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    A Butler reacted to Mill1186 in Is the Whole30 safe for pregnant and breastfeeding women?   
    I am down to nursing 2 times a day.  I am on day 17 of the Whole 30.  I was wondering if these "extra meal rules" apply to breast feeding women who are feeding throughout the day and those that are providing limited milk.  I sometimes feel hungry (especially in the afternoon/evening) but I'm wondering if I am misreading the signals and eating because I feel that I am "allowed" since I am breastfeeding.  Is it boredom or hunger is what I am trying to figure out.
    I understand there isn't a perfect W30, but I wondered if any of these BFeeding moms are doing the 4 meals + snacks and only nursing 2X daily.  That might help me better understand my situation.