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  1. Congratulations everyone. Although I loved the program, I won't keep doing it. I love my cheese and grains to much to give up for a long run. I didn't lose a lot weight (5LBS) even though I didn't cheat one day. But, I love the fact that it stopped my cravings.  Good luck for those who will keep doing it. :) 

  2. 23rd day in counting down. Sugar craving is killing me today. Like a few of you, I will be following whole30 but not as strict. I love cooking and I love my gluten free options like bread and pancakes. I will definitely make the pumpkin custard @tutormom . I couldn't resist so I weighted myself this morning :( . Not as great as I expected (only 5 lbs), but at least I can see changes in my body. I don't think I dropped a size, but I can see that I have a waist now, which is great :).  

    What is the first thing you going to introduce? I'm thinking about cream for my coffee and cheese. 

    Happy 4th weekend everyone! 

  3. Hi everyone, a quick check in. Although I am most silent on here, I have following the posts. Day 16 and going strong. Didn't see much difference in clothes but I was really really really happy that I don't have sugar craving anymore. I was able to say no to donuts, ice cream and chocolate this weekend. Having two kids at home make things more difficult but I have been pretty good of saying no to sugar. We can do this!!!

    great job @Amy Rose

  4. Hi everyone, I just discovered this thread. I'm newbie and just started the whole30 on 04/02. Eighth day today and so far so good. The only thing I really miss is my coffee with half and half. :( I have been using Nutpods but it is not the same, looking forward to my creamy coffee again. Had some headaches, light head, but yesterday my mood went to the roof. I just was so mad at my husband and kids for nothing. Then I read that it is the hormones kicking in. Anyways, looking forward to exchange experiences here.