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    ElizabethFullerton got a reaction from kariarm in May 1st...1st Whole30!   
    May is a great month to get going. We unfold as Spring unfolds! After my 1st W30 I realized dairy and sugar where not for me. My husband and I begin on April 30 (a Monday) to reboot! Use the forum for support. 
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    ElizabethFullerton got a reaction from Maggieb123 in Starting 4/27, FOR REAL THIS TIME!   
    My husband and I started on April 30! We have done it before and usually eat W30, but a few not so great months found us slipping back. My slow (very slow) recovery from a running injured has motivated me and I am studying to be a W30 coach! When I was a young working mother (4 kids) I was exhausted all the time and am sure my "healthy" diet played a part!