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  1. Kay1691

    Raw Milk/Cheese

    Thanks, yes I know but was still interested to see if there is a whole30 philosophy re the fact raw milk is unpasteurised and therefore unprocessed as far as I understand so a wholefood perhaps..?
  2. Kay1691

    Raw Milk/Cheese

    I've completed the whole30 and re-intro stage and was wondering about raw milk post whole30. I've not had any negative reactions when re-introducing anything, including dairy but would like to reduce intake of processed foods so thought raw milk might be a healthier option? Thoughts welcome, thanks
  3. Kay1691


    Thanks Shannon, that's really helpful guidance. I've felt good on the whole30 plan this last month so want to maintain the benefits with some flexibility.
  4. Kay1691


    Pre whole30 I used kefir grains which I regularly fermented with cow's milk to add probiotics to my diet. These have been put on ice for the last 28 days and I'd be interested in some guidance going forward as whole30 completes. Have just read this article published by whole9 which promotes supplementing probiotic intake via food and it seems to me that re-introducing kefir might be a good nutritional move depending on how my body reacts to the re-introduction of dairy: http://whole9life.com/tag/kefir/ I have thought about whether to try it with coconut milk but other posts suggest that it is not as effective as whole dairy milk. I know it's probably a personal choice here but my feeling is that I don't particularly miss dairy apart from milk in coffee and kefir so if I don't have any negative reaction following re-introduction, regular consumption of these 2 might be a good thing? Thanks
  5. Kay1691

    Canned coconut milk

    thanks and sorry. I thought being an old post it might not get picked up.
  6. Kay1691

    Canned coconut milk

    I just bought some koko dairy free coconut milk with ingredients: water, coconut milk (7%), calcium, phosphate, emulsifier (sucrose ester of fatty acids), salt, vitamins, stabiliser (geltan gum) and colour (carotene). Now concerned about the emulsifier (sucrose ester of fatty acids). Ok for whole30 or not? It will keep, on day 24 so don't want to blow it! Moderator (all) views welcome. Thanks
  7. Kay1691

    Coconut Cream in Coffee (ingredient check)

    Can I just confirm that coconut cream is ok in coffee if ingredients compliant? Thanks
  8. Kay1691

    Re-introduction phase

    haha, every which way points to eat it (now and again)
  9. Kay1691

    Re-introduction phase

    thanks kirkor, makes sense
  10. I was wondering how the suggestion for eating ice cream after 30 days as a re-introduction option helps identify problem foods as obviously it's part dairy part sugar. I went for a (black) coffee at a local bakery this morning and spotted the most delicious looking pasteis de nata (portugese tart) and thought to myself that's the first thing I'm having on day 31 (with a flat white). But as it's ingredients include grains (flour), dairy (cream) and sugar I wondered whether it might be problematic in determining foods that could be causing issues? So, question is, must I wait another 10 days until I enjoy this piece of heaven? Thoughts welcome.. Thanks!
  11. thanks. I'm on day 19 and finding it easier than I imagined, I'm cooking far more creatively and mindfully and really enjoying the food but there is that milestone without which I don't think it would be sustainable. The only things I really miss are porridge and a glass of wine (bit weird). would you recommend re-introducing alcohol and sugar after re-introduction of the other 4 food categories or doesn't it really matter? Also I'm slightly confused about dairy as I'm sure I read something from Melissa that dairy out of all the eliminated food categories should not be included going forward as it's inappropriate for adults (a growth food). I also saw she takes cream in her coffee but did note that full cream out of all dairy is not so bad in the scheme of things..
  12. Hi, looking at the reintroduction phase of : Day 1 is dairy. Day 4 is gluten grains. Day 7 is non-gluten grains. Day 10 is legumes. ... where is sugar? Alcohol is considered sugar right? thanks Kay