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  1. tidowu

    Supplements and Vegetarian

    Do you know if any of them are vegetarian friendly by any chance?
  2. I'm a vegetarian I go to the gym 6 times a week I know the whole 30 program is anti-protein powders, snacking, and dependence on fruits. But as a vegetarian who goes to the gym a lot, these help me get through the day without energy fatigue, one of my snacks is a banana with almond butter/cashew butter or unsweetened protein powder that I blend with bananas and unsweetened almond milk. I was wondering if anyone here was a vegetarian and an athlete and how they managed to get around this.
  3. I'm a vegetarian who wants to go on the whole thirty program but I have to take vitamin D supplements as a vegetarian. They help with my meat cravings and even help me with crankiness, but they have sucrose and maltodextrin which I know aren't allowed by the program. I don't know any other vegan/vegetarian vitamin D supplements that can help me. Please advice