had a VERY distended belly (assume it's bloating) for years and years and I am now determined to figure out what's going on in there.
    A few quick questions:
    1. I started using this list since Melissa recommended this site and I see that you recommend this list, above. Then I noticed that the official W30 Fodmap shopping list has things on there that are not allowed on either of these. So which do you recommend trusting? or when in doubt cut all? A glaring example is that IBS says you can have some nuts and seeds, but Paleo mom says none. 
    2. What is the best way to reintroduce FODMAPS? In Day by Day, Melissa suggested eliminating them for 1 week, but then what? I would consider extending behind 30 days if necessary, even though I would prefer not to. (or should I just not reintroduce them until way after my 40 days?) i.e., I could just do the regular W30 reintro after 30 days but just stay off FODMAPS. 
    3. Anything else you recommend?
    4. Is there any reason to believe that nightshades could also be causing this? I have acid reflux and joint pain, so I've often considered this, but I'm afraid of going too crazy here...It could be overwhelming. 
    Thanks! Marj
    Tagging our fearless moderator @ShannonM816
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    LizaQ reacted to chirosy in Day 30 and feel defeated :(   
    I made it this far!  I don’t think I should quit yet. I will stick it out 10 more days. Thank you very much for your help. 
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    LizaQ reacted to ALM Grandma in Starting 5/8 but partner isn't   
    Thank you Lisa Q. I needed to hear this too with a loving partially supportive 36 year husband and a very non compliant pantry.
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    LizaQ got a reaction from AtlantaJJ in LizaQ's Log   
    Day 32 - S 5/5
    B: 8:00 Skillet P: Ground beef V: green beans F: Ghee
    L: 2:00 Leftovers P: Chicken Sausage V: Carrots, arugula F: Olive oil
    D: 7:00 chicken P: Chicken Thighs
    Last night I just slumped and at some plain chicken and nothing else. Keeping up with the template is hard sometimes.
    I had a normal-ish poop in the morning. Had a very quiet day at home and was just tired enough to skip the party I was planning to go to but not so tired that I needed to take a nap of go to bed early. Only I don't think it was tiredness exactly. I just didn't have the energy to be social.
    Did a bunch of research. Cutting out all those otherwise healthy foods without being sure to add the fermented/organ/etc food I need doesn't sound that great. SO. I need to get going on this!
    And I would really like to add back in things like breath mints!
    I slept okish. Woke several times but went back to sleep fairly quickly. But leg pain again...I am not taking ibuprofen for it because it's on the list of "to avoid" for AIP. But if it helps me sleep? Just not sure!
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    LizaQ got a reaction from AtlantaJJ in LizaQ's Log   
    Hey @AtlantaJJ I hope I can be helpful!
    I forgot to put some more Friday stuff. That original cyst is resolved - and now I have 2 more. I had a small poop yesterday. I did not sleep well - woke at 6ish after a very restless night. No hot flashes at least!!
    The cysts and the sleeplessness can easily be hormone related. Actually, my digestive issues may also be hormone related. Supposedly, menopause affects everything! No period since February 15 so who knows what's going on in there. But I am frustrated at the thought that it may not be the foods so much as my body, if that makes sense.
    I'm already missing tomatoes. And asparagus. Sigh. And I was invited to a Conco de Mayo party tonight. I will just eat at home and have....well, these friends usually have La Croix so I will eat before I go and then just have sparkling water. Another sigh.
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    LizaQ reacted to AtlantaJJ in LizaQ's Log   
    I'm going to follow your journey because I need to decide my best eating plan and I'm so busy, work full time, etc. The information you are posting is very helpful! 
    I just found out about Paleo AIP, and FODMAP. I'm really interested in FODMAP...
    There is a so much to figure out! 
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    LizaQ got a reaction from AtlantaJJ in LizaQ's Log   
    Day 31 Friday 5/4
    B: 8ish leftovers P: Chicken thighs V: sweet potato and spinach and arugula F: Olive oil
    L: 1:30 skillet P: Ground beef V: Green beans F: Olive oil - not much
    D: 7:00 skillet P: Chicken sausage V: Arugula F: Olive oil - extra on top
    It was my son's birthday - 18!! So it involved a lot of baking/cooking things that I neither tasted nor ate. Shepherd's Pie and Bread Pudding with Hard Sauce. I am given to understand that it was all delicious lol.
    But prepping that plus my meals plus stuff I needed to do was a long long day after my night of little sleep. I laid down twice for about 30m each time. Couldn't sleep but it helped to get through the day. I was limping by 8ish and pretty achy. First time in a while, I think.
    I decided to only use the steroid cream 1x daily for a few days but I still didn't sleep well. Knee pain and left leg pain. I am seeing my hematologist soon and I will show him this bruise I have on the back of my left calf that I've had for at least 2 years. Maybe I am having a blood clotting issue? I looked up the bruise + pain and it is worth looking into.
    So. AIP. I have a short list of foods I can eat that I like that are W30, AIP and FOD-MAP. I need to look into: Omega-6 seafood. Organ meats. Fermented foods. All three of which are problematic for me.
    Seafood at home is an issue. My highly-sensitive daughter with Celiac and EE has a mini-heart attack if I even make canned tuna when she's around. When she's out I can eat that more often and I can try canned salmon. But cooking fish is just not happening in my home - that smell lingers. My husband loves fish - in a restaurant. He wouldn't be able to handle the smell either.
    Organ meat. My husband thinks they are gross and smell bad and I must say the very thought of most of them grosses me out. I used to tolerate liver and bacon the way my Mom made it but I can't order it in a restaurant unless I'm alone and I can't make it at home. The others seem so - horrible.
    Ditto fermented food. I'll eat the occasional pickle, but pickled veg, especially sauerkraut - Yuck!! The thought of Kombucha or kimchi turns my stomach.
    Obviously I am going to have to figure this out. I'm willing to try food that I think is gross, but I'm not ready to make my family suffer alongside me. Yet.
    So I'm thinking to start small with supplements. Liver pills. Fish-oil. Apple cider vinegar.
    Actually, my family has been very supportive of me, so long as they do not have to eat any of the weirder stuff I've made. They're all old enough to fend for themselves for 2 meals a day so I only have to have some kind of dinner for them every day. And yes - lots of people would say that my husband and 19yo daughter are adults and perfectly capable of making their own dinner. But I am home by choice - haven't worked in 27 years - and part of that deal is laundry done and dinner made!
    Anyway. Continuing to research. Especially fats. I think I will just have to keep pouring oil/melting ghee over my food for a while...
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    LizaQ got a reaction from AtlantaJJ in 4/2/2018 Starting Whole30   
    I have a post in the Reintroduction section where I'm talking about what to give up... but since I've decided not to do reintroduction now, I doubt I'l keep updating there. I plan to keep up with my W30 log post daily, if you want to follow what I'm eating/not eating, and my symptoms. It's very TMI and not that exciting but after a few more weeks I hope to see some improvement. I mean - how can I give up tomatoes and peppers, not to mention guacamole and onions without some tangible benefit to look forward to!
    I'm researching at The Paleo Mom site and her book is on my Amazon list to get!
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    LizaQ reacted to LAO in It Is So Much More Than The Scale   
    The scale!  It’s been calling me for months.  Oh why did I succumb?  This time the number on the calendar had a hold on me.  It instantly convinced me it was time to weigh in.  After all, I had not been on the scale since December 28!  My clothes were feeling loose, and I even had to get a new bra so surely there had to be a big number loss, right?  Imagine my surprise when it only reflected 11 pounds?  17 weeks and only 11 pounds?  Wait, what???  What happened?  Where is the 20 – 25 pounds lost that I imagined?

