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  1. Hi all- I'm sitting here writing this on the morning of day 31! Made it through without any cheats. However, I entered into this program with a very clear goal: find out what's causing my chronic diarrhea. I noticed some steady improvements throughout the 30 days and just when it would seem things were really coming together (pun intended) I would wake up to another bout of diarrhea. Same happened this morning. I had a good week of fairly solid BMs (at least by my standards) and then this morning was a complete mess. I'm wondering if I go ahead with the reintroduction anyway or scrap it. It seems to me like the in order to conduct a truly informative and worth while reintroduction experiment I would want to first be in a place where I'm having perfect (or at least near there) daily movements.... and I'm not. I'm wondering if my issues are even related to diet at this point. Also I am not willing to extend the whole30 on any longer so please no one bother suggesting that. I'm immensely proud to have made it the 30 days. But I'm also bummed that I'm not where I was hoping to be digestion wise. What are your opinions on my situation? Is the reintroduction worth my time all things considered? Cheers everyone.
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    When will I start to see improvement?

    No fruit at all?!? Not even low FODMAP?
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    When will I start to see improvement?

    Haven't been to a doctor. I wanted to try and experiment on my own beforehand so I could be absolutely sure that it isn't just a food intolerance. I have only been eating two meals a day in a effort to give my GI tract time to empty itself and heal. If my symptoms persist up until day 30 I plan to skip the reintroduction (i just don't see the point if i haven't restored my body to optimal health ya feel?) and go right into a low FODMAP and see what that does. I know whole30 wants you to eat three meals a day but I'm very accustomed to only eating two well spaced meals with some intermittent snacking. I will run through my meals from the last two days: Day one: My first meal was around 12 or 1 and its usually 2 eggs cooked in clarified butter, a vegetable (1/2 a cucumber raw) and a fruit (1 kiwi) I snack throughout the day on kim chee, fruit (pineapple, bananas, mandarin oranges) or I'll have raw carrots or sugar snap peas, some raw greens eaten straight up. My second meal is eaten around 8 and I will have some sort of protein- 2 chicken thighs baked in olive oil, 1/2 cup of green beans boiled, roughly a potato and a half's worth of baked steak fries. 2 tablespoons of homemade safflower oil mayo for dipping. Day two: meal one: 2 eggs scrambled in clarified butter, 3 strips of no sugar applegate bacon, 1 potato cubed and sautéed in olive oil and clarified butter (nothing green with this meal...oops) Had a small handful of dried cherries in between meals. Meal two: two boneless pork chops sautéed in olive oil, apples and onions sautéed in chicken stock, 1/2 cup green beans had a small "dessert" of about 1/4 cup pineapple warmed in the microwave with cinnamon.
  4. Hi guys, I began the Whole30 15 days ago in hopes of restoring my digestive health. I suffer from daily chronic diarrhea and have for about 2 years now. I can’t pinpoint a direct cause (i.e antibiotics, food sensitivities etc) because it really just started out of nowhere. Occasionally I’ll have a perfect poop (last one was on 07/04/17) but other than that I wake up every day and immediately feel a relatively urgent need to poop. It’s always loosely formed with visible bits of undigested food. I’ve wondered if I have IBS but I don’t feel any stomach pain or cramping during the day. It seems like my problem might me psychosomatic as in my brain is triggering me to evacuate my bowels directly upon waking rather than my digestive tract signaling to my brain when it’s ready. I’ve noticed little to no improvement and I’m two weeks in. Do I just need to give it time? Has anyone been through a similar situation and did the Whole30 work for you? I guess I’m just feeling a little discouraged and I don’t want to be popping Imodium on a daily basis. Thank you in advance.