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    boyercs reacted to 4Donna in Starting 6/11   
    Well, this is my 3rd Whole last one was in April of this year and my husband and I both participated.  We felt wonderful - followed it to the letter with no exceptions and thought we were on the road to freedom.  Like some of you...we introduced too much too soon and then our sugar dragon was GELATO!  I've noticed the last 3 weeks my legs are achy all the time and I'm sure it is the food we are eating.  We were going to start on 6/1 but life and family medical emergency got in the way.  We are not waiting for a new month....we started TODAY!
    I have gained just under 5 lbs in the last 43 days (that  was the last time I weighed)....but it feel like 3 x that much from the bloating!  Hubby only gained .2 so he has done much better than I have.  I love the support and ideas from here and would love to jump in with you all.
    My quick meal is somewhat the same.  I use shredded potatoes.....start them in coconut oil....chop up some shallots.....add those and a little garlic with some browned Italian sausage (Use ground pork and add your own spices for this)......We usually do a side salad or steamed or grilled green beans with this.  It is a pretty quick and filling meal and can be reheated really well. 
    I'm also committing to a whole 60 for this in for the long haul.  Looking forward to getting to know you all better.  Donna
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    I'm in too!  This is officially my 2nd Whole30.  I did my first one last summer and stuck to it 100%, although didn't follow the re-introduction very well.  I've tried to do it again several times, but haven't made it past 4 or 5 days.  I just finished the school year (I'm a middle school counselor), and am ready to put healthy, wholesome foods into my body instead of simple processed carbohydrates and sugar.  Let's do this!
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    boyercs reacted to Alivesay in Starting 6/11   
    I am going to start today!    I need some encouragement and accountability along the way, but I am pretty much a Whole30 wanna be so you may not want me along.
    I have started the Whole30 seriously at least 3 times.  The first time I made it to about day 7.   The second the same and the third I made it to day 13.  What throws me off is beer.  Ugh!  I just really like it.  About 10 years ago, we opened a business and I had to work really long hours.  When I would get off, I would be STARVING.  So, while I was cooking or waiting for our food to arrive, I would drink beer to tide me over and I did that for about 9 or 10 years almost every night.  Just one or two, but when you are a girl and you are starving, 2 IPA s will make you a bit loopy.
    So, that is the biggest habit I need to break.  I drank the last one we had in our house last night and won't buy any.  The keys to my success are:
    *Not having any IPA in the house.  My husband isn't doing this with me and will have beer here, but it is not beer I like.
    *Always having some meat pre-prepared and salad ready if I am starving and pre-cut veggies and dip.
    *Avoiding dinners at breweries.  This will actually be pretty simple during this month because we have a lot of plans that do not include going out to dinner.
    I have failed/quit early a lot, but I think I am pretty ready this time.  I a runner too and I have some aches and pains that I need to see if I can cure with my diet or I won't be running much longer which scares me, because I really love it.
    Besides that, I am 45, have two kids and right now we have two foster kids too.  I am married, live in Missoula Montana and I follow Jesus. 
    Oh, and I plan to re-read the book as I am doing this. 
    Anyone want to share their favorite recipes or go to foods?
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    boyercs got a reaction from SoccerLover in Starting 6/11   
    Yes! Let's do this! We were in the same boat. We tried re-starting many times and couldn't get our momentum. 
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    boyercs got a reaction from Incandescent in FIRST TIMER - Starting 4/9/18   
    I can't believe it is day 25! Is anyone else worried about Day 31 and after? I have had such a great experience with Whole30 so far. I can't believe how much my sugar cravings are tamed, I have seen a reduction in cellulite, I am sleeping better and longer, have a lot more energy, and have really been enjoying all of our meals. We have food prep/ shopping nailed down! Still doing dishes non-stop, but we have managed to only have one grocery store trip this week. It is so much easier shopping now and I don't spend nearly as much time reading labels and googling if an ingregient is compliant. 
    All that said, I am kind of worried about after Whole30. I have read the re-introduction schedule (the slow and 10- day versions), but I don't really feel the need to re-introduce much. I would say the only thing I miss is the occasional dining out with friends/ family. I don't like having to decline invitations because I can't find anything ahead of time on the menu. Has anyone not re-introduced things per the schedule, eating only whole30 style, and just adding in the occasional dining out? Is it okay to just re-introduce at my own pace?  
    If anything I can see us re-introducing: black beans, corn, goat cheese, the occasional gluten free crust for pizza, and dark chocolate into our regular diets. I surprisingly don't miss my sugar canister on the counter, bread, creamer, and other foods I consumed regularly. 
