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  1. LEMorgan18

    Ideas for 12 hour shift days???

    I work 12 hour shifts too, and I FINALLY found a system that works for me. Hopefully it will work for you as well... Just to make this easier, lets say I have Friday-Sunday off. On Friday night, I will make a LARGE dinner, large enough for 4+ left over servings (depending on if you're just feeding yourself or family). Saturday and Sunday I do the same. Also on Sunday, I will throw things together in a crock-pot that I will take out of the fridge on Monday morning, and just push Start. On one of my days off (Usually Saturday, to spread things out), I make a massive breakfast casserole of some kind, that will give me enough servings to get me through the week. I found that they heat up very well! So I'm really only cooking 3 dinners and 1 big breakfast casserole, plus chucking stuff into a crock-pot. Some people do all their prep in one day, but that overwhelms me. I found that this broke things up nicely. Its not hard to make bigger portions of the same meal. Through out the week, I will circulate my leftovers like so: Monday Morning: Breakfast casserole leftovers Monday Lunch: Leftovers from Friday's dinner Monday Dinner: Crock-pot Tuesday Morning: Breakfast casserole leftovers Tuesday Lunch: Leftovers from Saturday's dinner Tuesday Dinner: Leftovers from Sunday's dinner Wednesday Morning: Breakfast casserole leftovers Wednesday Lunch: Leftovers from Monday's crock-pot Wednesday Dinner: Leftovers from Friday's dinner Thursday Morning: Breakfast casserole leftovers Thursday Lunch: Leftovers from Saturday's dinner Thursday Dinner: Leftovers from Sunday's dinner And over my days off, I will finish up any extra leftovers, and make whatever I feel like for breakfast.
  2. LEMorgan18

    Staring April 1!

    Good Morning, Everyone! Welcome to Day #2! How was everyone able to handle Easter? I found myself eating a bowl of broccoli and a Salmon Frittata while my family dove into Honey Ham, corn casserole, grape salad (covered in brown sugar, dairy something, and nuts), and other extremely non-compliant dishes. Dessert was the hardest for me to pass up- Homemade Tiramisu! Somehow, even though I had to help dish and pass out the dessert, I did not give in! Taking this as my first "Win!" lol
  3. LEMorgan18

    Should I stop IF for Whole30?

    Thank you, Kirkor! I appreciate the advice! I will look into that forum! You're right, I have been hearing more and more acceptance of the IF.
  4. I have been following the Paleo and Keto WOE for over a year. With this, I've also been following intermittent fasting for a year as well. I have read articles and forums that suggest you to not introduce IF during your Whole30. I understand it can confuse your body, because there are too many variables. However, my question is, if my body is already used to IF, do I stop for my Whole30 program? Or would stopping fall into the same category of doing too many changes at once? Just for reference, this is my current eating pattern: 5:00am: Bullet proof coffee with ghee or coconut milk or oil (<100kcal) 10:00am: Breakfast 2:00pm: Lunch 5:30-6pm: Dinner
  5. LEMorgan18

    Staring April 1!

    I am definitely a grazer, and eating 3 meals a day without snacking is definitely going to be a challenge for me as well. I've been practicing this past week in preparation for my April 1st start date, by sipping tea when my snack monster shows it's ugly head!
  6. LEMorgan18

    Staring April 1!

    Hellooo ladies! I'm right there with ya on the April 1st start date! Doing my homework now, reading the Whole30 book, and excited to start!