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    kariarm got a reaction from SusanSusan33 in Gearing up to start May 1st!   
    Be careful with those Rotisserie chickens ... I bought one from our local Sprouts market, couldn't find the ingredient list, but it said No added this and no added that ... then after I got home and took off the cardboard wrap saw the ingredient list on the bottom.  A non-compliant ingredient was listed.  I gave it to my neighbor and they were happy!  I agree about finding yummy food that's not boring .... do you like the InstaPot?
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    kariarm got a reaction from Cris06 in Newbie and scared but ready to try   
    Good luck to both of you!  I have been reading a lot and this all makes so much sense!  The piece of advice that has been most helpful to me is with regards to hunger vs. craving. I’ve realized the past few days that I’ve not been hungry enough to eat fish or broccoli so it was a craving. Today it came about 11/2 hrs after finishing lunch. RIGHT when I used to drink my coffee and creamer while picking up children from school. I couldn’t believe it!  My body has been on a bad sugar schedule!!!  I am only on day four and I know there may be hard times ahead but I’m ready!  Oh. Acne still at 44. Tried everything. It’s crazy!  Ready to find out what my body can’t handle. I can tell you it’s loving protein, veggies and extra fat (referring to the plate template)!
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    kariarm reacted to ElizabethFullerton in May 1st...1st Whole30!   
    May is a great month to get going. We unfold as Spring unfolds! After my 1st W30 I realized dairy and sugar where not for me. My husband and I begin on April 30 (a Monday) to reboot! Use the forum for support. 
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    kariarm reacted to Cris06 in May 1st...1st Whole30!   
    Also new and also just started today. And also a major coffee and cream lover. I successfully drank only 1 cup of black coffee today and didn’t die. I’m stoked and feeling optimistic. We got this 
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    kariarm reacted to kirkor in Gearing up to start May 1st!   
    I mean, as far as things go, snacking on Brussels sprouts is probably one of the least sketchy things you could do.  The fact that it's 10pm and you knew you weren't hungry kinda gives you the answer, yes?  But hey, some people would have dived in to a bowl of nuts and dried fruit in that situation, so by sticking with a veggie you are already a head above the crowd. Use it as an opportunity to learn about yourself.
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    kariarm reacted to mgarnett17 in Gearing up to start May 1st!   
    I'm not sure the link you posted is an acceptable breakfast. However, i also struggle with eggs. But I tried making this egg casserole and it's been a breeze. I made it Sunday night and it is more than enough to last all week: https://pin.it/5chqmqjxpdwqnb. It's also pretty versatile so you can cater it to your personal likes and dislikes. It also freezes well!
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    kariarm reacted to ShannonM816 in Gearing up to start May 1st!   
    @anaxg remember that as a nursing mom, you'll want to plan for four meals a day  (or three meals and a couple of mini meals), and if you're still hungry even with the extra meals, it is fine to eat more. Don't skimp on the fats, and drink lots of water.
    @kariarm I think you're right that you should skip that as a breakfast during whole30. It doesn't have much protein, so it may not keep you satisfied as well as a template-based meal, and the sweetness of it will more than likely keep you craving more sweets. You don't have to have eggs, though. Leftovers are easy, or make some breakfast sausage to have with vegetables. It's helpful to get out of the mindset that there are certain foods that are breakfast foods and remember that you can eat anything for your first meal of the day that you eat for any other meal. Google Whole30 non-egg breakfasts or Whole30 non-traditional breakfasts to find more ideas.
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    kariarm reacted to ShannonM816 in Gearing up to start May 1st!   
    Avocado is a fat, and you're unlikely to get enough protein from bacon -- think of it as more some additional protein and fat for your meal, rather than a protein source on its own.
    Maybe do a taco salad type of thing? You can add bacon to that if you like. Here's a recipe, although there are tons of others out there:  http://cookprimalgourmet.com/whole30-taco-salad
    Or if you like a lighter breakfast, maybe something like fish taco bowls:  https://themovementmenu.com/recipes/paleo-fish-taco-bowls/ 
    Or just add salsa and avocado to whatever meat and veggies you have already on hand.
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    kariarm reacted to Haley Rose in Gearing up to start May 1st!   
    Getting started next week, but will follow along with y'all and get inspired from your experiences a week ahead of me! Wishing you all the best.