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  1. Badweatherva

    1st Whole30 started 4/20

    Day 5 was much better, good workout and energy was better (not 100%) but better. The headache was back though...I don't think it's caffeine bc I have been drinking tea and coffee...maybe still sugar withdrawl? I did have some GI discomfort this morning, possibly my body still adjusting? Ready for day 6! C
  2. Badweatherva

    1st Whole30 started 4/20

    Day 4, I barely made it...not on the food front on the energy level. Glad I wasn't working. Took every ounce of life I had to go to store where I decided steak was for dinner (side note I found an amazing "fermented" sirachi sauce which was a sign from somewhere that I could do this) The steak definitely perked me up a bit! When does this fatigue end? C.
  3. Badweatherva

    1st Whole30 started 4/20

    Day 3, headache is mostly gone but my brain is definitely in a fuzz.....Holding strong though! You got this! C.
  4. Badweatherva

    1st Whole30 started 4/20

    Started my 1st Whole 30 on 4/20. It's 4/21 and I had a great run this morning and didn't feel too overly hungry. I was however a bit overwhelmed by the thought of leaving the house with no food (I am an RN and worked 16 hrs of the first day so I came prepared) I will say I have had the WORST and most CONSTANT headache all day. Nothing has fixed it. That being said I have a huge sweet tooth and survive on hospital coffee and diet coke. I tried eating some fruit and drinking black coffee thinking the natural sugar or coffee would help, but nope. Calling it a night and ready for day 3 tommorow! C.