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    Help! Akward topic...diarrhea

    By no means am I implying this is what's happening to other people, but I did want to put this out there for informational purposes. About a week into Whole 30, everything gave me heartburn. I just assumed it was an adjustment period. By the second week in, I began to have diarrhea in the mornings (usually one or two episodes) and then fine the rest of the day. By the third week, I was having days were I had diarrhea several times a day and was becoming very weak and dehydrated. By week four, I finally went to see a doctor to get blood and stool samples. Apparently my body detoxed a little too well and released toxins into my system that my immune system couldn't fight off. I ended up with an intestinal infection from it. I went the natural route through my naturopath and took a cocktail of various supplements and vitamins and finally beat it after two weeks. The regular doctor wanted to put me on flagyl and cipro at the same time and since I can't tolerate antibiotics, I knew this would only cause me further trouble. I just thought it might be good to put this information out there for others.