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    ild228 reacted to Readyfor30! in Starting WHOLE30 Sept 10   
    Anyone out there staring their W30 on 9/10? I was going to start it on 9/3 but has things come up. Looking for accountability. I’m a 55 y-o and looking to change my relationship with food (as well as lose some weight!). 
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    ild228 reacted to jennplaystheguitar in Brand New and Hoping to Start 9/3   
    Hi! I have been thinking about doing this for a while, but am only really giving myself a few days to plan. That said, I have done drastic diet changes before to try to “clean up” my eating in the past. I just have found that there has too much bread and sugar in my diet these past few months, and it is time to make a commitment. Type 2 Diabetes runs in my family, and I need to work at staving this off, so I am pretty committed. I am not usually a “group” kind of person, but know that I will need support. I married into an Italian American family that is always having group events that center around eating. We have a lot of family events coming up, but if I wait any longer, I will find myself saying that again for October, and then we will be creeping up to the holidays. So, it’s now or never! Thanks for reading, if you have, and best of luck to everyone in all of their endeavors!
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    ild228 reacted to jennplaystheguitar in Brand New and Hoping to Start 9/3   
    And to you too!
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    ild228 reacted to Knine22 in Brand New and Hoping to Start 9/3   
    Hi! I'm planning to start September 3rd too. Good luck to you!
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    ild228 got a reaction from savemooses in Ending Day #2! (Good Night)   
    Hi guys! Today is day 1 for me, and it’s my second time doing a Whole30, and I’m jumping on your bandwagon, I hope that’s okay. Would it be helpful for y’all if we check in with each other on here? I for one could use some support and accountability, and also advice. 
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    ild228 reacted to Nprawl in Starting Saturday, July 7   
    Day 2 over!  Again I made good choices and stuck to the plan.  But...the meal times were all messed up because my husband said the meat off the smoker would be done early afternoon but it really did not get done until 5.
    Today is back to work so it should be easier to be on a set schedule.  Good luck to me!
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    ild228 reacted to Jomelsa in Taking it a step further   
    Hello! This is my first whole30. I’ve been primal for years, low carb and/or keto. I am fat adapted. BUT I have 15 stubborn pounds to lose. I admit that I do not really exercise. Maybe once a week. I know that would help. But I struggle to cut back on dairy and alcohol as well which is why I am here. And Lordy do I need some support! Not sure how this works but I hope to find all my answers here!!  I need to order ghee, and will be starting the day after it arrives. 
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    ild228 reacted to breezyleaf in Searching for the answer to food addiction, obesity, depression and anxiety - planning to start July 10th.   
    I'm right there with all three of you, I am starting on Monday July 9th! Let's do this together and rock it out!!! We can and will conquer the demons!
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    ild228 reacted to Jim4884 in Searching for the answer to food addiction, obesity, depression and anxiety - planning to start July 10th.   
    Hi Gabrielle (and all on this thread), I hope you don't mind my "snipping" your post.  While our details have a lot of differences, I felt a significant connection reading your post.  Why I even tried the Whole 30 (long story, but at the time I had no real interest in dietary changes) was for two reasons: One, the science was good.  I am an engineer and a critical thinker, and I could find no flaws in the Whole 30 approach.  Two, it encourages SELF EXPERIMENTATION.  I think this is the most important, and most overlooked part of the Whole 30.  Everyone's relationship with food is different.  The Whole 30 encourages you to learn what is most critical/dangerous/important to you.  My "outside observer" eye sees too many people not giving enough credence to a careful re-introduction phase.
    I have completed two whole 30's, and here's what I experienced:
    I went from (high end of) pre-diabetic to completely normal blood sugar lowered my blood pressure while getting off of BP medications inflammation in my arthritic ankle decreased enough so I can run again mild eczema  completely disappeared mood and sleep both modestly improved I learned to love eating vegetables, and rediscovered my joy of cooking I lost 40 lbs without limiting portion sizes or increasing exercise I have not gotten tired of people asking me how much weight I've lost, or noticing that my ankles are no longer dangerously swollen   I was not planning on doing another Whole 30, as I just eat compliant about 99% of the time, but I would if it would inspire anyone on the fence.  Regardless, I am happy to share if my experiences motivate anyone...
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    ild228 reacted to Gabrielle1122 in Searching for the answer to food addiction, obesity, depression and anxiety - planning to start July 10th.   
    Hi Everyone,
    I'm no stranger to the Whole30.  I completed my first Whole30 about three years ago, and was convinced that I had found the answer to my lifelong struggle with binge eating, weight, chronic fatigue and depression.  At the end of 30 days I had lost about 30 pounds, food cravings had vanished, and I found myself easily flowing through my days happily and productively.  I don't know what happened.  Maybe I needed to stay on the program for longer than 30 days, maybe I continued to feed my sugar dragon with fruit and dates and it came roaring back to the surface at my first taste of ice cream.  Either way, I slipped back into old habits rather quickly.  I've attempted to complete the Whole30 multiple times since, but I can never quite get myself to commit all the way... that sugar in the BBQ sauce isn't SUCH a big deal, I'll just have this ONE slice of toast, and before I know it, I'm completely off the program, within a matter of days.  
    So here I am today.  I've just given birth to my third child.  I'm heavier than I've ever been before.  I'm depressed and racked by anxiety, guilt and shame at what I've done to my body and by my inability to get off the damn couch.  I've been trying to hard to lose weight by restricting calories, but inevitably find myself overeating - I haven't lost a pound in almost two months.  I feel hopeless, like I'm destined to be fat and depressed forever. I'm not the mother or wife that I want to be.  I've spent the last few months looking for the answer, researching various diets - whole food plant based (vegan) - ketogenic (something about this program just doesn't sit right) - Atkins, WeightWatchers... Finally, I found myself back here at Whole30 - the only plan that I've ever experienced any kind of success with.  I'm committing myself fully this time, because, as anyone who struggles with perfectionist, all or nothing tendencies like I do knows, once I've made one exception, no matter how small, there are sure to be more to follow.  
    Best of luck to everyone else starting out on this journey!
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    ild228 reacted to gardengal56 in Searching for the answer to food addiction, obesity, depression and anxiety - planning to start July 10th.   
    Hi Gabrielle,
    Wow, I think I could have written your post. I'm planning my first Whole 30 to start on July 8, 2018. I totally understand the control sugar can have, the all or nothing tendencies and the exceptions that can send one into a tail spin. Just wanted you to know you are not alone. I'm sure you know the birth of a child brings it's own stresses and emotions, good and bad, so remember you are dealing with that too. It sounds like you've been successful on the program in the past. Maybe knowing you've done it before can encourage you to do it again. Be strong.