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  1. DianeSmith

    Inconveniently timed reintro

    Mini rant: You know what's really annoying? My third period within 2 months started RIGHT as I started the reintroduction period. Is the bloat from my period? The legumes? Both? Who knows!! Yay womanhood =P Side note: I've found that the reintroduction period is even harder than the 30 day program -- it's so close to the end but it's not over and I'm so tired of how time consuming it is. Trying to be positive but hormones argghh
  2. DianeSmith

    R1D5 - Want to Quit

    Maybe you could try making a frittata with meats and veggies in it? That's what I ate my first week of Whole30 and I quickly adjusted to enjoying more savory breakfasts. Another thing I do is remind myself that it's all temporary. Knowing that I won't have to do this forever made the first week way easier, and after a week or two I had actually started adapting and looked forward to breakfast (I was never a breakfast person before).
  3. DianeSmith


    There's actually so much that is Whole30 approved. Here's a list https://whole30.com/whole30-approved/. Before I started, I scrolled through and looked at practically every link. Knowing that there was so much I could eat made starting the program less stressful.