    Any practical tips or suggestions are greatly appreciated! 
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    boyercs got a reaction from Incandescent in FIRST TIMER - Starting 4/9/18   
    Same here! I operate really well when there is structure and clear guidelines. I am worried about slipping back into snacking constantly and boredom eating. I can't believe that whole30 has trained my body and mind to sustain itself between meals. I don't even find the urge to snack most days! 
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    boyercs got a reaction from 30Rookie in FIRST TIMER - Starting 4/9/18   
    Yay for making it through week 1. Feeling good except for still feeling somewhat bloated. Is anyone else feeling this as well?
    No headaches since the first few days. Surprisingly we found the weekend harder than the weekdays. Did anyone else feel this way? The weekends are when we would normally eat out, snack more, eat pancakes, etc. 
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    boyercs got a reaction from 30Rookie in FIRST TIMER - Starting 4/9/18   
    Yay for making it through week 1. Feeling good except for still feeling somewhat bloated. Is anyone else feeling this as well?
    No headaches since the first few days. Surprisingly we found the weekend harder than the weekdays. Did anyone else feel this way? The weekends are when we would normally eat out, snack more, eat pancakes, etc. 
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    boyercs got a reaction from Dockris in FIRST TIMER - Starting 4/9/18   
    We also started 4/9 ! I must say sloppy joe baked potatoes sound delicious!! What did you use to make the sloppy joe sauce? We made classic chili from the whole30 cook book Monday and served over mashed potatoes! It was AMAZING!
    I am surprisingly not feeling as much of "the hangover", but I also don't feel any different. I started whole30 because I was feeling tired and bloated all the time. I had a serious problem with sugar and boredom eating. I sit most of my day at work so snacking was a constant thing. The sugar cravings haven't been as bad as I thought they would be. Maybe I am feeling the same but for different reasons? Maybe it is actually "the hangover"? One can only hope! 
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    boyercs reacted to Carol in unsweetened iced tea?   
    Another problem with packaged iced teas is how the teas are made. Packaged teas are typically brewed in large batches than spray dried...meaning, they are blown by hot gases until most of the liquid (largely water) evaporates and a powder of the tea remains. This process creates an unfavorable change in how the tea tastes.
    An artificial additive called maltodextrin is often added to the tea powder. Maltodextrin is essentially a set of simple sugars made from processing the heck out of corn starch. It serves two is to provide just enough sweetness to the palate to balance off any acrid taste that was accrued by the spray drying of tea. The second is to facilitate mixing the tea in cold water. Maltodextrin sucks up water in to its molecules like a sponge, literally, which helps the tea blend in water.
    The maltodextrin additives provide a particular issue for diabetics as it is absorbed like glucose. And because food manufacturers are essentially allowed by the FDA to tell little white lies about calorie and carb content, it is included in teas (and other products) that may say zero calorie or zero carb on the label. Certainly, there are not a lot of carbs in the unsweetened iced tea -- it is, after all, supposed to taste like unsweetened tea -- they are nonetheless there. They create a glycemic index where there doesn't have to be one.
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    boyercs reacted to ShannonM816 in $30 Meal Prep for 5 breakfasts and 5 lunches in 45 minutes   
    Now that you've commented in the thread, if you click on your picture up in the top right corner of the page (or next to any post you've made), it'll take you to a page that lists all the stuff you've posted, and then you can just click on this topic to come back to it.
    You can also save this page as a bookmark or favorite in your web browser, just like you would with any other site.
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    boyercs reacted to kirbz in Not a fan of Avocado or Coconut   
    This has been something that has been difficult for me as well. I started eating more small side salads with my meals (even breakfast) so I could count the dressing as the fat! I LOVE Primal Kitchen Caesar dressing (which is compliant and is becoming easier to find). I also love just mixing olive oil, lemon, and pepper for a nice dressing! 
    But, I also second ghee! I didn't think I would like it at all but it's delicious! 
    And, as someone who has hated olives my whole life, an olive bar does help... I still don't love them, but I can eat them now! 
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    boyercs reacted to racheleats in Not a fan of Avocado or Coconut   
    Here's what I would do with your breakfast - add a tsp of ghee to the sweet potatoes AFTER they are cooked, make the mayo into ranch dressing (or get tessemae's ranch) and drizzle over the veggies/sausage, or you could mix the mayo with some spices or just have it plain and dip the chicken sausage in it!
    You could also add some more roasted veggies to bulk it up and that should hold you over a little longer!