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  1. I removed eggs one year ago and noticed a significant difference. My issues were with chronic fatigue/adrenal failure and skin redness. Now the thought of eating eggs makes me sick and if I accidentally do, my gut is definitely upset. I'm so glad you're reading Food Freedom Forever - this was the catalyst for me! I'd done 4 rounds of Whole30 and seen many other improvements, but not with my fatigue and low and behold, eggs and nightshades were the culprits. Curious to hear how it turns out for you! We're here to support!
  2. Cristina H

    Compliant bacon

    Hey there! Applegate is a great option. Most of my local grocery stores carry that brand and they offer both a pork and turkey bacon option. Also check out Thrive Market! They're an incredible Whole30 partner which loads and loads of options, plus once you spend $49 they offer free shipping.
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    Chinese Restauraunts

    I agree with @SugarcubeOD! Bring your own coconut aminos and even an avocado and order steamed veggies and protein. Depending on the menu, you may be able to have an unsweetened tea. You got this!
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    Hour 1 of Whole30

    Congratulations on beginning - this is the first of many important choices and it's a big deal! While the sugar detox might be oh so real, remember it is temporary. It always helps me to ask myself "Is the ____ worth me feeling free, healthy, and in control of my food?" And the answer is always yes! You'll do great, and we're here to support.
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    MAYHEM's Whole30 Log (Apr29 - May29 2019)

    @MAYHEM this is fantastic! It's so important to have goals/why for the program for the days that you just want to quit cooking and walk away. I love having my clients put post-it's on their fridge with a calendar of the month, the rules, and their goals, so every time you walk to the fridge it's all right there. Look forward to hearing more about your journey, and congrats on your wedding!
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    You're doing great! Whole30 definitely requires work, and it's my favorite part of coaching people. Celebrating everything that it requires to complete is huge! You've gotten some great suggestions already from other members. Have you implemented any of these and seen success? We'd love to know. @Loyal Leslie
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    Can I have RX bars?

    Hey there! While RX Bars are technically compliant (some flavors only), we strongly encourage to use them as emergency go-to's only. Avoid using them as a meal replacement or indulging in one during a sugar craving. They are great for things like long work days, road trips, airports, etc! Hope this is helpful.