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  1. Aldi has dried cranberries that are sweetened with pineapple juice. Tesco sells a compliant beef stock concentrate (Masterchef brand), unfortunately the chicken stock had sugar.
  2. annabel

    Day 12 - things only worse, want to quit

    Your worsening of you skin issues might not be food related at all, I know loads of expats who complain about this sort of thing and most have attributed it to the different water and/or different products (soap, face wash, detergent, etc)
  3. annabel

    Meal planning on a budget

    Essentially, buy what's on offer/cheap. (If you have freezer space buy extra of what's on offer and freeze it) And don't use the fancy, expensive ingredients. Avocados are quite expensive here, so I stick with olive oil and olives for most of my fats. Same with vegetables, buy what's in season and cheap and just be creative with what you can get. Unfortunately, hard to give any specifics as I'm not familiar with what's available in Holland.
  4. annabel

    The Great Pancake controversy

    The fish cakes from Well Fed 2 (baked in muffin tins) are our new favourite breakfast. (there are eggs in them, but they aren't eggy)
  5. annabel

    Eating during a military exercise

    I'm fairly sure they wont let people with coeliac serve in the armed forces here. I thought it was the same with the US?
  6. annabel

    Do these mishaps count as fail?

    You can still count yourself as having done 30 days without wheat, dairy, soy, etc which is still a solid accomplishment, just not technically a Whole 30.
  7. Any places in London that people would recommend for paleo-friendly eating? Or even just gluten-free.
  8. annabel

    Day25 great but....

    Do you have a slow cooker? That almost feels as if someone else is cooking for you, when you come in and there's a hot meal waiting for you I do most of the cooking in the house, so completely understand where you're coming from. I was chuffed to find frozen burgers in the freezer this morning that I'd made a few weeks ago - It feels different than the cooking on the weekend for the rest of the week. I definitely make a lot more simple meals (just meat & veg/salad) than I did when I first started eating Whole 30. If you live with anyone else. get them to help you with the cooking.... at least that can change it up a bit and relieve some of the pressure. Or if not, invite some friends round and cook a meal together.
  9. annabel

    Sourcing Good Food in New Zealand?

    I've found loads of sugar free bacon in the UK, have you had a look at the places where you usually do your shopping?
  10. annabel

    Am I On Track?

    My husband was tired all the time as well before he started a Whole 30. As in, asleep in bed by 8:30 most nights, after a nap on the couch after work. Following the Whole 30 did sort out his sleep and tiredness after about 2 weeks.
  11. annabel

    Starting July 21

    Lol, Bee - why in the world did you have a coffee if it doesn't agree with you?! Mind, I do the exact same thing. I don't even really like coffee (any more, I used to drink probably 10 cups a day), but if someone offers me a coffee I'll still say yes. I've actually started drinking my tea black. Accidentally. As I hadn't realised the milk had gone off before making the tea. And it tastes exactly the same as it did with milk.... probably because I was only putting a drop in anyway. Well done on not eating crappy food to go with your crappy day!! That's definitely one of my downfalls, I do great with my diet until I'm stressed out and then it just goes to pot.
  12. annabel

    August 4 Start Group

    Vicki - "partner" is the word people use here, but maybe that still implies a same-sex relationship in the US. I see OH (other half) used on the internet a lot too.
  13. annabel

    Starting July 21

    Bee- Dairy is technically a restart I think I've read about some people who have started reintroducing other things but extending just the dairy for a full 30 days before reintroducing that. It's not really technically a "Whole 30", but that doesn't mean you won't still get all the benefits of it.
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    That sounds about right
  15. annabel

    Starting July 21

    The fish cakes were great for breakfast again this morning. Then this evening, I tried the fried sardines from Well Fed 2 for dinner tonight and they were excellent as well. I've just realised that I've had fish for all 3 of my meals today I'm off to the National Eisteddfod tomorrow. It's only held once a year and moves around the country, so it's only really easily accessible every 2 years or so. So, as one of my main goals is trying to work Whole 30 eating into my life outside of a Whole 30 context, I've decided that I'm not really fussed about trying to stick to Whole 30 eating and will take advantage of whatever local foods there are on offer and restart again on Sunday if need be.
  16. annabel

    Day 6 not sure I can continue

    You don't need to eat organic everything. There have been loads of threads about budget whole 30s if you have a bit of a search:
  17. annabel

