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  1. ild228

    Brand New and Hoping to Start 9/3

    I feel the exact same way @jennplaystheguitar
  2. ild228

    Brand New and Hoping to Start 9/3

    I'm starting today too! @itsyourcaptain I feel you. I have tried a couple of half-hearted whole30s this year, but this one is for real. I wish you the best of luck! If you find any good recipes or have any tips, please share them here, and I will too! Good luck to all!
  3. Good luck! I'm starting today as well.
  4. ild228

    Wife and I start tomorrow, July 16

    I started yesterday, and it’s the end of day 2 for me right now. Would it be helpful for us to check in with each other on here? As for the CrossFit/being active thing: it helps to eat more meals in a day instead of trying to go 4+ hours between meals if you’re pretty active and hungry. I like to eat a mini-meal about an hour before working out, and then another immediately after. My meal after normally has a lot of fat and protein to keep me full now that my metabolism is revved. Good luck!
  5. ild228

    I need energy!

    @Rachelbyrd83 I started yesterday too! How was day one for you?
  6. ild228

    Starting Saturday, July 7

    Hi! Please keep posting these daily updates, it’s so nice to know that someone else is going through what I’m going through! What do you mean by “negative people” around you?
  7. ild228

    Taking it a step further

    Sure thing!
  8. ild228

    Taking it a step further

    Hi! Let me know how it’s going for you once you start okay?
  9. Hi @breezyleaf how are you doing? I’m so sorry that I didn’t see this until now but I hadn’t my notifications turned off. How are things going for you? Thank you for he support and for being so understanding and kind!
  10. ild228

    Ending Day #2! (Good Night)

    Hi guys! Today is day 1 for me, and it’s my second time doing a Whole30, and I’m jumping on your bandwagon, I hope that’s okay. Would it be helpful for y’all if we check in with each other on here? I for one could use some support and accountability, and also advice.
  11. Gabrielle, I am an 18 year old girl and I am struggling with binge eating for the first time in my life. For the past few months I’ve been bingeing on sugary foods at night, sometimes even in the mornings and afternoons, and I am feeling so weak and ashamed and scared and removed from my life. I don’t know what’s happening to me. This is horrible. I’m not fat or overweight yet, but I’ve put on 20 pounds over the past three months. This is horrible and I feel so so so gross and I’m so worried that I’ll never be able to fix myself. I’ve lost so much willpower and confidence. I don’t know what’s going on with myself. I had a legit mental breakdown a few days ago because eating so much, especially so much sugar, really takes a mental toll on me and makes me feel so foggy-headed. Have you experienced this too? I feel at this point like I’m using food to “get high” in a way and I’m addicted. I hate this so much. I’m starting the Whole30 tomorrow to try to save myself. I really really really would love to do this thing with you because we are struggling with similar issues and I really need someone who understands me and what I’m going through. We can be each other’s accountability partners and we can encourage each other and make sure we both stay committed! I believe that we both can do whatever we set our minds too, as long as we are strong and dedicated. Let’s do this thing!!! What do you say?
  12. ild228

    Starting my Whole30 on July 2nd

    I’m in it with you guys, starting tomorrow!! What are your reasons for doing a Whole30? @Coffee Kimberly @Webbrandall
  13. ild228

    Whole 30 Round 3

    Hi! How's this Whole30 round going for you so far?
  14. ild228

    Started this week!

    Hi! How's it going so far for you?
  15. Hi all! I have done a Whole30 before and I learned a lot of valuable information about how my body responds to different foods. I now know that grains and legumes don't really have any negative impacts on me physically, and I prefer not to go without them in my diet. Lately I've felt like I've been eating a ton of sugar and other stuff that doesn't make me feel good, and I would like to change that. I know that the Whole30 community is very gung-ho and supportive, and maybe there are other people on here who would like to do a pretty strict food cleanse but forego all of the Whole30 rules. I looked around online for other kinds of health support and accountability groups, but I couldn't find any free ones that didn't use facebook (I don't have facebook). So, would anyone like to do a food cleanse with me (no sugar, no white flour, no alcohol, nothing refined, mostly fresh fruits and veggies and protein)? We can use this forum post to talk with each other about our struggles, recipes, exercise, what we want to get out of the food cleanse, etc. Also if anyone knows of free online health-centered support or accountability groups that aren't solely on facebook then please let me know!