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  1. Smrtygirl, The only reasonable thing to do at this point is to see a doctor. There are serious medical conditions that cause GI problems that won't be immediately impacted by diet. I have to wonder why this obvious next step isn't working for you. Can you see a doctor, with your insurance situation? If you can, then please do. Have you seen a doctor before for these issues, and was the experience not positive? If so, please don't give up, and try again. Have you ever been told these could be psychosomatic issues? I don't want to carte blanche endorse the idea that this is a psychosomatic issue, because people with real medical issues have been discounted by doctors. However, if nothing seems to work in an extreme way, and there is no evidence of a medical problem, this is something to consider. Psychosomatic issues are linked to anxiety, and resolve through therapy and various forms of anxiety treatments.
  2. Lime LaCroix

    LDL Cholesterol Sky-rocketed

    Switching to a fat-burning metabolism alone, without significant weight loss, can cause a temporary spike in cholesterol levels. You can search the web and find lots of articles about this. Your healthy cholesterol has actually gone up (HDL), even though LDL has also gone up. Even with the increase, right now it's just at the high end of "borderline" high. Keep eating healthy, and check them again in 2-3 months. If they don't go down, you might have a genetic makeup that would benefit from less red and fatty meat in the diet. Your glucose level change is not significant in any way, and the readings likely were related to aberrations specific to the day your blood was drawn. Overall, it's within normal range.
  3. If you do have SIBO, probiotics will either have no effect or make the problem worse until the bad bacteria overgrowth is in check. There is a bacteria called clostridium difficile (c diff) that frequently causes constipation. This is a real medical problem that goes beyond simply dietary advice, so it could be worth a visit to a GI specialist if you don't get relief soon.
  4. Smrtygirl, The pubic bone to rib cage bloating you described is consistent with dysbiosis seen in SIBO and SIFO if you also have digestive issues. The small intestines immediately below the breast bone may be noticeably inflamed. Given your history of moderate alcohol consumption and regularly eating GF high sugar and high carb snacks, you could have either an overgrowth of yeast in the bowels or an overgrowth of bad bacteria, or both. 30% of people with IBS and bloat have both. Changing your diet causes gut flora changes that can lead to temporary problems, even if there were no noticeable gut issues before now. You can search the web for protocols on restoring gut health. The first step is to remove all sugar and alcohol, and introduce herbal treatments like Oregano Oil that kill both yeast and bad bacteria until symptoms subside. The second step is to introduce probiotics, naturally fermented food, and high-fiber food to establish good bacteria in the gut.