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  1. TrishO

    Severe Cramps/Trapped Gas?

    Thanks. I stayed away from nuts and raisins today after reading somewhere too much can be an issue. I will start adding in more protein and fats. I think I got a little carried away on raw veggies, fruits (and nuts) because I was so excited to start eating healthy and it’s that time of year when beautiful, fresh goodness is becoming abundant! The nuts just ‘cause I love them, lol. Hopefully tonight will be better since I was just going about the day uncertain of what to change. Crosses fingers. Bleh detox part of this! Onward Day 5!
  2. Andrew Lessman Procaps Labs makes all natural supplements from organic sources. It’s amazing and available online.
  3. TrishO

    Grape must?

    Yes, I found some!
  4. Need some help troubleshooting. Yesterday I had egg frittata (mushroom, pepper, scallion, spinach), half avocado and banana. Felt fine. Very early morning appointment and didn’t want to eat lunch out so had a light snack on pecans and raisins until we got home and I could make lunch. Bibb Lettuce, Cherry toms, half avocado, mayo/lemon/basil/garlic dressing, half an orange. I got super hungry as my partner was out and so I had some more nuts/raisins and a banana waiting for him so I could make us dinner. Dinner was the slow cooker pulled pork on a baked potato. Woke up about 2 a.m. with the most excruciating trapped gas pains. No relief. Had to use a heating pad. Had a horrible nights sleep. Still have lingering pain and trapped gas today. Today I have a very mild case of diarrhea. A the dreaded headache has started. Decided to cancel my plans and stay home. I’m not sure if I should suspect any one food or simply the sudden change in my diet? I’m on Day 4 and my previous diet was heavy on gluten. If that matters? Should I be adding/subtracting something?
  5. I bought the books and was disappointed to see only a few breakfast ideas. Are there more resources for breakfast recipes? I’m sort of learning to cook alongside the Whole 30 (I’ve cooked before, just not a lot - I was primarily a baker) and I’m actually excited about the prospect, but I need recipes to follow! I really do not want to eat the same 2-3 breakfast everyday for 30+ days. Of course, I do that now with oatmeal, but I can’t have oatmeal! Thank you!
  6. TrishO

    Grape must?

    Thank you! Bummer as we have so many of those oils. Oh well, I have my nutritional yeast dressing that I make myself and I know has all complient ingredients as a back-up! It’s only 30-ish days to feeling better!
  7. TrishO

    Grape must?

    I'm going to start the Whole 30 challenge in a few weeks and I'm doing my research now. The vinegar I usually use for my salads are totally organic and naturally flavored but contain something called "Grape Must," which is a natural form of grape juice, as far as I can tell. Would this be allowed? Thank you! Ingredients: Grape must, wine vinegar, caramel color, natural flavors, naturally occurring sulfites