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  1. Kshbennett

    Canned sweet potatoes

    I really want to try the No Fuss Salmon Cake recipe. The recipe calls for canned sweet potatoes, but the only canned sweet potatoes in any of my local stores are canned in “light syrup”. This doesn’t sound compliant to me, so I’m wondering what a good substitution would be. Boil a sweet potato and mash it?
  2. I am on Day 12 of my first Whole30, and unfortunately on Day 3 of an inflammatory arthritis flare. The arthritis is an extraintestinal complication of Crohn’s Disease that cause pain in all joints, especially small ones like fingers, wrists, toes and feet. I saw my rheumatologist this week, and he said, based on my symptoms, I’m also experiencing bursitis in my knees for the first time. (Fortunately, the Crohn’s isn’t flaring, which was my bigger concern when starting this.) I’ve read that chronic conditions might flare early in the Whole30, but I’m frustrated because one of the reasons I wanted to do this is to reduce inflammation. Now I have even more and have to start taking prednisone again, which causes horrible side effects. I’m also frustrated because I am starting to get more energy and want to do more things, but I hurt too bad to do them. Even typing this is painful. Just looking for some thoughts on why this may have happened and any advice on things to do differently.
  3. I am on Day 12, and I think I’m feeling pretty good, but I’m starting to notice a pattern with sleep. For the past three mornings, I have woken up between 4:00 and 5:00 am and have trouble falling back to sleep. I have a medical condition that makes me have to get up to use the bathroom at least once a night. (It would be a bonus if this would improve on my Whole30, but I’m not expecting it to.) Usually, I fall right back to sleep, but the last few nights (early mornings), I’m wide awake. Don’t feel like I have a lot of thoughts running through my mind keeping me up. I’m just awake, but I really don’t want to get up and start my day at 4:00 on only five hours of sleep. I do think the sleep I’m getting in those five hours is better than before though. Is this a natural part of the Whole30 or is there something I can do during the day to help?
  4. Kshbennett

    May 1st...1st Whole30!

    Glad to know I’m not alone. I was shocked this morning to learn I was dependent not so much on coffee as on the creamer (or more like the artificial sweetener)! My favorite was Coffeemate sugar free Italian Sweet Cream, so I didn’t think switching to an unsweetened French vanilla NutPod creamer would be that different. An hour after the first cup I was still sluggish and midway through the morning I had a headache. It was an “eye opener” to realize an artificial sweetener can have that effect. Anyway...like you I’m looking for relief from two autoimmune diseases, a thyroid issue (that may turn into a third autoimmune disorder), skin issues and joint pain. I’m just tired of going from one doctor to another. I’m ready to take control! Thanks for the tip about carbs. I’m definitely going to take in some potatoes tomorrow. Good luck to you!
  5. Kshbennett

    May 1st...1st Whole30!

    It’s May first, and I’ve just kicked off my first Whole30! I’ve also done the thing I was most concerned about...I’ve had unsweetened coffee. I’ve been lactose intolerant for almost 30 years, so the no dairy part of the plan is no concern, but coffee that tastes like coffee?...that was a big hurdle, and I did it. On to the next 29 mornings!
  6. I’m excited to start my first Whole30 next week, but I’m really nervous too. I’ve had Crohn’s Disease for 29 years, and had a total colectomy with a j- pouch for over 20 years. While my digestive symptoms have been in remission for several years thanks to Remicaid, I’ve recently been experiencing inflammation in my joints and my thyroid and my eczema has been flaring. On top of that, I feel like my eating is out of control...too much sugar, too many carbs and too often reaching for the wrong thing for a snack. Whole30 sounds like what I need to take back control and hopefully calm down the inflammation. My concern is digestive issues while on the program. I’d love to hear from other CD patients if you have any tips to share.