    As I took a day to reflect, I really took the time to think about the past 17 weeks.  Prior to W30, I would have immediately felt defeated and headed straight to the kitchen for a MAJOR binge and which would have put me in a serious food coma!  I have been fighting disordered eating issues for 30+ years!  But this time was different!  I didn’t even have that feeling which was a HUGE NSV for me!

    So what happened?  I reminded myself that that was just a number that gives me information about my health, it does not define me.  Then I decided to look at my journal and gather data from the past 17 weeks.  Here is what I found:  8 weeks of 100% compliant eating!  Then four weeks of throwing in the towel and letting my Sugar Dragon be in charge and believe me, she was having a major hold on me that I had a hard time getting out from under.  Followed by two weeks of half ass compliancy and reintroduction followed by three weeks of 100% compliancy.

    Ok, now I understand the food piece but what about the exercise piece?  Looking at my exercise calendar, how many smiley faces did I give myself? (I don’t track points or calories anymore, but wanted to track my exercises, smiley faces mean I completed the days planned activity.  I had 7 weeks of J.  That means there was 10 weeks (not in a row) of almost NOTHING!  NOTHING!  Ok, that explains a lot; because for my body type I HAVE to move it to lose it!

    Then thing I reflected on was the meal template.  Had I really been following it like it was recommended?  Were my nuts and seed servings a closed handful or more like an opened palm?  Were my cooking fats 1 – 2 thumb sized or more like 3-4?  How about the serving sizes?  Was I really following the suggestions?  If the meal fed four, did I turn it into two?   Therefore eating more than I should?  Maybe a few too many potatoes on non-activity days?  You know, too much of a good thing, is still too much!

    So when I look at all of this, I realize that my 11 pounds are exactly what they should be.  11 weeks of 100% compliancy + 7 weeks of good exercise = 11 pounds lost!  That is a great success and I am very proud of that!  But the most important piece to this puzzle is how I feel.  I FEEL FANTASTIC!!  Better than I have in years.  With the exception of the time I wasn’t eating compliantly and not exercising, I feel great.  My stomach doesn’t hurt and I am not bloated.  My joints don’t bother me.  My face is not puffy and my complexion looks better.  My head doesn’t hurt and I don’t feel like I am in a fog.  And better than all that, my anxiety and depression barely exist.

    I have Tiger Blood and I feel soo full of energy.  I am annoyingly happy and always in a good mood more times than not.  I am also back to running which is one of my favorite things to do!  Whole 30 has allowed me to live again and be present in my life.  It has taught me through reintroduction that just because a food is healthy and good for you, it doesn’t mean it is necessarily good for me.  My body reacted poorly to certain foods and I have learned to avoid them.  I have also learned that I don’t have to be tied down to an app to track my food, to the measuring spoons and the food scale.  I now listen to my body and know which foods react poorly.  This is FOOD FREEDOM!  Thank you so much Melissa Hartwig sharing Whole 30.  It really has changed my life!