    Starting July 21

    Glad to see everyone is still doing well. My language course started on Monday - so, from the time I leave my house at 7:45 to when I get home at 5:30 I'm not really using English. Thus, posting is pretty much non-existent as my brain isn't really cooperating here. But, I've made it through three days of class without biscuits. Unlike every other course I've done where the pack of biscuits is opened with about 10 minutes of class starting. (And chocolate biscuits are most definitely a healthy breakfast). I've been eating lots of lovely food though and have some salmon fish cakes in the oven right now that smell lush. But they're for breakfast tomorrow.
  18. annabel

    Appalachian Trail thru-hike 2015

    Trexpar - You definitely don't want to ship to post offices, it's better to ship to guest houses and outfitters. My husband and I have been considering the AT. But unfortunately dehydrating food isn't an option for us coming from overseas with US customs restrictions. Personally, I'd take more frequent, but quick, trips into town as at least then you're getting a bit more fresh food in. And fewer zero days with all of their temptations.
  19. I think the portion size comment is useful. I've reduced my portions dramatically since my first W30 and still think I'm eating more food than I need most days. And the protein shakes - My husband uses them as a way to get extra calories into his diet.
  20. annabel

    Starting July 21

    Outdorsgrl - The muffins just recreate something that you likely ate for breakfast (or a snack) pre Whole 30. Now is a time to be creating new breakfast habits, rather than relying on substitutes for what you used to eat. I think all paleo-ified desserts are considered to be SWYPO (and muffins are a dessert, despite the American predilection for eating them at breakfast time) But besides that, it doesn't really fit the template. There isn't really a no snacking rule. It's fine to eat a 4th meal if you're hungry. But you should try to make it a mini-meal, with protein, veg and fat. My husband has a physical job and needs to eat at least 4 meals a day at the beginning of a Whole 30. Have fun at the amusement park
  21. annabel

    Burgers with carbohydrates..?

    The quality of meat here is generally a lot better than it is in the States, you don't really need to order special things online.
  22. annabel

    Starting July 21

    Morning everyone! Day 5 already. I'm trying going with a smaller breakfast this morning as I'm finding that I'm not hungry enough during the day to eat the rest of my meals at a reasonable time. I managed to cut my thumb last night with my julienne peeler. And that was after setting a tea towel on fire in the morning when using a small cast iron pan on the larger burner with too much flame. I really can't be trusted in the kitchen.
  23. annabel

    Starting July 21

    Outdorsgrl - There is a specific section for food logs, but you could post in here as well if you'd prefer. I find it easier to post in the other section, so that it's all in one place if I want to go back and look at it again later. Mine is at:
  24. annabel

    Starting July 21

    How's Day 4 going for everyone? I've had a headache for most of the morning, though that's fairly typical for me recently and have been feeling generally unwell. But, I don't get on well with the hot weather, so I don't think I can blame the Whole 30. Though, I'm sure most people outside the UK don't consider 26 (79F) to be particularly hot. I'm really struggling to drink water right now, so am drinking tea, black. Interestingly, it tastes the same as it does when I put milk in (probably because I only put in about 1 tsp), so I'm not sure why I've bothered with it for as long as I have. I also have sparkling water in the fridge, so will try that next. Other than that I'm totally bored. I've been really productive every day this week and now I have nothing left to do I'd do some meal prep, but can't bear the thought of turning on the oven or stove. I'll be glad to have my course to go to from Monday onwards. Bede - It took me years to get used to eating breakfast, it's only really been since I discovered the Whole 30 that I've become a regular breakfast eater, but I love it now. We were at a B&B a few weekends ago and breakfast wasn't served till half 8! I was so hungry by then that I actually ate toast, which I've always considered to be too boring to bother with. (I don't think I'd bought a loaf of bread from the time I left home until I met my husband 10+ years later.) But, honestly, I think it was more about the butter than the toast. Outdorsgrl - I'm not familiar with food combining. Has it been working for you? If not, then I'd say disregard it for your Whole 30. If it has been working for you, then it's a lot more difficult for you to decide what to do. But, I'd hate for you to not get the full results of a Whole 30 by adapting it too much. Definitely list what you're eating for the day, the moderators and everyone else are usually great with offering helpful suggestions and advice.
  25. annabel

    Ok- new- please help!

    Do you have a slow cooker? There are plenty of recipes with minimal effort and you come home to a cooked meal. These are some of my regulars: (more prep involved, but one of my favourites) Also, you don't need to eat eggs for breakfast, I eat leftovers a lot. And my new favourite breakfast is soup (with protein on the side, either eggs or leftover meat from the slow cooker)