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  1. Hi! first time doing Whole30 and honestly i have seen great things so far in terms of allergies and almost completely elimating painful sinus headaches. I feel like I’m in the groove and making better food decisions but still ... i cheated and got on the scale and immediate depression. No weight loss. Is this normal? I’m also not really working out at the moment. Stomach seems flatter but honestly kinda bummed. 31YO. Thanks!!!
  2. ilanam

    Day 9 - Nothing Appeals

    Thank you all! Now being on day 16 i feel like i have really hit my stride. I have moved on to more interesting meals and i actually feel like at work i am snacking a lot less! Maybe i just had to hit that day where the flip switched. I am using nomnom paleo cookbooks now and adjusting to make them whole 30 compliant and everything has been so tasty and satisfying!
  3. ilanam

    Day 9 - Nothing Appeals

    thank you for the suggestions! I am definitely forcing myself to eat and dinners at home seem to be better than my lame feeling work lunches. Thank you for the links! I am hoping to get inspired and my non-appetite appeals.
  4. Hi All! New to whole30 and currently on day 9 and nothing appeals. I know smoothies are a nono but i needed to eat something. Nuts, nut butters all bleh. I assume this happens to people but i feel more uninspired than i did during the first week. Any suggestions? thanks!