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    Well, this is my 3rd Whole last one was in April of this year and my husband and I both participated.  We felt wonderful - followed it to the letter with no exceptions and thought we were on the road to freedom.  Like some of you...we introduced too much too soon and then our sugar dragon was GELATO!  I've noticed the last 3 weeks my legs are achy all the time and I'm sure it is the food we are eating.  We were going to start on 6/1 but life and family medical emergency got in the way.  We are not waiting for a new month....we started TODAY!
    I have gained just under 5 lbs in the last 43 days (that  was the last time I weighed)....but it feel like 3 x that much from the bloating!  Hubby only gained .2 so he has done much better than I have.  I love the support and ideas from here and would love to jump in with you all.
    My quick meal is somewhat the same.  I use shredded potatoes.....start them in coconut oil....chop up some shallots.....add those and a little garlic with some browned Italian sausage (Use ground pork and add your own spices for this)......We usually do a side salad or steamed or grilled green beans with this.  It is a pretty quick and filling meal and can be reheated really well. 
    I'm also committing to a whole 60 for this in for the long haul.  Looking forward to getting to know you all better.  Donna
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    I'm in too!  This is officially my 2nd Whole30.  I did my first one last summer and stuck to it 100%, although didn't follow the re-introduction very well.  I've tried to do it again several times, but haven't made it past 4 or 5 days.  I just finished the school year (I'm a middle school counselor), and am ready to put healthy, wholesome foods into my body instead of simple processed carbohydrates and sugar.  Let's do this!
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    I am going to start today!    I need some encouragement and accountability along the way, but I am pretty much a Whole30 wanna be so you may not want me along.
    I have started the Whole30 seriously at least 3 times.  The first time I made it to about day 7.   The second the same and the third I made it to day 13.  What throws me off is beer.  Ugh!  I just really like it.  About 10 years ago, we opened a business and I had to work really long hours.  When I would get off, I would be STARVING.  So, while I was cooking or waiting for our food to arrive, I would drink beer to tide me over and I did that for about 9 or 10 years almost every night.  Just one or two, but when you are a girl and you are starving, 2 IPA s will make you a bit loopy.
    So, that is the biggest habit I need to break.  I drank the last one we had in our house last night and won't buy any.  The keys to my success are:
    *Not having any IPA in the house.  My husband isn't doing this with me and will have beer here, but it is not beer I like.
    *Always having some meat pre-prepared and salad ready if I am starving and pre-cut veggies and dip.
    *Avoiding dinners at breweries.  This will actually be pretty simple during this month because we have a lot of plans that do not include going out to dinner.
    I have failed/quit early a lot, but I think I am pretty ready this time.  I a runner too and I have some aches and pains that I need to see if I can cure with my diet or I won't be running much longer which scares me, because I really love it.
    Besides that, I am 45, have two kids and right now we have two foster kids too.  I am married, live in Missoula Montana and I follow Jesus. 
    Oh, and I plan to re-read the book as I am doing this. 
    Anyone want to share their favorite recipes or go to foods?
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    Yes! Let's do this! We were in the same boat. We tried re-starting many times and couldn't get our momentum.