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  1. thanks. I'm on day 19 and finding it easier than I imagined, I'm cooking far more creatively and mindfully and really enjoying the food but there is that milestone without which I don't think it would be sustainable. The only things I really miss are porridge and a glass of wine (bit weird). would you recommend re-introducing alcohol and sugar after re-introduction of the other 4 food categories or doesn't it really matter? Also I'm slightly confused about dairy as I'm sure I read something from Melissa that dairy out of all the eliminated food categories should not be included going forward as it's inappropriate for adults (a growth food). I also saw she takes cream in her coffee but did note that full cream out of all dairy is not so bad in the scheme of things..
  2. Hi, looking at the reintroduction phase of : Day 1 is dairy. Day 4 is gluten grains. Day 7 is non-gluten grains. Day 10 is legumes. ... where is sugar? Alcohol is considered sugar right? thanks Kay